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  1. Prime Suspect had it right, if someone messes up their numbers, it's great that it won't affect anyone else's. I love MY numbers, and they matter to ME (and nobody else I'm sure). I guess what bothers me about the numbers issue is that I like to think people earned them, and I admire/respect someone who has done many. Don't get me wrong, I know there will be cheaters. Prime example when people log a find of a cache that doesn't exist, that peeves me. But what peeves me more is that people think he's the best finder around; however, I know he's a blatant cheater. I have a son who isn't too fond of the game but wants the larger number, he gets bummed out that he doesn't have as many finds as his brother and I, but he never found them, he stayed in the car instead. No effort, no point.
  2. I generally log for 3 different people in the household. Myself and two sons. I usually make a personal note on mine and my sons' logs are usually a cookie cutter log saying that they were caching with their mother and brother. Unless one of them had a specific experience, the logs are very simple. It gets time consuming to come up with 3 fascinating stories for each of the caches.
  3. I know that some people don't think of geocaching as a numbers game, however, I am proud of my numbers, and feel as though I earn them. I have been noticing some cache owners using "found it" smilies instead of the "write a note" thumbtacked paper icon. Everytime they enter a note, they get a find..... I am sure I am being petty, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this as well.
  4. Fishiam, You win the prize, thanks so much!!!! And everyone else, I appreciate your efforts in helping me as well. Thanks to all!!!! Faith
  5. I know how to delete my waypoints one at a time, but I have over 275 now, and was wondering if there are simple steps to erase them all at one time or less than 275 times.... I only have the simple directions, and it doesn't discuss this. Can't find my larger manual. Thanks!!!
  6. I hate stealers.....I hate the idea that people think they have a right for taking what is not theirs. Stealing doesn't necessarily mean robbing of stuff, it can be rape, taking someone's dignity, and any other form of taking what is not theirs. Being and feeling violated can be very hard to overcome. Sorry that it happened to you.
  7. I put a watch on those I could not find, so I can hear if others have found it or not, or for any helpful clues. I watch some because they are just plain silly and enjoy reading the posts. Others are hides of good friends of mine, I like to see who finds them and what they think. So, mostly for entertainment value and helpful hints.
  8. I loved the show....I was thinking a geocaching team would do well on this... Yes, the show was slow paced at first, I was actually able to work on my taxes, and not miss much if any of the context. If given a second season, I think you'll see some good changes. Why, or why, do they cast an obviously unfit team????? Grrrr...... I am a reality TV nut...so this is great. And the movie, National Treasure hooked me for geocaching. Perfect fit for a Sunday evening. Take care Faith
  9. OMG, I just looked up the picture of the Ford Hummer, my husband will love that.
  10. I just wanted to add that I am sorry you had to witness such a sickening situation, but I am glad you took the extra steps to turn these punks in.
  11. You got good advice about the avatar.....and you deserve a nicer welcome than you got. Soooo...welcome to geocaching and the forums. Glad to have you here. Some people act on impulse, we all have our own difficulties. Editted to Add: Sorry, just noticed you've been caching since March 04, but relatively new to the forums with 9 posts. Anyway....welcome.
  12. Just wanted to say there are people here who appreciate your service to our country and those you are helping.
  13. It's okay.....I didn't see that post until after I did a trial run either.......Navigating a new forum takes some time to figure out. We shouldn't sweat the small stuff.
  14. Miragee, Did you log it as a find? I would have, especially since I could prove I found it via picture. I know I wouldn't be back unless there was 12" of snow on the ground.
  15. Those who don't want them, will leave them for someone else, hopefully. Sounds like a neat idea, and they can come see you perform.
  16. These are people poking fun/making a statement.....no harm.
  17. QUOTE(Faith the Aquariaqueen @ Jun 8 2006, 10:04 PM) Yep, I was shocked...wanted to buy a tshirt and a hiking stick medallion for a youngster's birthday, and came up empty handed. I was very disappointed. they have hiking staff medallions here. I found them today....a few days ago they were on back order. I ordered that and two stickers, $7.00, and $6.95 to ship them!!!! And all 3 item could be put in a 5x7 envelope!!!! Grrrrrrr.
  18. briansnat...one post short of 18K!!!! Congrats!!
  19. We just have to remember, that IF they would fulfill our requests, we would definitely need to patronize them. I went to cafepress, and yes, they have a lot of stuff about geocaching, but I would rather have the official stuff.
  20. Yep, I was shocked...wanted to buy a tshirt and a hiking stick medallion for a youngster's birthday, and came up empty handed. I was very disappointed.
  21. Losing stuff doesn't bother me as much as the feeling of being violated....I hope you can work through it. I despise when a person feels entitled to take what isn't theres, but I pity them because they never learned the pride it feels to earn something.
  22. I just got my first coin yesterday from GeoTruckers.com....one of the coolest, if you ask me!!!! I had to go to www.coincodes.com for the activation code. I am not sure if this is much help for you, but worth a try. For you truckers and RVers, check out www.geotruckers.com It's a site for us who need special parking requirements....a real friendly group.
  23. Ambrosia, you beat me to it....National Treasure got me going!!! Great family movie, suspense, history, and no cussing or killing. My kind of movie.
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