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  1. what city has the bigest cache density in usa
  2. you found pickles in a cache did you take one?
  3. is there a place i can get them cheaper
  4. some thing to help with the money that it takes to go geocacheing (GAS)
  5. other than this site is there any other sites that pay you to find stufffor them?
  6. you can put coins in it or super balls or a rollo cache ----------------------------- twinkies and spam
  7. just take 10 film canister and glue them together
  8. ok here my new cache theres 51 caches in the woods one of them has a hamster in it save him or let him die it up to you and how fast you can find the caches
  9. mmmmm twinkies and spam mmmmmm yum yum
  10. have you ever found old food ina cache before
  11. what a way to end the story whats that mean if you find stuff online you going to die alone?
  12. Name: "pass it on" or "word of mouth" I would post a cache who ever wanted to find it would email me I would tell the frist two people were it is any one else who want to find it would have to talk two one of the cacher who have found it before would this work if not why?
  13. so we could be runing around in the woods with are stamp looking for a box of letters wow that sounds so much fun I runing out to buy me a stamp right now
  14. THAY DIDN'T I thank gounds for a war j/k well they found a cache and signed the log so I thank that makes them geocachers to whats the diffence in letterboxing and geocacheing anyways?
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