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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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Unusually good week for me!



Run for the Roses Silver X 1

Run for the Roses Bronze X 1

TL4 (Trade)



Appalachian Trail NH Reg X 1

Appalachian Trail NH LE X 1

Oak Coins U-Turn BN X 1

Fox Or The Geese? X 1


I also hear the Wyoming coins will be available soon! Can't wait.

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The coins I have been waiting for arrived today!


2007 Wyoming antique bronze X 2

2007 Wyoming antique gold X 2

2007 Wyoming LE gold X 1

2007 Wyoming LE nickel X 1


Thanks Rex and Oak Coins, they are terrific!

I will take them to the event in Torrington, WY on Saturday if anybody wants to check them out.

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It was a grand day:


My MayDay package arrived with an appropriately named What Was In Your MailBox coin as well as a Top 40, I was very excited to open this package

Then I also got my GeoBirthday package with COG, Fluttershy, World Caching and Hawaii micro, so cool


Then I got a cool coin from my friend CC, check out his profile for more info. It has a great story, here is a picture:




It is a bit blurry and of course does not do it justice, click the image to enlarge

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Yesterday - samples of the upcoming WV coin ;)


Today, a big old box of my first personal coin! (Pay no attention to the number. The pics are of the sample - only 100 made)


Many, many thanks to Oakcoins for their work on this - they were just wonderful to work with!




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Motogrrl Memorial


Yosemite National Park LE


Yosemite 1 cent Bronze


Geocoinfest Coinquest Antique Silver Volunteer


Missouri Route 66 Satin Gold


Magnetic Hide-A-Gache Glitter


Prague Antique Gold


Prague Antique Silver


Keeper of the Cache Antique Silver


Keeper of the Cache Antique Bronze

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