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  1. thanks all sorted had to work out a reset. seem ok now.
  2. Can anyone shed some light on what maybe the problem, my gps has been ok untill i removed the batteries for 2 days i replaced them but it wont lock onto any satelites?
  3. My son and I are wanting to walk about 10 miles along the thames and do some cachers too. does anyone have a list of caches which dont require crossing over the river and staying on one side.
  4. A fellow cacher has forgotten his password and the email address for his account too, what can he do?
  5. I am setting up a new tb and the description is all bunched up where I wanted paragraphs. Please can someone tell me how to do this.
  6. Ok the latest news is I got the ipaq with cachemate on the unit, but despite numerous attempts I cant get the files to show in cachemate. I just dont know what i'm doing wrong.
  7. Here's a gps fit for a muggling thief. http://www.firebox.com/product/2387/ECCO-G...&src_id=252 1st button : locate and trash cache 2nd Button: locate police station 3rd Button@ head for prison or it could be used for marking to car and when the other half or kids have had enough they can find their own way back whilst you find the goodies
  8. I must be dumb tonite, I have been playing about with my ipaq and the pc for over an hour trying ti install cachemate. When all I had to do is use IE on the ipaq and to it directly. now for adding caches.
  9. can i not drag the file onto the ppc? cachemate has placed the file on desktop but where should it go on the ppc
  10. I got the ipaq today and charge it, have installed sycn program. but can not seem to install cachemate. Cache mate is on my desktop but I just cant see how to install it to ppc.
  11. Does anyone have a bike mount for the foretrex 201 or a spare power cradle
  12. Thanks for letting us know, and though I never got to meet him. I know he was a gentleman and friend and one of the well loved Geocacher. My prayer go to his family
  13. What software is best for an Ipaq for paperless caching?
  14. Does anyone use a mini laptop for paperless caching? ifso what software do you use? gsak or what. To save airtime do you download to the laptop rather than surf.
  15. The gprs compass was pointing away from the cache and still counting down in feet to cache, I knew where the cache was, the new member continued to follow gprs and would have failed to find the cache, until I gave her mine vista.
  16. Yes Rutson that's the first thing I checked.
  17. I have been out today trying to help a new cacher, they have a etrex and its been set up ok, but their gps compass needle points them away from a cache and around 50ft out. compared to my vista. Is this normal? should it be set to true or mag north? is it possible to reset to factory settings?
  18. it appears that the gc comp has been damaged by melting easter eggs again, Im still waiting for my pq. I am meant to be helping a newbie later with her gps etc.
  19. I want to follow the journey of my family as they travel the globe, is there a free program where I can see maps of the world and follow their flight paths etc.
  20. ok there's a lovely lady on countdown and she loves geocaching, come on identify yourself.
  21. http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?Module...mp;source=1#Faq I am thinking of getting something with a slightly larger screen than my treo 650 and saw this online, would it be able to use gsak/cachemate etc? I run win xp at home so would both machines work together?
  22. I have a treo 650 which I used for paperless caching .The phone will not work but the rest of the unit is ok for geocaching, photos etc. Comes with mains charger and cable. Open to UK offers only. Please email me your offer.
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