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  1. I deal with this a lot on my webcam cache. So many fake loggers will comb through the logs looking for instances of logs I did not enforce the logging requirements on (I miss one here or there). I feel like some at GC would like to find a reason to archive any remaining webcams because they can cause a lot or reports or complaints. I feel that I have to stay consistent for the sake of the cache.
  2. I remember before we had an app to click for hints, we actually had to to decrypt them on paper in the field. I also remember getting so good at ROT13 that I could read a hint while it was still encrypted. This would have kept me from accidentally reading the hint before I needed it.
  3. As a webcam cache owner, I am generally ok with mulitple logs "sharing" the same picture in one of the logs (i.e., see so-n-so's log for picture), as long as the number of people in the picture is not less than the number of logs per said picture. I am quite a stickler for having the geocacher(s) perform the required pose in the picture.
  4. Attachment method aside, have you considered how long the dead rotten log will be viable as a hiding spot? A piece of wood, especially one that has already started to rot, tends to fall apart quickly, even without people searching all around/under it.
  5. Just because it is doesn't directly relate to geocaching doesn't make it an agendum. I've found and hidden caches near historic places that talk about the history of said place, of which geocaching had no mention. Caches are near natural springs that invite finders to try the water, also not geocaching-related. Such a request might be interpreted as more of an agenda as OP's example. Of course, as we all know, previous caches in no way set precedence for future cache publications. If OP feels strongly enough about the situation, I would definitely appeal this decision.
  6. I own a webcam listing. For the most part, the webcam I use has been quite reliable, only going down for a few weeks when one of the IT guys retired and forgot to give anyone the passwords... The main issue I have with "abuse" (if you want to call it that) is people trying to claim a find at night (low res cam + no lighting = unusable picture), or not performing a required action to set themselves apart as a geocacher. The action of deleting a log is simple enough, but many of the geocachers that log the webcam cache go out of their way on a roadtrip, or travel many miles specifically for the cache. This means that a good portion of log deletions come with pushback and nasty emails. Several times, Groundspeak arbitrators have had to get involved. Sometimes they side with me, sometimes with the cacher. It's gotten to where I literally dread receiving a notification that it has received a new log. I've threatened to archive it several times, but every time the local geocacher group persuades me to keep it going because it is such a rare icon.
  7. I broke my streak after 9 days, beating my previous streak of 7. I just ran out of steam, guess.
  8. I've held events to go after a series of caches (like this one). We all had to meet up a a central location to head out, so might as well make it a meet-up where we can eat. That way, we all get at the right spot at the right time, and even the locals that won't or can't make the cache trip has an excuse to stop by and talk for awhile. As a personal guideline, I've never logged "attended" on events that I host, so it's never a "numbers" benefit to me.
  9. I had to Google mustache poses... still not sure what that is.
  10. I try hard to be under standing. There are many logs where things aren't exactly 100% correct, but I let the log stand. The problem arises when I delete a spurious log, almost every one of them are rude, and they all bring up "what about x log? It wasn't correct". In this instance, the picture looks like a random screencap of a pedestrian.
  11. There is no indication that they actually visited. The picture appears to be someone walking along a sidewalk with their head down. This is a very busy area, and it wouldn't take long to find a picture like that on the webcam if viewing remotely.
  12. According to the messages I'm receiving, that's not likely.
  13. So there is a cacher that continually logs the cache while posting an incorrect photo. I've explained why I delete the log, but no matter how many time I delete, they log it right back. Who do I contact to have them stop doing that?
  14. I own a webcam listing. There is the occasional geocacher who will log the cache with a snap from the webcam without doing the required pose listed on the cache page to identify oneself as a geocacher. In these snaps, it is impossible to tell if the person onscreen is a geocacher, or simply a pedestrian on the sidewalk. I am to understand that ALRs can still be enforced on webcam caches. Do I have a leg to stand on should someone continually log the cache after I explained to them why I deleted their log? What steps can I take?
  15. Rusty metal in itself does not pose a greater risk of tetanus. The bacteria that causes tetanus can be found anywhere anaerobic bacteria can be found, including dirt. The longstanding belief comes from that fact that metal is more likely to rust in areas that harbor bacteria (i.e. outside), and metal can cause cuts and scrapes to the skin, giving the bacteria a way in to your body. Rust contains no more c. tetani bacteria than other surfaces. Anyhooo... I like to use paracord to tether my preforms. It lasts forever, it's easy to buy in a myriad of camo colors, and it does less damage to flora than wire. Tying a knot just below the lip of the preform is usually enough to hold it, though I have gotten fancy and braided the paracord around the preform to hold it.
  16. Thank you, Moun10bike. I'm skeptical when it comes to things like this.
  17. https://goo.gl/forms/5FfdTjiYcFsIQWa02 This came across a local geocaching Facebook page today. It purports to be from Groundspeak, offering a $10 Amazon card in exchange for a phone interview. A Google search could not confirm such a promotion, which raises an immediate red flag for me. Is this real?
  18. I am fairly vigilant in checking the logs on my webcam cache (the only one left in my state). There has been a few that I deleted because they did not "pose". In other words, it looked like a webcam capture of some random person walking by. The only time I have accepted a non webcam picture is when the webcam was down, but before I knew about it. As soon as I realized it was, the cache was disabled with no other selfie logs accepted.
  19. It might be a good idea to get in contact with your local reviewer to let him know what's going on. He might be able to help keep the original spot free for when you want to move the cache back.
  20. As has been stated, there will be bad hides/crappy containers/absent COs... the issue that I'm seeing a lot is cachers trying to be helpful, letting a cache limp along when it should just be archived. Take a look at the closest "what is in your cache bag" post. Duct tape, spare containers, baggies... I'm not saying a cacher can't help temporarily patch up a cache, but if you find a cache in disrepair, post a NM. Instead now I have to read through 50 logs to find out that the container was changed from a bucket to a preform in '09, one cacher moved it 30 feet to a more suitable spot, and the log is now a Walmart receipt stuck to a nearby tree.
  21. I generally don't trade, but every now and then, some item catches my fancy. Decals are cool, especially if they are geocaching related. When I do leave something, or start a new cache, it usually a handmade paracord bracelet or Keychain.
  22. I was at work, amd one of my coworkers offered me a local newspaper to read, which I normally never read. There was an article on a local geocache near a historic antebellum home. I thought it sounded cool. That was around Wednesday. By Friday I had bought an eTrex for about 100 bucks at wal-mart, and Saturday found me and a friend finding our first geocache. I thought it was awesome. We spent the entire rest of the day trying to navigate to cache #2 with no luck. I'm glad that wasn't the first one we tried or I may have given up.
  23. I think I'd like to enter this upcoming travel bug race. I've already ordered a new trackable. My question is, how does the race start? Do we release it on July 20th? Can we release it earlier, but the logs don't count toward the race until the 20th? I've tried to find more info about it, but I've come up short.
  24. I flew into and out of DIA a couple of years ago. Completely missed this one
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