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  1. I got a notification out of the blue too.. lol... I may have to check this out. ^
  2. I *am* a neighbor. Chico..neighbor... bleh... Thats an over an hour away! Where exactly did you find it in Roseville?
  3. Where do I find the NGSGPX program??
  4. Holy crap, this is awesome. I'm going to have to try this out.
  5. What kind of instruments did they use. I read an "occupied" log from the 50s. Something about hanging a light or something? I can't remember exaclty, or what BM it was, but how were BMs in say, the mountains of the Sierra located, placed, and occupied in the 40's and 50s?
  6. Threads like this are why I am subscribed to this forum for all new posts. GREAT STORY AND PICS!!! I wish I had a BM in my backyard!
  7. This is a joke, no? I have hundreds of unfound unrecorded (according to the USCGS) BMs in my GPS.
  8. I was under the impression that the witness post recorded the place of an acutal human witness who observed the setting of the mark.
  9. Define a witness post and what is it for?
  10. Why aren't Pocket Queries available for Benchmarks? That would be f'n cool. I've been hoping for that for years.
  11. Now for my next trick. Seperating different databases into different GPXs for conversion to POIs is great. Using different Icons for singles, multis, and benchmarks. So can anyone tell me how I could seperate the child waypoints with GSAK so I can use difereent custom icons for those as well? Is there even a way?
  12. This thread is so useful it has to be bumped. Thanks, these tricks are awesome.
  13. Is there a tutorial or something about this POI stuff? I loaded some up using the POI loader, but can't see them on my mapscreen.
  14. How do I do this POI stuff? Do I need an external POI program or is it incorporated in Mapsource somewhere?
  15. I recently upgraded from a broken Merigold to a Garmin 60Cx. I'm used to having an SD card where I can load sets of waypoints into memory, therefore allowing me access to virtually as many thousands of waypoints as I had space to store. Now witht he Garmin, I can't see that there is a way to store more than 1000 waypoints at any given time, no matter what capacity the SD card is. Am I wrong? Is there no way to store more than a thousand waypoints, geocaches, benchmarks, etc in a Garmin SD card without having to reload them from a computer everytime you wanted a different set of 1000?
  16. I've been using my Magellan Meridian Gold for about 3 years now, and it has crapped out on me. I've decided it's time for a new GPS, and I have my sights set on two models by Garmin. The Regular GPSMAP60, and the 60Cx. I am on a budget, and although neight is within my budget, I need a new GPS. The pros on the more dluxe 60Cx are a color screen, ability to accept SD cards, and according to the Garmin website, a more sensitive satellite receiver. The pros for the more basic model is cheaper, monochrome screen (I don't really need color), increased battery life. I performed a search already and could not find enough to satisfy my concerns. Here's my questions: The GPSMAP60 has only 24 megabytes of internal memory for external MapSource maps. Would this be enough to load a large portion of Northern California from Mapsource Topo? I'm concerned that 24mb will be a rather small area of Mapsource Topo data. How hard is it to see the color display of the GPSMAP60Cx? Monochrome is much better on the eyes and batteries, in my experience. What is the difference in sensitivity in the newer 'highly sensitive' reciever elements in the 60Cx as opposed to the regular GPSMAP60? I use it in woods sometimes, and i've never had a problem getting reception from my Magellan. Is the GPSMAP60 less sensitive than the Magellan? Thanks for any help. I need some advice.
  17. Is there no option to download pocket queries. I hate to try and print every benchmark's page just for the description and to upload to my palm... any help?
  18. I posted the same geocache in two topics within 5 minutes. Weird. This one I found a few months back. It is a dead rat. Well. A mock one. But you won't think so when you see it. Williard II
  19. I've done a cache that was a plastic skull. Then I did one that was a fake dead rat. Quite realistic... Williard II
  20. Likely. I want to start a thread on political affiliation of geocachers, but fear my annual membership fee will be lost when I get banned for such.
  21. dolt a stupid person; a blockhead or dullard from http://wiktionary.org
  22. Did you try here: http://www.pc-mobile.net/
  23. Someone grabbed my geocoin months ago, and although they logged it, they never placed it back in the cache. I mean.. if they were going to keep it, then they should not have logged that they would "place it in a cache soon". It really pisses me off. In fact, so much that I haven't placed any of my other coins. I will give up one of them sometime, as an FTF prize when I get around to placing one. Anyways. Sorry for my rant, but this looked like a good place for it.
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