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  1. I'm selling a Garmin GPSMAP 60c is VERY good condition. The only reason I'm selling it is I've decided to get a GPS/Personal Trainer instead. Its great for geocaching and have never had a problem with getting a signal. Connects fast and works like new. I LOVE this GPSr, I picked it over the 60cs due to battery life- 30hrs worth! Asking: $300 or B/O. You can e-mail me at hugslyscot@yahoo.com. Thanks, Scout353
  2. Only difference between the two is the 60c has twice the battery life and the CS has a better internal compass. Wrong! Garmin website says 60C = 30 hour battery life and 60CS = 20 hour battery life. 20 is not half of 30. I've owned several of both and I would agree with Garmin's estimates. 60CS has an electronic compass and a barometric altimeter that the 60C does not have. I don't want to lead potenial buyers astray, so I have a 60cs manual here and a 60c box. The C says 30 hours, the CS says 12 hours....
  3. Only difference between the two is the 60c has twice the battery life and the CS has a better internal compass.
  4. I'm 14 years old and I cache under my own id. No else in my family caches though....
  5. I'm 14 years old and I cache under my own id. No else in my family caches though.... My dog caches with me and my dad occasionally drives, but I mostly use my bike.
  6. A not so nice article about us... Yahoo Article
  7. I've been getting mine, no problem! I get 2 on Wednesday, and 1 on Friday and Sunday.
  8. Thats cool. Now of course going geocaching would have been a better use of your time, just using maps and compass. What is the book called? Whats it about?
  9. As far as for communications with radios is concerned, Ham Radio is the way to go. You can go to a hamfest, get a cheap 5w 2m handheld and be all set. I at one time used FRS/GMRS for communications and still do occaionally, but usually use my ham radio. Just my though. KB1LCV
  10. You can't download it online? If not, then GSAK doesn't the same as your software I believe.
  11. The Magellen users ()know that their gps is no good, so they can't be vocal! Mac users are just a bunch of Linux/Unix posers, Windows users know they're OS is crap so don't talk about it. Garmin users have to be vocal about their choice so we don't let noobs go get a crappy unit! I think that proves I've got a Garmin GPSMAP 60c in my arsenal.
  12. Ya, the government paid Kiler Instinct to show this so we WOULDN"T think it worked. Crazy cover-up ! It's also a way to get the first to find... Not recommended though, you can't really log a cache while sitting in prision.
  13. I watched that too last night! Never saw it before but when I saw a geocaching like practice going on, I had to watch. It's not nearly as well done as some other similar shows, on NBC and ABC and CBS. This "sick leathal game" was that he was a skitophrenic(Ya I can't spell) who is making sacrifices to stop another earthquake from happening. He does it on all of these quakes 4.0+. He was fine until his brother died two months before at "Dark Hill" an earthquake that killed 63 people. He would kill the people with a long knife and bring them to the epicenter by gunpoint.
  14. Hmmm. Well it must be a cache I found that is submerged and is in a 35mm Film canister. That spells WET. That give a bad name to Ham Radio operators! The page makes no sense and it's a mystery cache, but why? I must say that wins the prize. EDIT: Prematurely hit submit.
  15. I'd be game for a Boston Tournament. Sounds fun.
  16. My list: -Studded MTB Tires to go caching with $30 -A backpack for my geomutt $30 -Ammo Boxes $5+Shipping -TBs and Geocoins(of course!) $3.25? Being able to be looked at really weird while fumbling through the snow looking for a container filled with swag=Priceless
  17. Actually just put in N XX XX.XXX W XXX XX.XXX and you'll be fine. That how it works on my palm. Hope that helps.
  18. I have a 60c myself and the geocaching mode, one you figure it out, is a great addition to the GPS. I highly second that you become a Premium member as then you don't need to download all the .loc files by hand, the GPX files from pocket queries are considerably faster and I believe have more info than a .loc file.
  19. You can't just remove the information?
  20. I've got a Garmin GPS MAP 60c in my arsenal. I picked it as it has a large flash drive on it for downloading maps. I also liked the geocaching mode included with the package. I would have gone with the 60cs but when I had to choice between a barometer and compass or 10 hours more of battery life, the battery life won! I always have a great signal on it, in all types of weather/cover. I havn't had any complaints about it.
  21. As awesome as that sounds, it *might* work some of the time, while doing city micros or what not if you were in wifi spot or had PDA wireless service. But when doing a real cache out in the woods, away from the city you would get no wireless from anything. You could put a sattelite card into your laptop and load cords like that but then thats not in the field or even logical for weight or the fact you could drop it. (Who would carry a laptop into the field anyway?) Scout353
  22. While finding Uber_bike_geek i got the cops called on me for trespassing! Not very fun. Also I had a cop pull up behind me when I parked because he saw my gps and thought it looked suspicious.
  23. False Alarm folks Nevermind. I still think my point is right, but the sitution is not correct. Nevermind Scott
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