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  1. Congratulations Geoff & Gill on your 200th find! Ni! -KWSN-
  2. Yep, thanks from the Knights too. The Blue Knight is safely retrieved and wallowing in glory at our place. Ni! KWSN
  3. Geoff wears shorts all year round, but those legs'll be in for a battering now that they're Geocaching! Luke KWSN
  4. Thank you to everyone! We've taken a while, but enjoyed getting there in our own time!
  5. Congratulations to Lucilla and Chris (The Blorenges) on reaching their first hundred at our 'I Spy' Cache today! It was good to meet up with you at the Cache site for a celebratory cuppa too!
  6. Picked up 'Orson' today from a 13-stage multi at the Museum of Welsh Life in St Fagans. We were sure it would have gone by now as it'd been there a week, but we were fortunate enough to lay our hands on it! Now to find a challenging new home for him. Considering setting up a gruelling new multi of our own and placing Orson for the FTF []
  7. Congratulations Zetetic on reaching 200 at the Un-kept Resolution Cardiff Social last night, and nice to have met you and other local Cachers. It was a great evening!
  8. We collect all our email on our phone, so the GC notifications come to us anyway with the rest of our email. The phone only collects mail headers, then we get it to retrieve 10Kb of the email if we're interested in reading it. Many phones have a POP3 or IMAP4 email client on them these days, but you need to check whether your mobile network will charge you for collecting your emails, or if you have an amount of free data download on the phone. Certainly if you only collect the email headers initially, it's a minimal amount of data. With Vodafone, they convert our unused SMS allowance into data, so we can happily download email from our phone and surf to the full GC.COM website using the Opera mobile browser, or just use the WAP page version that uses minimal data.
  9. Ditto Moote, we purchased 2 based on reputation
  10. We'll certainly be watching out in hope of picking one of these up from a S.Wales cache if/when one comes our way - They look great!
  11. Hi P&T, Can you confirm if our order email came through for 1 of each ? Actually, can we amend that to 1 gold, 2 silver? Thanks KWSN
  12. Changed back just after new year... to a completely new one. (The old Knight looked a bit sinister, so trying something new for 2006)
  13. HNY from the KWSN. TFTC's folks, and may we all enjoy many more in 2006. Ni!
  14. That's goooooorgeous! Nasty new U.S one though, blrrrrrr.
  15. Congrats Bob. Just to think that we bumped into you at on our first attempt at Caching and you had 'only' done a couple of hundred then
  16. Proper Bo I tell thee! (and I can't repeat what 'Bo' is short for here) You should all audition for the follow up to X factor, the Y factor (why oh why!) Greatly enjoyed this, thanks!
  17. It's dog poop that is more of a problem than wild animals though, as it carries a couple of pretty nasty things not found in wild animals guts. It's also easier to pick up on shoes than wild animal poop, and tends to be right where you walk whereas a wild animal with usually cr*p under cover
  18. Dog waste can cause illness and disease including toxocariasis And kids have a habit of grabbing the underside of their boots when they get back in the car, then touching their faces, which can have pretty nasty consequences.
  19. I find it very annoying having to watch my every step on footpaths - I spend my whole time looking down instead of enjoying my surroundings. Agree with SP about it when it's off the path, but right in the middle (as it often is) is just plain inconsiderate. And another thing.... When large dogs are allowed to bound up and intimidate the kids. Owners need to be aware that they could initiate a lifelong fear of dogs in young children And another thing... No, that's it actually.
  20. Well done on this huge achievement, and have a great Christmas and prosperous new year!
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