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I would need more information.


How far away is it? How much driving is involved between stages? What type of container is the final stage? Is this a nice wilderness/trail area that I would be happy to visit if I had never heard of Geocaching? Do you respond quickly to maintenance issues? Are you going to provide 51 hints?


Just one troublesome answer from you, and the answer from me is NO.

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If it were close (20 miles), I would do it.


My kids love multi's, especially if they are interesting and offer a learning opportunity (no matter how trivial).


If I got to leg 3 or 4 and it was lame, I would DNF it, Hit the Ignore button and forget it ever happened.

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yes I would if it was an ATV trail and each legs are just basicaly telling you to turn here and stuff yes I would......but in other hands if they are all odd coordinates here and there NO I will not do it.


so coordinates telling you the right way to go YES

coordinates just there for no reasons NO


but now with the mapping software that most GPS have a turn by turn leg system is almost useless to make, it will be more of a waste of your time to try and do it.

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No <_< I can't think of any reason that I would want to find 51 caches in order to claim credit for ONE. I am not really an "it's about the numbers" guy, but right now I have 130 finds...why should I get more than 1/3 of that number to get to 131? GSMx2

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How about making a series of caches? On your other thread you mentioned forty micros, ten smalls, and one big one. How about making a bunch of different micro caches, each with its own log as well as part of a way to find the coordiantes for one larger cache? You could do several of these series, and have each of the finals for each series have part of the coordinates for the ultra-final. 4 micros together lead you to one small, and all ten smalls lead you to the BIG! That way you would get people who would find at least some even if they don't like the idea of getting all fifty-one , while still providing a reward for the diehard folks who would be willing to do all of them. If one leg went missing, a cacher could jump to another family of legs while the missing one is being repaired, rather than having one chain that becomes impossible to progress along if even one piece is missing. It might also save some headaches for your poor reviewer, who would be expected to keep track of all fifty-one legs and make sure they don't conflict with other caches.

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In short, No.


I WILL DO multis and puzzle caches when I am out of town (unlike 99.9% of cachers - we obviously have a lot of tourists in New Orleans, and only ONE multi here - View Carre - really gets hits, and it's spectacular, not really a multi, and has an international reputation).


However, with 51 legs, no out-of-towner is going to do your cache unless they have a full day or two days to dedicate to it. Two dozen caches in a day is a lot if there's a lot of driving in between. Records notwithstanding, unless you're pushing yourself or the caches are extremely easy and in a simple route, it's hard to do 51 in a day. If the caches are that easy and in that simple of a pattern, why would I would enjoy doing 51 of them more than 51 distinctive hides over a longer period.


We have a great 6-leg multi here called School Days which is truly a masterpiece. The hides are distinctive, the location is compact, the route is well chosen, and the creativity is excellent. You just get a tremendous sense of fun after completing the cache. I think it took half an hour from first find to last, if you add a fifteen minutes for parking and searching on the first find - 45 minutes for six - 51 would take like six/seven hours - that's going to be a lot of work - is it goin to give me a lot of satisfaction?


If it was within 25 miles of my house, I might go and attempt it in a day. If a stage was missing, I'd probably come back to complete it, but I wouldn't be in a hurry. And if you didn't keep it up, you'd probably get an SBA by any hardcore locals pretty quick. As I've said before in the threads about power trails - which this may or may not be an extreme version of - multis don't work for this because of the maintenance - they don't degrade gracefully in the face of cache deterioration.

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I might be crazy enough to give it a try if it didn't have me driving hundreds of miles or climbing 51 different mountains. Odds are that if I look for 51 caches separately, I'm going to DNF on one of them...so more than likely, a 51-stage multi would wind up on my ignore list.

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I would do it but it would have to be worth it. There is a multi in Austin, TX called the Monster which has 50 legs. Haven't tried it yet but there have been many people who have completed it or are working on it. It was designed by a team and every section is supposed to be pretty fun and unique. It was also stocked with some very tempting and worthwhile prizes. The driving on it is something like 140 miles all over Austin but like I said, many people have done it. If you make one that large, it has to be fun and exciting enough to keep cachers' interest. I would not suggest a bunch of micros unless they were very clever. Mix it up and use your imagination to make it crazy fun.

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No. Nor would I want to maintain such a beast. I have one cache that's hidden in a park, 8 stages including the final, and it doesn't get too many hits. (Takes about 1.5 hours on average to complete). People apparently don't like large multis. I'd never waste my time hiding a 51 stager. You'd spend more time hiding than people would ever be willing to spend finding. Unless you put a $100 reward for the FTF, then you'd get at least 1 interested person, probably.

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Heck no. Stop and think about this for a minute. If you have a micro spaced every couple hundred feet, people are going to get darned tired of hunting a micro every 5-10 minutes to try and finish this mammoth quest. Compare it to driving--stop-and-go driving ticks people off, they'd rather get out on the highway and cruise. So, if you spread each stage out-say to our arbitrary 0.1 mile cache separation guideline (even it doesn't necessarily apply to multi's) your whole cache would span almost TWO SQUARE MILES. Anything less than the 528-ft and I'm going to find myself wondering why there's so many dang stages.


Is there a reason for 51 stages to your cache? A good reason? Or are you merely trying ti push the very limits of sanity? My advice would be if each one of your stages is important to you, split the whole shootin match into at LEAST 5 individual mutl-caches with 6-8 stages each, name them in a series, and in each cache place part of the coordinates to the intended final stage of your 51-stager. This way, the average cacher can hit part of your multi, and you can get a real-world test of 'will anyone bother with 50 stages to log a multi'. I know where I'm puttin my money. (This still concerns me about cache saturation, you're taking a LOT of ground out of commission for other cachers to hide in later)

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offhand, no.


other hand, i have a long one that people seem to like. the exact number of stages are not public information. it's less than 50 but more than 8. the final is a small container with no trade items. some of the intermediate stages are full-sized with trade items.


the record so far for quick completion is ten days, eight hours.


it's more about the journey than the find. people looking for it have to trust me, whcih is what i like about geocaching anyway. sometimes it's just a leap of faith.


so maybe i'd go hunt it. there'd be no point in just finding stage after stage unless there was some larger picture, but i might do it just to find out.

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Yes...if (and this would be the real trick) each leg left me standing there saying "Wow! i'm glad I came out here. This is something worth seeing and I'm glad I made the trip."


If I had 50 legs that lead me to parking lots and lamp posts, I would probably lose interest real quick.



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if it was:

1. near me (~60 miles)

2. didn't have me driving all over he11s half-acre

3. did not need special equipment or a master's degree in differential equations and cyphers

4. If I could expect to complete it without some dork walking off with point 37.

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It would depend on what information you gave on the cache page. If I knew how far I'd travel I'd probably do it, even if it were a long trip. It's definitely a good idea to let people know how many stages the cache will have and what distance they'll travel.


I have a 31 stage multi called GPS Art, but it's all in one large parking lot, and it's mentioned on the cache page that there are 31 stops to make.


There's a cool payoff at the end though. ;)

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We did a five-stage cache a couple of weeks ago and pretty much hated it.

But that was all at once. I dunno, a long-term cache sounds sort of appealing, as long as the stages are clear, and you know you are on the right track.

The five stage cache we did was so icky because we were never sure if we were on the right track till the very end. The stages were very ambiguous, at best. The clues would say things like "Read the four numbers on the plaque and add them up", but never mentioned that there were several sets of numbers, so we were never sure which ones were correct. If we knew at every stage that we were on the right track, it would keep at least my interest. (can't speak for Joe). If we weren't sure till the reward at the end, we'd likely give up early on.

So, to answer, uh, maybe. It might be fun to spend a couple of weekends whittling away at it.


Are you willing to check up on all those stages? ;)

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