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  1. Nice coin! They where all gone when I tried to get some. Hope everyone likes them.
  2. Just the stone in the middle will change color with heat or cold . Sorry LE sold out I missed out also. I know steve didnt get to many made which is why I gave a heads up,so dont wait to long. Iam not sure which finish Iam getting...so when I get them I will do a few trades. Thanks again to hogwild and all geocachers
  3. OK It took 4 years,and much thanks to sharon and steve. But the coin is done and in stock ready to go up for sale. Thanks to all who helped and sharon and steve who work hard getting all the parts and getting it done. I came up with this after the pirate map,so it took awhile to get this right. And yes I told someone and they tried to make one,but hogwild worked hard and this mood coin has the real mood bead in it. Please dont wait as they will sell out,steve didnt make to many... Thanks to all who worked on this and Sharon you are the BEST! Iam thankful to you as I know it was hard and so happy your on my side!! As we know Iam bad at posting pics so watch hogwild... Thanks to all geocachers who buy my coins,with out you I wouldnt get my ideas minted and sharon would have life to easy..
  4. Iam in!!! Please count on it from me! Did the last couple of beans,Love them beans!!!
  5. I have a new coin with hogwild,samples should be at coinfest. We worked 3 years on it!!!
  6. Thanks I just placed my order !!!
  7. OK so I went to see how my coins are....well some guy has a few and has been kicked off Groundspeak.. at least they are helping. They turned his caches off,his email,but i bet he still caches
  8. I have lost so many coins I cant tell. Most get lost in New England,where someone is on a big spree! Not to say they dont go missing from anywhere ,as I think i have one missing in every state. The worst part for me is when I give a coin to event and the event holder keeps it and give out a different coin. My flip phone and the pirate maps go missing before Iam home to log.... How is this I took a bowling ball {10 pin) and drilled it using chain and lock...it weights alot.. not sure but getting ready to mark missing.The 10 pin went missing first cache.. The world is a funny place..
  9. Hope I didnt miss presales! Went to store and it said sold out!!! I hope not!! Great looking coin!
  10. Great Coin Iam glad I got one..hope they dont have to replace them all !!!
  11. I got a few,went to check out and the boiled lobster got taken out! Oh while I got a green.. Remint Please!!!
  12. Happy Bday Mike!!! mine was the 26,got the new colorado garmin !!!
  13. Looking for lobster geocoin..would love a set but any will do..trade for it any artist version of my coins. Flip phone is glow BN,waiting on red pirate maps..have artist version of all..or maybe I have something you want. I have over 400,that are not activated thanks kimba off track
  14. Mama Cache are we sharing a room??? I will be there!!
  15. I got a set and now I will add to it. I love the gems..keep the colors coming.. The are very nice and bigger then you think
  16. I made it...thanks alot !! Hope all is working out for you. If you need a few special coins write me.
  17. So I got hit again....How many of my coins does this person have.!
  18. I have a bowling ball with chain tb1peed,you should see the pics !! Most everyone loves it!
  19. Iam in for Denver,it's got everthing you need. Mike you did a great job! I also would be able to help in any form needed. Mike and Joe are great cache and coin people. They have both have come to my events inWY and have spent much time with me on coins. Great job guys!!
  20. Artist version of my flip phone.as always black nickel & glow ..looking for other artist run coin or something way cool...email me please,thanks kimba off track....thanks hogwild for all your help
  21. WOW I have been out of the loop,moved to az and house took 2 months longer too build. I see I didnt miss to much with said company of topic. We all know how I feel ...say no!!
  22. I just got my le and tee....great looking coin!! Thanks for having the rest for sale at your store!!!!!
  23. I would love to help,however right now is not a good time for me...need to pack. Will be thinking of idea's
  24. Thanks everyone for the welcome emails...Should be on the road end of june..cant wait...Maybe a contest for my road trip..like how much gas will the uhaul eat.. getting the biggest one & pulling the car trailer. Leaving from Douglas WY to Greenvalley AZ... The winner will get a AE of my next coin! Will post contest soon,so get ready! Thanks so much,I cant wait to meet you all....kimba
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