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  1. >>"The best one was buried under a tree in Penrose, and I had to dig it up. It was a Tupperware box with a couple of gold coins and plastic trinkets. I found a box of knucklebones hidden inside a replica gun at an RSA out west."<< What cache is buried under a tree? Don't think I have done that one yet? See ya...Gary
  2. Sorry don't live near Otago, but try http://www.tb-rescue.com its worked for me a few times. Thanks KiwiGary
  3. Can't connect at all from New Zealand See ya...Gary
  4. Yes can upload pics to logs, but not on TB pages been happening for the last 12 hours. See ya...Gary
  5. KiwiGary

    TB Race

    The TB name seems to have come right, must have taken a while to sync. One more question can people link to the web page of our race? If so what would the url be for a race? See ya...Gary
  6. KiwiGary

    TB Race

    Is there anyway to change the TB's Name? Can't seem to delete or edit the name of the bugs on the Race web site? Thanks Gary
  7. I have posted this on the GPS.org.nz site, where most New Zealand cachers hang out. Hopefully someone may know Tui and Fantail. See ya....Gary
  8. Also note there is WWFM event in Auckland on the same day, if you have a fast jet you could do both in the same day. WWFM IV - Gather Around the Camp Fire (Auckland) See ya...Gary
  9. Congrats Bob, thats a great milestone indeed... See ya...Gary
  10. Hi, Thats right the Geocaching sites doesn't support New Zealand post codes. To get most of Auckland create a PQ from S 36°52.971 E 174°45.259, and set its distance in km to 30. This PQ would cover all of Auckland. You can also seach for caches by addresses in New Zealand, for example your hotel address. Hope that helps....Gary
  11. Yes, it looks like a cool idea. Shame us Palm users are excluded from the fun at this stage. See ya...Gary
  12. KiwiGary

    New filter?

    I use the site http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/, it has a feature thats uses GSAK to filter out your friends finds. You are your friend would be need to upload your find PQ, and you would both need to be prem members. Works for me....Thanks...Gary
  13. Adding a feature to ignore a particular cache placer, would be very handy indeed. I would have a use for that, at the moment it’s a manual process every time a new cache is placed. See ya….Gary
  14. This is truly a sad day for Geocaching in New Zealand. I really hope it’s not true and a fellow Geocacher is not responsible for this vandalism. It’s sad when a cache is destroyed by a muggle, but a cacher doing this? I hope it’s a misunderstanding. The way I see it is that caches are placed in the wild for the fun of all cachers and in a way belong to all cachers, so when one is destroyed it does affect all cachers. Quite often cachers have made minor repairs to my caches in the field, and I do likewise. The community does work together to keep the caches going, this is why this latest action is very shocking to myself. Lets hope this issue can get sorted out between the parties involved. KiwiGary
  15. This is what I do, I have created a filter that includes any cache that hasn't been updated in 14 days. This filter also excludes caches with corrected co-ords. This prevents me losing co-ordinates to puzzle caches that I may have worked out. I then run this macro everytime I start GSAK. >>># # This macro will delete old waypoints, based on the filter # debug status=off CANCELFILTER DATABASE NAME="KiwiGary" Action=select FILTER Name="Old Caches (Over 14 days old)" if $_filtercount=0 return endif INPUT msg="Are you sure you want to delete old waypoints? (y/n)" default="n" VarName=$answer if $answer = "y" DELETE Settings="items_in_filter" endif << You will have to change the database name and the name of the filter for it to work for you. Might not be the best soloution, but it works for me. See ya...Gary
  16. Great stuff to you both, you be passing us anyday now... See ya...Gary and Margaret
  17. Congratulations Sean you have been busy. Great stuff on the 1000, always been great to cache with you. Greetings from New Zealand Gary and Margaret
  18. If you need a target cache placed, say in New Zealand then drop me a line. Maybe near a cell phone tower? See ya...Gary
  19. Great stuff guys on the 600. Shame we couldn't make Bones Event See ya...Gary and Margaret
  20. Congrats guys on the 500...See ya..Gary and Margaret
  21. Boo Hoo we will have to miss this years event, we are still 12,500 miles away. We will miss you all, but we are sure you will all have a great time. See ya...Gary and Margaret
  22. Congrats Lester and a big OSS from New Zealand. See ya...Gary and Margaret
  23. I don’t know what your are all moaning about, its great down here. It was 30 degrees yesterday... We haven’t seen any snow here yet, well we have never had snow here!!! Here's our new pet enjoying the day, here name is Louise as in Geez Louise… See ya all…Gary and Margaret
  24. Ali, I believe it is now later, did you have any luck? See ya...Gary
  25. Yes I noticed that as well, but you can still see the cache if you seach by co-ordinates. Or I guess postcode but that doesn't work in New Zealand. See ya...Gary
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