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  1. Apologies if you've seen this already, but I thought that this was something very handy to have, especially if caching abroad without OS Grid maps. Just print onto acetate. James
  2. Had a go of this at the outdoor show, the guy there was helpful. Nice bit of kit...although it's nothing you wouldn't achieve with memory map running on a PDA with a BT GPS, but nice that it's all in one unit. Unit was nice and chunky and looked a lot less fragile than a standalone PDA would be. They had one running whilst partially submerged in a fish tank. Maps are on SD cards, yes, but each map for a national-park sized region (lakes, snowdonia, etc.) are £100 each. Maps for a region (Liverpool/Wirral for example, bit like the landranger areas of coverage) are £50 each. Could get a bit expensive but quite cool.
  3. Perhaps slightly back on topic it's worth noting that if you intend to approach a relevant cache via a motorised vehicle, you can now check the status of rights of way on many council's websites. Most have their "definitive maps" published online which means you can get an up to date check on the status of lanes, byways, etc. rather than relying on maps; which may of course be out of date. Here is a local (to me) example Hope this is of interest. James
  4. Don't see the problem with it myself. There's a link coded into the page to show all nearby caches anyway which has a similar effect!
  5. I'm not biting, not sure if Nick CrazyL200 will either, Pippa
  6. Got to ask - where is that lane? Looks interesting... (Promise I won't ring if I get stuck ) Funny you should ask N53° 37.156' W002° 19.267' Cool!! Makes me want to go there right now!
  7. Congratulations from "up the road"! James and Sara
  8. Maybe if you explain why, people may be more forthcoming? Just a suggestion.
  9. My link above sent you to an article about the promotional paypal site on TMW's site. If PayPal.com don't talk to PayPal.co.uk and keep them up to date with their promotions, that's shocking!
  10. I had this email last night. Just deleted it. So its obviously doing the rounds. Isn't the paypalchristmas site real? http://tmwblogs.com/2006/11/paypal_microsite_1.html
  11. I was hoping that someone might say that! Any other views? Yes... It's fine in my opinion. James
  12. There's always one, isn't there... It is quite true though. Identity theft would have been if they had set up a new account or applied for credit, or amended one of your accounts or credit agreements by wholly assuming your identity and being able to prove themselves as such. Card cloning is giving themselves a mechanical/electronic method by which to access your existing accounts without setting up new ones etc. Of course, this is irrelevant to you and the inconvinence and loss you have suffered. Identity protection insurance is a percieved bonus, but it is no reason why the bank should not, and will not, investigate and resolve the missing money. It is in their best interest as they will be constantly trying to reduce the total amount they have to charge off due to fraud or bad debt, and this will be (sadly) one of many many many cases they will be working on constantly. I'm presuming that you can prove that you weren't in Thailand at the time, and that your PIN wasn't used in an ATM there in order to access the money (something you could have disclosed via your negligence or allowing family members to use it etc.). Good luck for a positive resolution. Make sure you continue to stand your ground with the bank, you DON'T need Indentity theft protection to have this investigated and refunded. The bank would have to prove gross negligence on your part in order to refuse investigation and refund. James
  13. James, I read this with surprise. I have just telephoned Dogs for the Disabled and asked if I have missed something, as this sounds important. They don't know anything about it either, perhaps you could give us more detailsof what you have heard pelase? Sorry for dipping slightly-further-up-the-thread-off-topic again, but I wanted to answer this... We had an email around work this morning advertising "Dogs for the Disabled Awareness Day", with attendance from DFTD themselves.. Reading it again, I suppose it may purely be for our place of work, although it's not clear either way! So sorry for the confusion if it is. I just presumed it was national.. because we recognise other awareness days all the time! Sorry if it's just us, but I'll be sure to check out whatever's going on. PS - Thanks so much for such an interesting account of Caesar's life so far and his life with you.. It was really interesting to hear how you help each other so much! I think the description of how he is trained to react to different situations was really interesting/useful too, and relevant to this topic. He sounds like an amazing chap and you must be VERY proud of him. I was sorry to hear about the nasty incident which must have been very distressing but Caesar sounds like he did a brilliant job of protecting you. Best wishes to you and him! Sorry...back on topic now.
  14. Just found out, by coincidence, that's is "Dogs for the Diasabled" awareness day on the 29th. Maybe there's an opportunity for things to be learnt about well controlled and trained 'working' dogs!
  15. I like your way of thinking, drsolly....! Dorestgal - Genuine question.. Does your dog wear visible identification like other assistance dogs or is he a personal (but well trained!) pet? Just curious! Obviously that would also make a diference to a lot of the situations debated (in your case) as 1) I imagine he will sit down still whilst barking to alert people, not prance around a person 2) He will have a smart jacket on which should hopefully give people an instant sense of security around him! James
  16. Get yourself a Motorised folding antenna mount! I have this problem as my Discovery is nearly 2m high before I even start with antennae, you can get these for £60 from Waters & Stanton... I will be ording mine shortly! James
  17. James M3IYL from the Wirral. Use both 2m and 70cms and can easily access GB3MR, CR, LI and MN from home and my locality. Can also be heard operating with Wirral RAYNET group - Do most of my radio operating via RAYNET. Getting intermediate license next year.
  18. About 3 years out of date for me, I think. But seems a couple of years newer than GE. Nice! Thanks for sharing. James
  19. ....Get an Apple Mac!! Not helpful, I know Sorry! <Tounge-in-cheek smugness is sure to come back and bite me one day>
  20. Have just read the other thread, will follow with interest. James
  21. I was heartened, after following the previous update thread, to hear of Billy's further recovery here. I think it is a timely reminder to mention cache access constraints for wheelchairs and it's definately something I will consider going forward. I'm not sure that I con contribute directly to the raffle, but is there any other method by which one could donate to the spinal injuries unit? Best wishes to all, and to Billy for a speedy continued recovery. James & Sara
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