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What Was In Your Mailbox Today!


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From the mailbox:

:blink::lol: Koh Koh #50


From GW5:

37 chicks --- thanks gals

dressel dragons AG - thanks lenore

team maddog

GW5 official (x2)

oakcoins GW5

Groovy Cacher Dude

GCC GW5 poker silver marker - thanks to moop along for running the show

GCC GW5 poker chip (x2)

Lackey coin - thanks Jeremy

AtlantaGal GW5 personal - thanks marieanne

Tiki Mojo

GBA microchip

geoquest 2

kayakerinme - 5 coin set, thanks Barry

purple pepper - can i have another one Pepper? I am SO done with you!

Stonehenge Mystery

TSD geotags - thanks TSD

geo-jellies - thanks PGHlooking

dondabadon face to face - thanks don

scooby, velma and shaggy

3 doxies personal

GCC first finders dance

Mtn-Man Brick - thanks Mtn-Man

Sun smilies (set of 5) thanks tasia, POS, fluttershy and CCL

DD top 40 - thanks lenore

CCL top 40 - thanks jolene

team shydog personal - thanks tsd

geometeacher personal

dhenninger GW5 personal - thanks dave

blind alcorn personal

fluttershy geotag - thanks allie




fun times!

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From GW5:...


Ahh, thanks for the reminder.


From GW5:

Team Shy Dog 2007 Bronze & Ant. Silver

Dhenniger GW5

Team Maddog

Creacher Gold LE

Ice Cream Man 2007 Copper

Marky & Joani TB Coin Set

JR20 Gold & Nickel

Parrolet & Rasj Geo40

AuntieNea 2007

Rivercity & Team Moagy Bronze, Ant. Silver & Golden Two-Tone

GW5 Attendee

GW5 '07 w/Pin

Hogwild Tie-Dye Shirt Gold Set

Hogwild Tie Dye Shirt LE Black Nickel

GW5 Poker Marker LE

GW5 Poker Chip

Lindsychris LE Pink

Elemental Jay AS & AC

Sunburst BN, AG & AS LE

Airborne Event Silver & Gold

Chief20R2 LE Glitter

Chief20R2 XLE Glitter w/Glow

Smile it's GW5 - Taisia & POS

Pepper GW5 Micro Set #7 & #33

TGBear 2007 Gold & Silver

TXGA Black Sheep Gold & Silver

NeonCacher Nickel

Bigcall Peace Dollar SS & SG

Caching Around America BN & G

Kennel Club BN & S

5 Chick Micros

2 GeoJelly Micros

MOGA 2007 XLE Satin Gold

1701eh Memorial - Ontario Ver

Groundspeak Lackey (which I gave to Cym)

3Doxies LE Gold

Dorkfish Porcupine Fish

6 Various Pathtags

WSgaskins GeoTag

Kayakerinme AS & AC Sets

Kennsington Spring Event

LadyBee4T & Lord Yatchman LE (AS)

Smoky Mtn GeoQuest 2 Copper

Texas Challenge 2007

and a whole slew of various extras :blink:

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Well, here goes:


AaronPriest BN

Wyoming AB

Allengany Geobash

Appalachian Trail Maine Reg. & LE

Damenace Tags, Gold and Copper

Brayden Brigade Pathtag

California Caching Pathtag


At GW5:

Skullduggery AB & AS

Tracking Time Bronze

MAGC 2007 Silver

Geoquest II Gold

2trux Pathtag

AG #2 Pathtag

Fogt Fencing Pathtag

Eleanor Geochick

Rooster Geochick

Anthus Geochick

Chief20r2 Regular and LE Glitter

Pinata Black Nickel

Dorkfish Pufferfish

Dhenninger v2

Oakcoins GW5

Elemental Jay AC & AS

Sharpee Silver

Arrow One Silver

Neoncacher AG

GW5 Event

Aucoima GW5

BigCall Dollar Gold and Silver

Team Shydog 2007 Bronze

Team NAB

Pug AS

Donbadabon Face to Face

Geocoinfest Attendee XLE Copper

Victory Mike

Caching without Borders Bronze

Stargeezer Silver

Red Handed Micro BN

Fragglestock Bronze

Mtn-man personal Gold

Dorkfish seahorse BN


Creacher LE Gold

Pepper GW5 Micro Purple & Orange

Avroair Geotag

wsgaskins Geotag

BlackbrownDog Pathtag

Team Maddog Regular, LE, XLE

Wsgaskin Silver LE

3doxies Geochick

Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam Geojellies

GHP Leaderboard Silver

Walpurgis 2007 LE GLow

MOGA 2007 LE silver and XLE Gold

Crappy Cache

Smiling Sun ParentsofSAM

CanadianForces Silver v?

Islander1988 Copper

AtlantaGal GW5 LE

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Last Thursday

- 5 x Geocaching - All In One (Nickel with engraving)



- 2 x Ultimate Cache (Silver and Copper)

- 3 x Ireland 2007 (31, 136 & 172)

- 1 x Royal Flush (Hearts) Set *

- King (129 of 225)

- Queen (146 of 250)

- Queen (160 of 250)

- Jack (15 of 300)

- Jack (35 of 300)

* Would like to trade a Queen and a Jack for an Ace and a Ten.

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The last few days have been good to me. Starting last Friday with my keewee 2007 GeoTag:



...followed on Monday by my 3 Geo-Jellies (Kiwi Fruit (2 Tone and Glitter) and Radioactive KiwiFruit):



2007 Australian Geocoins

Chief20R2 Fire hat Geocoins

Saintseester's 2007 Fleur de Lis geocoins


Ellandel's Geocoin Australia 2007


Wow - what a haul!!

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motogrrl Memorial


2 coins released by Marky & Joani to travel in AL


from GW5 :


my GeoTags

GW5 Geocoin Chicks (blue - numbered TAS001-TAS050 and red - TAS051-TAS100)

Smile, It's GW5 - Friday Night event coin with red glasses (nickel -10 made, black nickel - 75 made)

still have some of all above to trade


GW5 Volunteer coin

Smile, It's GW5 : crazycavelover (nickel and black nickel)

Geolicious - Mountain Cache

GeocoinFest 2007

Compass Rose 2007 - black nickel

Michigan 2007 - Mackinac Bridge

GW5 Attendee

Oakcoins GW5

UOTrackers Brae Geo 40 LP

CITO 2007

Lizardtoadz Decipher

Sydney Koala

NC 2006

Bad Mojo v2

TokenCollector's GeoTag

T"n"T GeoTag

Fluttershy GeoTag

islander1988 GeoTag

avroair micro

Cache Movers

Wyoming 2007

Great Smoky Mountains NP 2006

Tools of the Trade - Geoswag Coin and Pin club


lindsychris GeoSmirk - black nickel

AtlantaGal 2007 GW5 - number 37

UOTrackers - black nickel

Geocache Coffee

CinemaBoxers - black nickel

Cacher on Board

California NUTS 2007

Karma - Good Karma Bad Karma

GeoJellies -

Key Lime

Tangy Tangerine

Berry Blue

Red Apple

Island Punch

Sizzling Cinnamon


GW5 Geocoin Chicks-


Thank You Chicks



UOTrackers Brae

UOTrackers Andromeda

crazycavelover - 3 colors

Nov64 (MissP)

Crowesfeat30 - 2 colors

SAMrGRITS - S, A, and M









Neoncacher - black nickel

Edited by ~tasia~
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Recent Coins in the Mail:



BRoKeN W Gold (TFtT!)

Saffire Silver (TFtT!)

Carrion Crow Antique Bronze

Silly Boys Pink

Silly Boys Purple (TFtTs!)

Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush Gold

Entireleaf Indian Paintbrush Silver

Be Fearful of the Dragon Copper

Be Fearful of the Dragon GID BN

2007 Australia Gold (1 pair)

2007 Australia Silver/Gold (1 of a pair, 1 released in Tasmania!)

2007 Australia BN/Gold (Thank you Cheesy Pigs!)

motogrrl Memorial (Thank you Marky!)

and two activated coins of Marky's to be released here in MO


While at GW5:


A box of my GeoTags!

A box of Strider's GeoTags!

A box of my Copper Glitter GW5 Geocoin Chicks!

A box of my Burgundy Glitter GW5 Geocoin Chicks!

Groovy Caching BN Tee Shirt

Oak Coins GW5 Coin

Geocaching the Top 40 - Fluttershy (TFtT, Fluttershy!)

Geocaching the Top 40 - Broken Record (TFtT, Fluttershy!)

Black Sheep BN (TFtT, Moosie Girl!)

Cinema Boxers Personal (TFtT, cinema Boxers!)

PocketPups Dazzel Silver

Hawaii Geohana Antique bronze

Diver Van's Personal (TFtT, Diver Van!)

Pepper Red/Green (TFtT, Pepper!)

Micro Pepper Red/Green Glitter # 130 (Thank you so much, Pepper!!!)


Bad Karma/Good Karma GID (TFtT, Karma!)

Bad Karma/Good Karma Glitter

Tempting the Fates (TFtT!!)

Hazards of Caching (won by Strider at the Chick Party)

IceCreamMan Antique Copper (TFtT, IceCreamMan!)

Mojave Desert Antique Copper/Glitter (TFtT!)

Rome Coloseum Antique Copper (TFtT)

Fluttershy Kisses #130 Blue Glitter (Thank you Fluttershy!)

wsgaskins Personal Satin Gold w/ Orange Crystal (TFtT, wsgaskins!!)

Team Sand Dollar Arrowhead Antique Copper

Team Sand Dollar Arrowhead Satin Gold

GW5 Sunburst Antiqut Bronze

Smile, It's GW5 Red Glasses

Smile, It's GW5 Green Glasses

Smile, It's GW5 Blue Glasses

Smile, It's GW5 Purple Glasses

Top Geocoin Antique Silver (TFtT, Islander 1988!)

Darthi's Dark Coin Gold (TFtT, Darthi!!!)

2 GeoTags from Islander1988

GeoTag from Fluttershy

GeoTag from T"n"T

GeoTag from TokenCollector

GeoTag from Team Sand Dollar

GeoTag from Edugator

GeoTag from Buffalo Wings

Personal Micro coin from one of ParentsOfSAM's kids (Pony)

Personal Micro coin from Avroair

PathTag from Nov64



Not to mention the GW5 Geocoin Chick coins I traded for (this is still a work in progress...)


I may have left something out but I don't think so! Wow, what a haul!!! The TSA inspector at the airport on the way home was intrigued!



Edited by Crowesfeat30
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I finally got a list together of all the coins my daghters and I got during GW5.


Anthus geoChicks (x50 – but only 5 left now to trade)

Anthus geoJellies (x10 – but only 2 left now to trade)

Coins and Pins

DresselDragons – Top 40 Record

Crappy Cache

AtlantaGal GW5

Holiday Shindig 2006 (AN)

The Fraher Family 2006 (N)

UOT Whiskey Easy (MS)

Groundspeak Lackey x2 (one from Jeremy; one from the poker pot)

Tumbleweed (MG)

EGB (purple and gold -- from the poker pot)

GeoQuest 2 Great Smokey Mtn (G)

Tuit ©

Tempting Fates (AS)

Scottish Thistle ©

Hazard / Perry County Tour (AG)

Undercover Cacher (AS)

Thank You from USA Geocoins and C&P

GW5 Sunburst LE (AS)

Leaderboard (MS)

First to Find (AB)

Caching Pill – Blue/Green (G)

Caching through the snow (BN)



Scottish Cache Bash 2006 (AS)

DresselDragons (AG)

Santa Cruz Co 2005 (AS)

Schuylkill Co PA 2007 (AS)

CITO 2007

GW5 Attendee

Lakebum (S)


2 Happy Hikers LE (S) #44

TMOCM (won in poker event and gave back to cubby)

Wanna Go 2nd Anniv (AC) #92

Japan (S)

Team Alamo 2007 Spinner LE (BN)

Team Alamo 20k (AS)

Big Bear Cache 2006

Dhenninger 2007 © #78

POS micros (3 set) x2

Marky and Joani Micro

GeoTag – Flutteryshy

GeoTag - TNT

Red Dragon LE ©

The Ultimate Cache (AN)

Ultimate Cache ©

Keep on Caching Yellow (S)

Dorkfish Porcupinefish (BN) #109

Cacher on board (N)

Geocaching Zone (AC) Sample (bought in grab bag from Oakcoins)

Alberta Wild Rose (BN)

Geocaching Police – Magellan (G)

West Texas Wingnuts (S)

Georgia 2007 Tybee Island Round (G)

De Cache Liber

Civil War Chattanooga (P)

Taking Pride in Caching ©

Isle of Man 2007 (G)

Tools of the Trade GCPC Aug 06 (S)

Appalachian Trail – VA (AB)

Louisiana 06 LE (N)

Generic 2007 (N)

Trojan Travelers (AG) #303

Marlin01 - Caching the World ©

Team MadDog (N)

geoJellies – Red Apple

geoJellies – Toasted Marshmallow

geoJellies – Watermelon

geoJellies - Vomit

geoJellies – Orange Sherbet

GW5 Geocoin Chicks – Roster (x3)

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - Chicks (Pink) (x5)

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - DD – Brenda #27

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - 3D072

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - 3CHKS (x2)

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - STO82 & STO28

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - CCL040 (light green glitter)

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - CCL252 (white glitter)

GW5 Geocoin Chicks – DD – Lenor #41

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - Bella

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - SRGA16 & SRGA38

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - M&J048

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - CF101 & CF043

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - EC5

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - P&S013

GW5 Geocoin Chicks - RC042

Pathtag – DresselDragon - Dragons

Pathtag – DresselDragon – Good luck cat

Pathtag – Nova64

Pathtag – Poker

Pathtag – DresselDragon - Tinkerbell

Many, many geopins – including the first ever trackable geopin (x2).


Special thanks to the hubby for winning me so many coins from the poker tourney!!


Thanks to Lenore for the nice surprises! Thanks Tess and Aaron for the rare trades! Thanks UOT for the beautiful Sunburst LE, Mtn-Man for the gold brick, Jeremy for the Lackey, TMOCM, Marlin01, POS, Avroair, Fluttershy, Pghlooking, TNT, Team Alamo, Dhenninger, all the GW5 geocoin Chicks, and to the many, many others that we traded with.


Thanks to all that traded with my daughters for both coins and pins



Edited by Anthus
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Whew, took a while to go through everything I received at GW5, so here goes: :o


Mtn-man Brick v1 (Thanks mtn-man)

Geoquest2 (G) - (Thanks TN Jed!)

Groundspeak Lackey - (Straight from Jeremy - THANKS!) B)

Team Alamo Spinner LE (BN/S) (Thanks TeamAlamo!) :D

Good Karma/Bad Karma (glitter)

AT Trail - PA

Delorme Challenge

GW5 Attendee

GW5 Volunteer :(

Dorkfish Aquarium

UOTrackers Brae Geo40 (Thanks Jen!)

GW5 Poker Marker

TeamAlamo 20,000 Finds (Thanks TeamAlamo!)

Euro Geocoin

GeoJelly - Toxic Waster (Thanks TokenCollector!)

WIGOWEB Personal #035

GeoSET (Thanks Team Sand Dollar)

Smirk (BN) (Thanks lindsychris!)

CITO 2007 - Signal

Frogley 2006 (s)

AtlantaGal 2007 GW5 LE #39 (G) (Thank you AtlantaGal!) B)

OakCoins GW5 2007

Smile, Its GW5 - Fluttershy

Kansas Sunshine 2006

GW5 Sunburst (AG)

Pirates of Harriman III (G)

Team Sand Dollar 2007 (copper)

Canadian Micro Puck

Bad Mojo v2

Give A Hoot (G) (Thanks SFWife)

NCGO 2007 (G - NC Residents)

GPS Interactive (copper)

Hogwild TieDye LE (BN) (yellow shirt)

Hogwild TieDye (G) (blue shirt) (Thanks for the trade Steve!)

Moop Along Personal #033

Team MadDog Personal #056

Coinfusion Project 2006 (copper)

Pepper 2007 (Red/Green) (Thanks Pepper!)

River City/Team Moagy

Micro Sea Shell LE (copper)

Micro Sea Shell (S)

Micro Sea Shell (BN)

Obsessed - Team Alamo (S)

Obsessed - EMC (S)

Peeps (x5)






Team Sand Dollar

Buffalo Wings


While I was away I received the following in the mail: :D

Damenace Personal #121

7th Son Personal #229

TnT Red Dragon LE (copper)

TnT Red Dragon LE (Glow)


All in all, a FANTASTIC week!

Edited by creacher
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Brenda’s haul from GW5

3 Geocaching zone sets


Prntr1 silver

Prntr1 copper

2007 Generic

Thanks for the Cache

GW-5 tye dye shirt

Tools of the Trade

TnT geotag

Caching WY

Lunenburg County Cachers Geotag

App. Trail, TN-NC

~tasia~ geotag

~tasia~ hotel event coin

Kiss Me – I’m Irish event coin


2006 MWGB

2005 NCGA

April Geoswag C&P club set

Marky&Joani nano geocoin set (geocoin, micro geocoin & pin)

Oakcoins Christmas leak


Magellan Armed


25 peeps

6 geojellies

6 pathtags


Here's my, smaller, list

Liar Liar Event coin

GW5 Event coin

Anthus XLE

Geocoin Poker chip

Geocoin Poker coin (I guess this one technically belongs to Brian, since he was the one that played)

POS hotel event coin

POS top 40

TnT red dragon (copper, glow & BN)

Skullduggery (another that is technically Brian’s)

Dhenniger 2007 (this one is Heather’s)

GW-5 Sunburst LE (another of Heather’s)

Crappy Cache

8 peeps

2 jellies


There are probably some that I missed. Thanks to everyone that traded with me, and even bigger thanks to those that traded with Brenda.


Now…onto today’s mail…

Go and Get ‘Em 9


LC peep

Green Apple Jelly

Arrow One

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I ordered one of the Take Out coin boxes from Hogwild and it is full of goodies!! Just like the actual carton full of rice this one was packed with 10 coins...


Of all things an AL2006,

magnetic coin,

Chattahoochee Valley Cachers,

non trackable from the poker challenge and a Maine Acadia Natl park,

keepers of mountain cache,

DeLorme challenge,

buttermilk benchmark,


yosemite stamp.


On top of that a couple from Brussels, the Australian coins were in the mail box too.

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