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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!

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I got a gold treasure chest from that caching god, Team Alamo!! Thanks for the trade, Lee!!!

I also got a PC from Creacher (love that cacheasaurus! Thanks Mark)

and a LE GasCans coin with a "sun" crystal, along with a pin. Thanks Scott!


I'm still practically acosting my mailman every day in hopes that my laptops will arrive ... but for some reason things from CA take twice as long to get here than from anywhere else, so I'm not too worried ... YET.


Ooh, and I got my CGPC May shipment ... sweet coins; wish that alien would hurry up and get here!


STILL trying to get my coins organized after the whirlwind that was GW5 ...


Happy Trails!

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Got my Laptops!! Very nice!

And not today but others this week I forgot to mention:

Suncatcher cold


Big thanks to Caching coins for:



Cure for cancer

and the 15 to be sent out. They will go to good caches.


Trade from Centris:

Breakfast Buddy

King Boreas 1000 caches hidden

Thanks Centris!



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A great beautiful pile of TUITs! They came out much better than the pictures and I couldn't be happier :unsure:


The Java Junky Caching coins. These will definitely be our next FTF prize :D The detail came out great and now I'm just trying to figure out how to attach one to my travel mug. :D


A fantastic surpise package from Glennk721!!!

GeoTags, Gaskins, a DaVinci set and a MIGO coin, too! Thanks Glenn, that made my day. :D

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I got trades from:


Mauison... so cute :ph34r:

Rockin Roddy thanks :D


Thanks so much for the trades :lol:


I got a special package from Glenn721..thanks for the geotags, I have one activated ready to head out!

rivercity...a patch, pin and event coin, thanks for the cointest!


and KARMA aka dorkfish, sent me a surprise package of her new shabti's, these are so cute! Now to decrypt the symbols.


Thanks everyone ....

tsun :o

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While on vacation I received the following


1 - Summerandnana Geotag

1 - Summerandnana Chick

1 - Summerandnana GW5 Polymer Token

1 - Summerandnana Necklace for BooBoo

1 - Geopoker Run 2 Gold

1 - Seabeck Tribe 07 Copper

1 - GPXNavigators Geotag

1 - Anthus Chick

1 - BN Laptop

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WSgaskins 2007 GeoDiesel Gas Can Satin Nickel LE with aquamarine stone. Wow am I happy with that custom color choice; thanks for the trade, Scott! Picture doesn't do justice to just how beautiful this sparkly coin turned out.



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Yesterday I got 15 of these beauties - the 2007 New Zealand Fern Geocoin - the official 2007 geocoin of New Zealand! ;)



OOOOOooooooohhhhhh! Keewee01! :P How do I get ahold of some of those? They are beautiful!!!! :P


Save a residents version for me? Pleeeeeeeze?



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White Dragon Clan Gold & Silver


Canadian Pink Ribbon

Jeep Racers - Blue, Red, Yellow & Green

Java Junky AS


Erik88 L-R Standard & LE

Piggy Bank Blue

Piggy Bank Pink

Signal April


i didn't know the Jeep racers were out yet, just put my order in!

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White Dragon Clan Gold & Silver


Canadian Pink Ribbon

Jeep Racers - Blue, Red, Yellow & Green

Java Junky AS


Erik88 L-R Standard & LE

Piggy Bank Blue

Piggy Bank Pink

Signal April


i didn't know the Jeep racers were out yet, just put my order in!


They came out the same day that UOTrackers posted her AEs. The store version is black nickel.

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Earlier this week:


All American Micros (this is one cool little coin) :angry:

BlackSheep (AG)

Avroair Personal

Geo Jamboree 5

9Key Personal



Forest Preserves (Rhodium Glitter)

Forest Preserves (Gold Glitter)

Java Junky Caching!

Red Jeep Racer

Yellow Jeep Racer

GC&PC April Flower LE (Artist Edition)

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Jackpot (sorta)


I got our shipment of coins we had minted today


25 UnitedGeoCachers Paperless Caching Geocoin (Gold)

25 UnitedGeoCachers Paperless Caching Geocoin (Nickel)

10 UnitedGeoCachers Paperless Caching Geocoin LE (Copper)


Only problem is that I am still confused as to the problem with our coin and the other PDA Paperless Caching Assistant coin. I have heard rumors that they mixed up all the tracking numbers and alot of people who have activated their ROUND coin are getting the SQUARE ICON, which means it's the PDA coin's icon. Still waiting on CoinsAndPins to get back with me as to what to do.


I will post info on our site unitedgeocachers.com as to what ever I find out and keep it updated. Still not sure if we all have to send the ROUND ones back or send BOTH of them back, I know I already activated my PDA one and it's good, but who ever gets the ROUND one with the same tracking number is going to be mad or confused as to why their coin is already activated, and then they search and see that it's not what they have in their hand.

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