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Your Treasured Cache "finds"....

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Now, let's be honest... a lot of cache "swaps" move around from cache to cache and may eventually be thrown away by a cache owner who's thinking "Who on earth would want that....?" ;) But there are some really good items around, too.... :P

So I'd like to know what special item you've decided to keep - Maybe it was exactly what you needed at that time... or something you collect...or perhaps it was an item of some special significance?

We've kept the first item we took from our first cache: It was a little pottery pony that we found at "The First in Wales". I've also kept a nice old-fashioned, silver plate tablespoon which I use almost daily in the kitchen. What's your special item? Mrs B


The Blorenge's welsh mountain pony

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That's an easy one. It's very rare that I do any swaps and apart from TB's, TNLN is my norm, although I always have some swaps with me in case I find something useful.


The best I found was a plastic holder for 4 AA batteries - so much easier than carrying them loose or in a rubber band which invariably breaks at the wrong moment and dumps all the spare batteries into a puddle. It goes with me everywhere my GPS goes.


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Yes, we've also kept a compass, and a few decks of cards....


also - a lovely crystal ball from "The Clairvoyant" - Thanks Anthony!!


Oh, and a cute toy porche from our 1st ever cache!


We generally like to trade pin badges - not because we collect them or anything, just that they come up in caches all the time and it's nice to have a theme!

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I still have the McTat Men In Black deneurolizer toy I picked up from the first cache I ever found. A more useful item which goes with me on every caching trip is a plastic battery carrier. No shorts in my shorts, thanks to it! Most bits I pick up (on the rare occasion I don't TNLC*) go back into caches (often new ones of my own) but I was very pleased to get a small Thunderbird 2 from Alibags the other day. She'd swapped it out of a box she found as she knows I collect them.




*Took Nothing, Left Candle. One cache item you can burn without guilt.

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one million travelbugs (only kidding) apart from a cassette tape I have everyswap item since my first cache. I use some items ie media card cases and batteries. And any trolley tokens go in my collection (sad) I am just starting a new shoe box off to store it all.


There is one batch of bank notes and coins worth over £??? adding up the euros and the 1000 rupes!

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Hi, :P


Recently I found some Boot laces and I have kept them, my laces are in a bad state and they will need replacing very soon, so thanks for whom ever put them in a cache.

Also I found a Sylvanian mouse and its so cute I cant find it in my self to pop it back into another box.

I cant remember what items at the mo but I have even given one or two cache items that I have found to my friends lol, Im not tight just that they were what they wanted and they know and they are happy with that. Anyone else done that lol, I hope so lol. ;)



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...A great bike multitool from one of our friends 'GeeJay's caches that has saved my bacon on several occasions!


It was a new cache so still had all that nice new shiny stuff you get in new caches. I remember digging through the swap bag to find somthing of 'reasonable' value to swap it with. Think it went for a digital pedometer in the end. (Pedometer still had low milage on it ;):P )



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I've kept a desk tidy that was full of notice board pins, useful for reminding me which bills need paying.


And a Concorde Luggage tag which I found about a week after the best plane in the world got mothballed. Just a little something to remember it by, as I couldn't afford the asking price for one of the seats (plus it wouldn't fit in my peugeot :P ).


I kept hold of a souvenir Guinness Thing for a while as it looked cool and I didn't have a clue what it was! Traced it back through previous logs and it turned out to be a Golfing Pitch Mark Repairer :P Whatever they do! ;) I've passed it on long since.

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Of course, there was my Pink Thing (as seen on TV) which I swapped out of a cache. It became a TB and went to Australia for a holiday. I also found a Miss Piggy in a box, and sent her out into the world as my 'Blonde Ambition' TB.


I've had a few interesting CDs which I usually copy and send on, and odd little bits and bobs which just appeal to me. I'm fond of my 2" tall Feathers McGraw from The Wrong Trousers, for example ;)



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Um, I confess to having three geckos, actually, and we have visited a couple of caches *just* because we knew we were there. Was hoping to find a purple gecko in my 'Gower Purple cache' one day, but it hasn't happened yet.


My favourite find though, is even weirder. It's an orienteering map of Woodbury Common in Devon, where we found one of our earlier caches, the location of the cache has been marked on it. The reason it's weird is because it's got marks on it, from where it got wet in the cache (it's alright, it's not smelly, or anything!). But I *love* maps, so it's pinned on my wall.


Er... anyone know how to get rid of old mildew marks from paper?!

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My favorite find so far is a 1905 Indian Head penny in very good condition.


Until that find my favorite was a Daffy Duck -- Duck Dogers! - figure that was small enough to fit in a 35mm film can. I really liked it but finally put it into another cache because I liked the cache so much. It was another micro but a very clever hide - this is the cache: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...16-c0cdd781d243

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As others have said its rare to find something that you want to trade.


The best thing I think was a CD, it had been in the woods for over three months but it was OK. It wasn't in the cache, I don't think it would fit.


I also recently found a 35mm container, that become a replacement for one of muggles caches. So that was a great find at the time.


See ya...Gary

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I collect sig items, so I have a load of calling cards and other items that people have left. Of these, the best are things that have been handmade, but I don't turn my nose up at other items either. Sounds like I am going to have to make a trip down into the SW soon on a hunt for geckos and turned wooden items. I will always swap out for a good sig item. I have just made a big batch of mini 'marble' fridge magnets with my flying pig logo and a geocaching logo, and I am leaving them in sets of two in most of the caches I do these days. Nice to read logs where people are swapping these out of caches I have visited.


Apart from that I have one or two normal swaps of items that I just took a fancy to in caches. My favourite is a large blue glass marble with the continents printed upon it. It's very nice indeed, and I think it was left by Padmassan in the cache I took it from.


I also seem to have hoardes of pink things (in various colours) but I have a cunning plan for something to do with them!! :rolleyes:

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I like my hippo bottle opener which was left by Mad Max the Vicker of Mawgan in a Cornish cache we did during our summer holidays. I'm not sure if it's a signature item for him, but the bit I loved most of all, and which was the reason for me having to take it, was his hilarious "business" card which accompanied it!

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Since we started caching we have had the perk of retrieving two of the gecko's also, both now in the proud possession of the Granddaughter. Really made very well, plenty of beans inside them to make them full and its the silky materiel underneath that gives them that nice finishing touch. :mad:

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Phillimore Clan: Our most useful find ever was a shopping trolley token, never leave home without it.


You do supermarket shopping!! Get online and get it delivered - you are wasting VCT - Valuable Caching Time. :ph34r::P:unsure: Oh of course if you are on a camping caching event and are visiting the local Co-op then I can understand why you would just have to have a trolley coin thingy.

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