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  1. Name Sent: November 23, 2013 Name Received: November 25, 2013 Mission Sent: November 26, 2013 Mission Received: December 18, 2013 Thanks to MilitaryFamily for the beautiful Christmas tree geocoin!
  2. Name Sent: November 23, 2013 Name Received: November 25, 2013 Mission Sent: November 26, 2013 Mission Received:
  3. We're in! Name Sent: November 23, 2013 Name Received: Mission Sent: Mission Received:
  4. We had the same problem on Route 66. It missed a section of about 10 caches, which unfortunately we didn't find out until we were on the road.
  5. One of my coins arrived today in its destination cache. It has traveled over 30,000 km since July, 2008 stopping in Belgium. Denmark, England, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, the US and finally Canada. http://coord.info/TB2071R
  6. The problem I have with version 2.0 is that many of the POIs have proximity alarms. On the Oregon there is no way that I can find to turn them off. It is rather annoying to be told you are at a park 10 times while looking for a cache.
  7. All orders were shipped today. Here is a better picture of the coin:
  8. I should have the coins tomorrow and start shipping them later this week. Here is the non-members' version (400 made): Here is the members' version (300 made): There is also an artist's version (15 made) and a directors' version (11 made). We still have coins available for sale on our website.
  9. I will put two aside for you. Thanks!
  10. The coins have shipped from the mint and we will start shipping orders by the middle of next week. We still have them available to order at Order Page. Thanks to everyone that has supported our association!
  11. Here is the icon for the coin: We have updated the website so you won't need an user account to order the coin.
  12. If you do not want to create an account on the website, just send an email to: treasurer@bcgeocaching.com with: your name your geocaching handle your shipping address your paypal email # of coins you would like to order and I will send you a paypal invoice. Thanks!
  13. Above picture is preliminary: The border on the front of the coin will be a light green instead of blue as it is on the members only coin. This 2" coin features the provincial flower, the dogwood. The back of the coin highlights all the regions of the province, coming together in our Association. The coins are $10 cdn each. Shipping is: Canada - $3, plus $.50 for each additional coin US - $3.50, plus $1 for each additional coin International - 1 coin $6, 2-4 coins $10, 5-8 coins $16 Order here. I believe you will need to create a webuser account to access the geocoin page. 400 copper coins, 300 black nickel coins (BCGA members only), 15 Artist coins, and 10 Director coins will be minted. The coins have been order and they are expected to ship by the end of October.
  14. We are arranging a tour to the Yukon from Skagway on August 28th and are looking for any other geocachers that would like to join us. There are 5-6 caches on route to Emerald Lake, just north of Carcross, Yukon. Please send me an email through my profile if you are interested in joining us. Thanks, Irene 911turbos
  15. Here is a pic of my herd: Just a few more to come. Edited to correct image location
  16. I am still hoping to hear back from: JohnMac56 Johnslady56 Edisto Patto LuckyDuckie LuckyMonkey If you didn't receive my email, please let me know. Thanks!
  17. I would be interested in trading as well. I really want that chocolate cow
  18. I think it would be better to try and meet at the Friday night event so we have them for Saturday as well.
  19. Coquitlam has lots of wonderful caches. You should check out the Diagon Alley series by the wild wiggly beanz. Pearlwind's caches are always very creative. We have a great night cache called Connect the Dots by Mundy Park, which has lots of caches as well. I am lucky enough to have a few of those smashed pennies from when I met you at Geowoodstock in Sacramento.
  20. A decision will not be made until the beginning of April, once all the submissions are in.
  21. I don't think you need an account on Twitter if you don't care about getting the updates automatically. You can just check the website periodically to see what is new here.
  22. We hope so as we’re opening up the design to everyone who wants to give it a try. Design a coin, front and back, and let your imagination run wild. Make it round or make it any shape you want. Just make it unique! If you would like to see previous versions of the BCGA geocoin, click here. Please include all pertinent information about the coin you’ve designed. We need to know what size it is, what metals are used, is it 3D or 2D, enamel colors, any special attributes, etc. Please include Pantone chart numbers for enamels, glitters and glow in the dark. If you need help you can find a Pantone color chart here. The coin designs don't have to be camera ready art. If you can get your concept down on paper, please send that to us. We're not looking for artistic perfection. We're looking for fresh ideas. We will give all submissions the same respect and consideration. In addition we reserve the right to refine any design (but with full disclosure to the designer prior to changes), use different metals, enamel colors or special enamels such as glitter, glow in the dark, etc. Please do not post your design on the forums. Here are the basic guidelines you need to follow for your submissions. Submit your designs to: 911turbos @ bcgeocaching.com Subject Line: 2010 BCGA Coin Design Please include, on your submissions: -Your caching name if you have one -Your real name (first and last) -Your email -Designs need to be in jpg or gif format. -Images should be no larger than 500kb (that’s front image 500kb, back image 500kb). -Designs must be submitted by March 31, 2010. -Trackable at Geocaching.com or Track at Geocaching.com must appear on the coin. -There does need to be a space available to etch tracking numbers so please incorporate that into your design. -Submit as many designs as you like. -At least one side should be BCGA related ie. incorporating our logo and the letters BCGA. -Designs must not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks. The winning submission will become property of the BCGA, no matter which coin manufacturer is used. The BCGA directors will be selecting the final design. There will be one design picked to become the BCGA coin, although we may or may not use any of the designs submitted. Design winner will receive 15 limited/artist edition coins for their efforts. All non-winning designs submitted will be released back to the owner/designers the day the BCGA directors select a winning design. This contest is open to everyone except BCGA Directors and their immediate families. PLEASE DO NOT POST ANY IMAGERY ON THE FORUMS!!
  23. It is a coin that was done by a bunch of BC cachers (including us) that went to Woodstock VI. It was produced by Coins & Pins and the activation code can be found here: Activation code for Caching our way to Woodstock geocoin
  24. Worldcaching in BC as well.
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