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I'm just curious about what "series caches" there are around other areas... an "Off Your Rocker" cache just popped up in my area, and that looks like a cool series! I'm working on creating an "Old Railbeds" series, and I was wondering what other series people have done... it's kinda cool to see what's hot in other parts of the country/world :lol:


Happy Caching



PS- If this has been discussed before and I missed it in the quick search I did, feel free to markwell me and I'll lock the thread :D

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Hail to the Chief the caches of this series that I have done all require an email with the name of the correct president.


Around this cache are clues relating to one of the presidents.

It may be a nearby business or sign, the cache container, maybe even something on the log. The letter at the end of the cache name has no importance.

To get credit for this cache you need to E-mail the name of the president and which number he was.


So in addition to finding the cache, a bit of detective work in the cache vicinity and perhaps some research is required. A real fun series.

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There is a movement of sorts in the State of Indiana ... its called the ISQ Series .. or if you prefer :


The Indiana Spirit Quest !


The Indiana Spirit Quest series of geocaches will take you to a number of historic cemeteries built by Hoosier Pioneers. In just over a year, the quest has grown to over a hundred ninety caches hidden in twenty-one Indiana counties, and the hiders have grown to seven cacher teams, six of which are comprised of A Man and His Dog... and one who is a Dog and her Woman. 320 cacher teams have logged over 3,200 finds.


"Indiana Spirit Quest" is brought to you by the following fellows of GEOISQ*: The SixDogTeam, Kodiak Kid, THE SHADOW, Team Shydog, Rupert2, Torry, ~Mystery Dog~, and Team Tigger International. If you are interested in spreading the Quest to your neck of the woods AND WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US, email SixDogTeam.


*Grand Exalted Order of the Indiana Spirit Quest


We have also overflowed a tiny bit into the State of Ohio .. those are called ISQ- Ohio Connection .... :ph34r:


To view or find out more about this "series" just do a search for Indiana Spirit Quest....



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There are a few I can think of here in Wisconsin:

* Wonderful Wisconsin Waterfalls (MANY nice waterfalls in Northeast WI)


* Monopolize Your Time (each cache has name of property in game Monopoly)


* [insert forgotten name here] Series of caches with different army ranks (Lieutenant, General, etc. etc.)


* State of Mind (each cache with a different state name)


* US Submarines (each has a name of a submarine built in a Wisconsin shipyard)


* Leopold Legacy (based on the teachings of naturalist, Aldo Leopold)


* Mother Goose (was a mother cache with other micro-caches in it. You were to take a micro, place it, and name it as a child of Mother Goose's. Ended up with several in the area)


And there are probably many others I've either forgotten, or don't know about yet.

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I have The Hiker Series in NJ's Ramapo Mtns. Its consists of 8 caches spread over a 9+ mile loop hike.


When I placed it I didn't expect many people to complete the entire series in one shot, but I was pleasantly surprised that most people have.


Another, similar series of mine is a shorter, 7 cache, 6 mile hike over some pretty rugged, rattlesnake infested (apparently) terrain. It seems that less than half the finders actually complete this series in its entirety. I guess its because I don't call it a "series" in the cache names. Maybe I'll change the names and see if that causes more people to do them all in one shot.


There is also The Africa Loop series in NY's Harriman State Park, which is an excellent 5 mile, 6 cache hike.

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A cacher named Shaconage has a series called He's Alive! in the Sevier County area near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. They're mostly small, even tiny mountain community churches. I've only done a few so far, but I've really enjoyed getting out on the backroads and seeing the sights. He also has a series called Restin' With..., which are near small rural cemeteries in the area...some long forgotten. If you're visiting the Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge area, these are both really fun series to work on.

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Here in the Triad of NC (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, & High Point), the FeatheredFriends did a great series called the Rainbow Dragon's Treasure.


It has a prerequisite letterbox with series info, 3 main tough multis and a "final reward" cache. Each of three main caches has a distinct flavor requiring different kinds of caching skills, and each contains clues to a final cache in addition to the swag, etc. It's obvious a lot of hard work went into the whole series and it's great fun!

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We have a cacher who has a series at some of the most beautiful waterfalls that are often right by the road. The sights are amazine after you walk around the tree line. The series is called Fallin' For Virginia and was placed by Konnarock Kid & Marge. I am starting a series around some of my fave fishing spots around a lake I live at. Since caching now takes up my fishing time, I don't mind to give up my secret fish'n holes. hahahaha We also have a cacher who has a spin off at Bob Evans restaurants that he calls The Farm. I placed one in my area and called it Another Farm. Hey, Cracker Barrell ain't the only contry cook'n place we can have caches is it?

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I just noticed the relatively new Historic MA RR Station Series. Right in our neck of the woods, uber! Closest one is in Lowell MA, and there's another in Littleton.


And of course there's the Middlesex Canal Cache series which consists of 11 caches running from Medford to Lowell, MA.

Hey!! how do you know where I live?? STALKER!!!! :angry::mad:<_<


... oh wait... you must've read my profile (or any of my numerous posts about where I live!)


Happy caching


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In the East SF Bay area Geowomyn_SF_CA has 4 great series . They are 5-8 caches long. You can log each as a separate cache and need to find the whole series to find the finale


Ardenwood Scrabble- Have to go around an old time farm in a local park and write down the scrabble tiles you find.


Indian Mini Montage- Have to hike in a beautiful Bayside open space find puzzle pieces.


Inca Gold- find "artifacts" in caches that involve at least a 600-1000 ft gain in elevation.


Nefertiti's Pyramid- Nice hike in a local open space where you find the location and instructions to construct an "ancient navigation device" in order to find the finale.


She is an artist and all the caches contain nice work of her's and are very enjoyable.

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In northeast Iowa, my brother and I set up a series of 8 caches along a 60 mile stretch of the Great River Road called the “Great River Road Passage” (GRRP).


The Great River Road consists of a scenic chain of highways following the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico to nearly Canada. If you think Iowa is flat, driving this section of winding highway will definitely change your mind. A cache has been placed approximately every 10 miles along the way at a particularly scenic or interesting location.


This series is unique in that if a cacher chooses to complete the entire series, they can calculate the location of the eighth “bonus” cache (also hidden along the route) using information obtained from the first 7 containers found. Logging this final “bonus” cache marks the successful completion of the entire series.



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I have The Hiker Series in NJ's Ramapo Mtns. Its consists of 8 caches spread over a 9+ mile loop hike.


When I placed it I didn't expect many people to complete the entire series in one shot, but I was pleasantly surprised that most people have.


Another, similar series of mine is a shorter, 7 cache, 6 mile hike over some pretty rugged, rattlesnake infested (apparently) terrain. It seems that less than half the finders actually complete this series in its entirety. I guess its because I don't call it a "series" in the cache names. Maybe I'll change the names and see if that causes more people to do them all in one shot.


There is also The Africa Loop series in NY's Harriman State Park, which is an excellent 5 mile, 6 cache hike.

I'll take these kinds of series any day. You can keep the Cracker Barrel series.

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A cacher here in Germany is doing a series following the Major Arcana. These are theme caches. Today my wife and I found this Arkanum XI - Lust.


I had already found 3 of his others, but it still didn't dawn on me what the "Theme" of this one would be until we found it!!! I wish I could have taken a picture of my wife's face when she opened it. :lol: .


We took some pictures of the Cache, but this is a family site, so I won't post them. :D . Very fun and interesting Cache to say the least.



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Heh... it seems like there's a series of puzzles popping up in my area...

ThePetersPack started it with "Twenty-Nine"

I followed that with "Very Puzzling, Indeed"

Now, Scout353 has informed me that he's hidden and awaiting approval of "Revenge is Sweet"


I know neither Twenty-Nine nor Very Puzzling, Indeed are terribly difficult, but Scott (scout353) hasn't figured either out yet... I don't know how hard his new cache is... we shall see - I hope it takes me a bit :D


Keep those series coming!


Happy caching


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The only thing I can think of in our area that could be considered a series is the so-called "Grandma" caches, one of which is here. They are not really related in any way, except they were all hidden contemporaneously by the same guy, and they are all designed to be pretty much drive-ups--so that grandma can go with you.


They are all actually pretty good hides which show interesting places. My only complaint is that the guy uses a lot of Gladware.

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I'm aware of a few series near where we've cached in the past and where we're going on our next trip:


Free Parking -- a series of 4 micro caches hidden in parks around Beaufort, SC. Clues in each of them lead to a fifth park with a larger-sized cache in it.


Survivor: Hunting Island -- a series of 5 caches of varying difficulty hidden in Hunting Island State Park.


Peek-a-boo! -- a series of urban micros throughout the Greenville, SC area.


I believe there are a few series "across the river" from where we live (near Downtown Columbia), but I haven't cached over there just yet (or even looked up details on any Columbia caches, really), so I'm not sure.

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I've figured out both Puzzling Indeed and 29 thank you very much! I got stopped by the cops at yours and at 29, well I havn't gotten to grabbing. I got the real cords by the way!


Londonderry, Home of the Puzzle Cachers!


Anyway the APE caches series was very popular for a while. Also CITO Your Summer by Scout353(Me) is another series in my area.


Hope your summer is filled with caches,



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I have two that are close to my home.

One in Eau Claire, Wisconsin Constitution Cache (ScatterBrains 2) which has a cache for every president


and another series where the name says it all, GEOCACHERS ANONYMOUS a 12 step program, located southeast of the twin cities by Zoejam72. i have found that his micros are extremely challenging and even when I find that I am looking in the right area, I miss the cache.


Both of these are on my to do list when I go by them but for me they are not ones that I will complete at a single sitting.

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here in the reno/carson city/lake tahoe area of northern nevada we have 2 or 3 serial caches.


i own one of the series which is dedicated to my comedic heroes the firesign theatre.


however, the caches in this series are disapearing as fast as i can replace them.


so, they are all being archived as they go missing.


eventually, the mystery cache will have its coord's listed on the cache page.


i think it will remain safe as a 4-wheel drive vehicle is required to reach the cache site. i suspect the cache burgler is just a street person.


up to now, you had to find the 16 hint caches in order find the final cache.


monty wolf

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I just finished the DON'T PANIC series for cachers in the central Wyoming area. We have a geo-meet here this weekend and I pushed to get it all set up in time for the event so that the folks from further away would have a shot at the little Brain Exercise that is the final cache in the series. It was a lot of fun to set up a group of caches tied together by a common theme - though I'm not sure how long it will be before I do the next series.

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Well, here in NE Texas they have the ALOFT series. It's named after ALOFT23 or something like that. He's a hardcore cacher near Mt Pleasant, TX. His friends set up caches named after him in 4 different directions right at the 50 mile mark from his home location. Supposedly the story goes he has his computer set to look up new caches every 5 minutes and his goal is to find every cache within 50 miles of his location. I've found a few of those but that is an extreme goal 'specially if they are setting them up in the N, E, W, South directions right at 50 miles.



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Monopoly series


I understand Greenback based this Chicago area series on one in Omaha. Basically there is a Monopoly boardspace associated with each cache that you can figure out at the cache location. Signs or names of businesses. The Monopoly items are clues for some puzzle bonus caches in the series. I've only done a few. What I like is that the caches are easy finds, but the Monopoly theme isn't always easy to figure out. The caches are spread out, so it'll take me a long time to find them all. But I think a team did get them all in one day.

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We tried a couple of the Chief's Special caches when we visited NOLA last summer and pretty much struck out all around. I wonder, however, with a lot more experience under our belt and 21 hides of our own if we would fare better trying them again.

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Decachelon series are popular here, of which there are three. Basically, they are 10 traditional caches, each with clue. The 10 clues, once decoded, lead to a final cache.


There were two cool postcard caches in the area (one North Vancouver, the other Ladner.) No coords. Just photos (postcards) of a tourist spot with an arrow (or red dot) pointing to the micro cache location. Knowledge of the area (or a means to get that knowledge) was a must. The micro caches all had clues leading to a final cache location with goodies.


I have an unconnected series of mountain top caches. Only three so far, but by the end of the summer, I hope to have three more.


There's also the very cool Sasquatch Stomp series in Sasquatch Provincial Park.


There are of course a number of parking lot cache series.

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I have placed a couple of serieses in my area called "ChemCaches" - they are a series based on the elements in a specific group or family of elements on the periodic table, with a final cache that you have to collect codes to find the final. People seem to have enjoyed them so far.


I also put a series in Allegany State Park in NY state, called "Things I do while camping..." - 4 caches with codes to find the 5th, and each one, the finder is asked to write a log entry related to something they do while camping. Each individual cache has a theme related to the area of the park it is in. I have received a lot of positive compliments on these ones.

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