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  1. I think sometimes finders think that the cache might be better hidden 'over there a bit.' Not very helpful, but they probably mean well! A local cache to me, which I use regularly to drop TB's off, seems to do a complete circuit of the tree it's hidden at the foot of, once every 6 - 8 months.
  2. I'll save you the bother of any flack! I belive this thread is well and truely used up and any futher queries can run in the other 2 threads on very similar subjects. thanks to all who took the time to reply.
  3. Genius, Lactodorum! Exactly what I was looking for, thank you kindly!
  4. I have in mind to hike the South Downs Way, either later this year or early next. I'm keen to cache along the way and wonder if any computer literate can advise if a search of caches can be refined to cover this area? The only way I know is to put in the different postcodes for each stretch, which will take forever!! Thanks in advance!
  5. One of our caches is hidden in a tree. Not much of a climb though! Ditto one of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in Box Hill. Go fo it, should be fun!
  6. Gone from eBay! Did someone buy them up or did Geocaching.com sort their removal?!?
  7. There is an open area on the common, where magpies have begun to congregate. I've just seen 14. Now I know that: - 1 for sorrow 2 for joy 3 for a girl 4 for a boy 5 for silver 6 for gold 7 for a secret never told 8's a wish 9's a kiss and; 10's the one you shouldn't miss! Does anyone know if the rhyme goes on past this? Or do you just stack? (ie 14's the boy you shouldn't miss. Don't tell Mrs Woody's Wanderers!) Also, the common is coverd in spikey bushes that have the most glorious creamy white blossom on them, which smells divine (hiding the fact the twigs have inch long (2.54cm) spikes on them!!) I gues this might be hawthorn, but does anyone know for certain? Thanks.
  8. Only 710 from down the road in Epsom. Those extra 6 miles from Carlshalton make all the difference!
  9. I must admit, that I set caches with the intention of people finding them fairly easily. I know some people like to make caches v hard to find - each to their own and I wont criticise anyone of doing one or the other! It's a great buzz to get e-mails saying people have found our caches and enjoyed them. I'm all for hints and spoilers.
  10. Cool photos. It's nice when that happens. Recently our TB was photographed at Crufts with other Westies. It warms the cockles of your heart when cachers go that extra bit for you.
  11. Welcome and congrats. Without a GPS too! It's all downhill from here to obsesive compulsiveness!
  12. Certainly helpful, when the hint says something useful like 'By a tree' (and you're in a forest) or 'small silver container' (Yes, but where?!?!?) It's your game so play it your way. Don't feel your cheating or not a good cacher if you use the cluse/hints/spoliers. (and don't let anyone tell you different!)
  13. Perhaps they left something and want to see who/when it's picked up?! Isn't it a shame when we all immediately get suspicious about e-mails (I admit, I was suspicious when I first read this post!) There was a time when we didn't care...
  14. Or, as a last resort, you could text a geocaching friend to log them for you. I think the libraries idea is genius though!
  15. London's fine, but you get black bogies on the underground. Make you're way out to Surrey if you get the time. Enjoy some brilliant caches and some of the best countryside in the world (okay, it's not the Peak District, or the Lakes, or the Dales, or the Highlands or the Valleys, but it's the best you'll get in and around the M25!! )
  16. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!etc. So many times we've had these posts. Should I do this...? Should I do that...? Does it really matter....? Who cares? It's a goddam game... Play it YOUR way. If it bothers you so much, delete the log. If it doesn't then don't. Heaven forbid if a newbie asks for advice! Thanks to the rest of the people who gave SENSIBLE answers.
  17. There is the tale of the German driver who put his new BMW into a river because his sat nav showed a bridge over it. He ignored all the road signs that said different!
  18. Someone has logged a find on one of my caches, but the date they've put in is impossible. On that particular day, the cache was on my draining board drying out! I certainly didn't let any muddy cachers thru the house. I've e-mailed them to ask them to review the entry, but to no avail. Should I delete the entry?
  19. NEVER, EVER kick a dog, even if it bites you. See previous post about ignorance. The is NO EXCUSE for it. Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent of animals (although there is beginning to be scant proof of it in this post!) how would you like it if I suggested comming round and giving you a good kicking? Not much I expect.
  20. It's a shame there appears to be a lot of ignorant people around! Makes me sad to think that I choose to associate with them thru my hobby.
  21. Woody's Wanderers - 110 results. Can you get any lower than that? We're unique (ish! ) Fantastic way to waste a day. dungeons & dragons trashes playstation2!
  22. It's just a victim of it's own success, like the M25! I've only ever had trouble at the w/ends when all of the US must be on-line. You've got to expect some problems, after all nothing is fail safe.
  23. Lets see how many people who didn't fill it in, complain about the service they get in the next few months!
  24. ...alternatively, you could just put World Vision gifts into a cache for FTF, STF, TTF etc. I be quite chuffed (if I ever get a FTF!) to know that someone in an underdevloped country got a blanket. Hey, I 'got ' a goat for a Third world family for Christmas. One of my best pressies ever!
  25. (Sneaks up to throw petrol on the fire and then beats a hasty retreat! ) How do people think Geocaching pays for the web site etc etc? I'm all for it. In any other hobby, you'd pay much (much, much!) more for the assistance of an expert on an introductory w/end. (Have a look at anything to do with astronomy! ) Good luck, shame I wont be able to attend. (and please don't shout at me! )
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