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  1. Well, what are you waiting for? Happy Caching! -Jeff
  2. It's not just a sport, it's a RASH! (RASH = Recreation/Addiction/Sport/Hobby) Happy Caching! Jeff
  3. 1984 anyone? Seriously, though... How many people would even look twice if, rather than lights, wires, and batteries (god forbid!), the people who placed the "things" (for lack of a better word...) used bumper stickers, instead? Honestly, I think that movies that portray bombs as having wires sticking out, flashing lights, etc should be banned more than anything else... It doesn't take an idiot to figure out that bomb creators would at least make some attempt to make their explosives blend in with the environment, not stick out like a sore thumb (or finger ) There's a line between "vigilant" and "over-reacting." It scares me when people that have no clue what the **** they're talking about get put in charge of things... Honestly, I think I'm more scared of how much Boston overreacted than of the possibility of the litebrites actually being a terrorist device. Just my $0.02 Happy Caching! Jeff
  4. Could we please limit the trolls to the forums? I can ignore them on the forums (unless I'm having too much fun laughing at them ), but if they jump out of a cache, it might be a tad more difficult to ignore 'em... On second thought, since most caches are water- (and air-) tight, they probably wouldn't last too long cooped up in a cache... But then they might evolve to be even more difficult to get rid of Ah, nothing like a good laugh! Oh, and Team Rat Pack- please don't go! We're a friendly bunch, and we don't bite (too hard ) Don't take Brian's attempt at humor personally... (I think) he's trying to keep it fun, keep it light, and throw in a nice laugh every now and then! Happy Caching! Jeff
  5. Double? I'm thinking it's more like "Triple" Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming... Happy Caching! Jeff
  6. Can we please let this thread die yet? I think we can all agree that it has run it's course by now... Happy Caching! Jeff
  7. Temporary (30-day) bannination of anyone that tries to create a new guideline! Happy Caching! Jeff edit: get the darn smileys to work!
  8. GPSfun. He 'git's it done'. As I am limited to the reviewer who does my area, I guess I'm stuck - they're all good people. I'll throw another vote in for GPSfun! (though I'm sure that whoever gets the staff will definitely deserve it!) Happy Caching! Jeff
  9. Pssst... duplicate! Happy Caching! Jeff edit: forgot to close second url tag second edit: There's this one, too!
  10. Well, I've got the second part covered, but I really am starting to hate the "18 and over" rule for contests. mad.gif OK, since I didn't get any real response before, I'll try it again... Why must one be over 18 and in posession of a valid driver's license in order to hide a matchbox jeep in a tupperware box in the woods? I don't get it... I've got 9 months to go until I meet the 18+ age requirement, but I'm still confused as to why one needs to be 18+ with a driver's license to help with the TB distribution... Happy Caching! Jeff
  11. OK, I've gotta ask... Am I just reading the Jeep TB Request form wrong, or does it say that you need to be 18+ with a valid driver's license to receive a TB for distribution?? I don't need no stinkin' license to go find a cache to put a TB in! Happy Caching! Jeff edit: forgot a word (wrong)
  12. I hid my first cache after 10 finds. I spent more than a month planning it and setting it up (it's a 5 leg multi, 11 miles point-to-point as the crow flies, probably closer to 20 or 25 miles as my bike goes!) That cache is still active, and still recieves many commendations! Just because I'm the way I am: I hid my first multi after finding 2 multis (10 caches total) I hid my first traditional cache after 15 traditional hides (20 total) I hid my first micro after finding 2 micros (21 total) (that micro has since been upgraded to a "small") I held my first event after attending 0 events (21 total) I hid my first puzzle cache after finding 2 puzzles (25 total) As of this posting, I've found 54 caches and hidden 10. Three of the ten are archived- two were events, the nearby landowner didn't like the amount of extra traffic the third archived cache was generating and asked if it could be removed. Go ahead, tell me I'm detrimental to the game because I've hidden caches before I found 100+. I can say with fair certainty that anyone who has found any of my caches will be happy to disagree with you. Happy Caching! Jeff edit: clarification
  13. Nearest unfound is 3.1 miles away, but it's a multi that I started a while back and haven't had the time to get that way to find the final yet... The next one on my list is 3.8 mi. Happy Caching! Jeff
  14. Based on my (primitive at best) knowledge of cell phone "GPS" systems, they're not actually GPSs, they just communicate with the cell towers in the area and figure out how far they are from each in order to determine a location... Then again, some of the newer models may actually have real GPSs integrated... To answer the question: No, I've not heard of anyone caching by cell phone. I'd think it'd lack in the accuracy department, though, since they're not generally intended for accurate positioning so much as general location eh, this was something of a useless post... I guess I don't deserve a full post point :D Happy Caching! Jeff
  15. So if I go back to europe for a couple of weeks and visit France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy, I have to learn five new languages? If I don't do that, I'm not allowed to go? Wow. They've really tightened up the rules since I was there a few years ago. I was rather blunt in my original post... I'll try to be a bit clearer now What I was trying to say, essentially, is this: If you're going to another country, you can at least attempt to speak their language- you're the one that's visiting, so you can be the one to adjust your lifestyle to fit the local culture... I'm not saying you need to know each and every little nuance of the language, but at least enough to get by on your own without needing a translator. That's pretty much what I was trying to say, though I'd add a few things to the list of "basics" (like "how do I get to AAAAA", etc) It just bugs me when people come to the US and expect *us* to speak *their* language... Last I checked, Spanish was not one of the USA's primary languages... why do we always need to choose "Spanish or English?" Happy Caching! Jeff
  16. I'll add that I've got a couple hundred gmail invites... I've got 3 gmail accounts- 1 for geocaching, 1 for Boy scouts, and one for personal use... Let me know if you need an invite (or a hundred!) Happy Caching! Jeff
  17. As far as the physical log: I'll generally write more than just TFTC, but sometimes, depending on log space, bugs, and time, that's all I've been able to get in... I usually try to elaborate in the online logs, though I'm not a big writer... I'll put in the details that could be of interest, and leave it at that! The only time I'll copy and paste a log is for mass coin logging (after an event, or meeting someone on the trail that owns a bunch)- generally something simple, like "Thanks for letting me see this coin, Happy caching! Jeff" If there was something in particular that I liked about the coin, I'll throw that in too! Happy Caching! Jeff
  18. Here's my take on international caching: If you are visiting another country, you can speak their language (or, in this case, read it! ) (Unlike many areas of the US.... No more OT comments.... ) Happy Caching Jeff
  19. Gas prices have been rising? Hmm - did we find someone who bicycles or walks everywhere? Or maybe rides the bus? haha huh? what? Are you talking about me again? I do enjoy pulling up to the pump and exclaiming (loudly) "Where do I put this thing?!?" I only occasionally get weird looks- most people are too busy yapping on their cell phones! Happy Caching Jeff
  20. I do the same... in the past, I've taken out damp (though unopened) teabags, small pocketknives, etc... I'll post a note saying what I traded (something along the lines of took small knife, left deck of cards(although I generally try to trade better things than cards, that's just what's coming to mind first...)) and then follow up with a statement along the lines of "please do not leave -item- in any caches in the future." If I can figure out who left it in the first place, I'll send them a friendly email asking them to not leave food, knives, lighters, etc. in caches in the future Happy Caching! Jeff
  21. another one that can probably help you learn: http://www.cut-the-knot.org/do_you_know/Ba...eEncoding.shtml a handy (free!) barcode maker: http://www.tec-it.com/asp/main/startfr.asp...ground.asp&LN=1 Happy Caching! Jeff
  22. the forums are not addicting, and i can quit any time i want. really, i can. I've done it 3 times already -Jeff
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