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  1. The pinpoint of the City of Victoria is about 1.5km from the ocean, so to more accurately represent this area I searched 'Greater Victoria' and used my home coordinates, because we are centrally located in this area. I'm sure there are other ways to come up with these figures, but here's my version: Victoria BC taken April 28th 213 - 5km 457 - 10km 609 - 20km 746 - 30km 843 - 40km The Lower Mainland (Greater Vancouver) area, using Port Coquitlam as a center: 75 - 5km 188 - 10km 491 - 20km 793 - 30km 988 - 40km
  2. Dude, go search for the original Canada Geocoin threads and warn people that it is an overpriced piece of junk. Don't let others pay good money for it, if it looks as horrible as you say. Bad geocoins should not be rewarded.
  3. So am I. Hmmm ... maybe it has to do with one of my extensions. Thanks! At least this gives me some where to look. Not solved ... but obviously not a problem with the site ... so closing thread.
  4. Maybe it is a Firefox thing? Bad HTML? I just noticed that as the page loads, it appears very briefly and then disappears.
  5. oh noes!!!1!1 Al Qaida is blowing up our trees!!11!
  6. The shipping prices are on the chart. We will update the web site to make it a little clearer. Thanks Yikes! So shipping isn't included? Pretty expensive coin. I'll pass.
  7. Is there a reason why I can't add the following listing to a bookmark list? The "Bookmark Listing" link doesn't show up in the upper right menu. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...69-76d4ae23fbc6 I've added the rest of the series to my bookmark list. Curious why I'm not able to with this one. Thanks.
  8. Shipping is included in the cost of the coin (for US and Canadian orders)? That's the way the coin page seems to read.
  9. Contact Landsharkz about shipment. There is an event posted for Langley on May 13 ... a coin release for the BC, LMGA, and Kootenay geocoins. So, you can have it in your hands then. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...fb-052e92d8d648
  10. One doesn't need permission to record a Waymark for a location in any park. Parks Ontario is grasping at straws if they think they have any legal foothold on denying or approving the listing of geodetic coordinates.
  11. (Commercial content, deleted by moderator)
  12. You didn't open a can of anything. So no worries. It's a totally legitimate concern to question the price of a Canadian geocoin, especially when similar Canadian geocoins are sold for much less (Quebec - CA$8.00, BC - CA$9.00, the new Ontario coin - CA$7.50). It's also a legitimate concern to wonder why a Canadian geocoin is being sold in US funds to Canadians. Maybe the geocoin producer will pop into the thread to answer the concerns of, apparently, quite a few people.
  13. It is a commercial venture (not that there's anything wrong with that per se). The question of the day is: Why are the unlimited editions of the Quebec geocoin and the limited edition of the BC Geocoin priced CA$2-3 dollars less than this coin? Your credit card would be charged to Imaginet (the geocoin creator's web company). (That info is mentioned on the geocoins.ca website itself, so mentioning it here isn't any sort of secret, in the event a moderator thinks I'm divulging private info.)
  14. Use the link above ... pre-ordering is done through the website for all their designs, including the very nice BC Geocoin.
  15. Don't let this coin stop you. There's no such thing as an Official Canadian Geocoin. Considering you have more reasonable prices (CA$2.00 less per coin) and shipping (CA$1.00 less) on your coins and far better designs, in a few months you should do a Canadian geocoin. No doubt it would be very popular.
  16. The real answer is that if you find someone that wants to make a trade for it, then it is a trade item. Trade items are determined by interest. A great looking non-trackable coin will usually have more interest for collectors than a piece-of-crap looking trackable coin.
  17. I didn't make a judgement on where the money was going. I just answered the question asked. You're seeing a "crime" where there isn't one. And the US$9.50 price is a little different, I think. Usually, from what I've seen, that price mark represents a very limited edition coin (usually 200 or less minted). In this case, the coin is an unlimited run.
  18. This is one of the better looking coins I've seen in awhile. The BC Geocoin can be ordered at the following web address: http://www.landsharkz.ca/coins/coins.php The Landsharkz are really quite good at the design of geocoins. So while you're checking out the BC Geocoin (trackable at geocaching.com), check out some of their other designs as well. Heck, maybe think about hiring them to design your next "trackable at geocaching.com" geocoin.
  19. It's an unlimited mint and will continue to be pressed and sold as long as there are buyers.
  20. They've got a couple of designs. All very cool looking. And reasonably priced.
  21. Not a limited mint. And the money goes into Mr. Gigabyte's pocket. The price is outrageous. And he's even making Canadians pay in US dollars. Madness. And the shipping rate is ridiculous. I sell via eBay regularly, and sending 1 to 3 coins does not cost $3.95 shipping (even including the materials).
  22. Unbridled profiteering, of course. CA$11 for a single coin (and that's not even including the overpriced shipping) is ridiculous.
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