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Same Question, Different Form

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This question has been asked (and asked) but never (okay so never that I remember) in this form. How many miles away from your home coords do you need to go to get 100 caches? Including your own, but not archived. And, if you remember or can guesstimate, how many were in the same radius a year or two ago (or three if you can go back that far). From my home coords it's 12.4 miles to 100 caches. 2 years ago in that same radius there were 3. Three years ago there were none. One year ago is more of a pain than I care to work out <_< 19 of those are mine.

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I've not found 2 of the 100 nearest me. One of those was the closest to my house when we started caching. I didn't much want to go into the motorcycle pit area then, and I still don't. It will remain unfound - but it's no longer the closest to my house. The other just showed up about 45 minutes ago. If it weren't pouring rain, I'd be hunting it instead of hanging out here. <_<

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well let me answer you this way -


my PQ is set for 10 miles and 300 caches and I don't get them all.


There are more than 300 caches in 10 miles from me.


that is a lot of caches and they are growing in number regularly -


I have over 400 in GSAK and I have found a few outside the 10 circle, 252 unfound.

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It must be all big city folk here. I have to go 141.9 miles and I included virtuals and locationless. South Dakota is a bit sparse. If I pretend I am at my old home town in Montana, I would have to go 33 miles to get to the first cache, but about 110 to get 100 because it is closer to the cache laden Black Hills. <_<

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I hit 100 caches at 10.8 miles. I've found 62 of them, and I own 12 of them.


For the historical analysis, it is easier to answer by ignoring archived caches, so these numbers reflect caches in that 10.8 mile circle that remain unarchived as of today:


March 3, 2001: 0 caches

March 3, 2002: 7 caches

March 3, 2003: 20 caches

March 3, 2004: 62 caches

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I have 5.4 miles for 100, 12.4 miles for 500, and 22.7 miles for 1000. I have done my best to screen out unavailable and archived caches. If you include archived caches those distance numbers come way down.


One year ago it was 7.9 miles for 100, 20.9 miles for 500, and 34.6 for 1000. I do not know haw many of those were archived at that time.

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Okay, in Las Vegas, from my previous home, there are 100 caches within 9.1 miles. I decided to filter out temp. disabled caches as well, due to the fact that for some reason a lot of caches in Vegas disappear, get disabled, and stay that way for months, even over a year, and never get replaced or archived.

Anyways, 9.1 miles in Vegas, and I rmember when I started in June of 2002 there were only 150 within a 100 miles.

Now, from my new house in Plano, Texas, the 100 cache radius is 4.4 miles. As far as historical data, see Mr. Benchmarks post above as reference, as he is in the same general area as me and knows the history here.



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10.1 miles for 100 caches.

34 of those 100 are new within the past year (including all 3 of ours).


We've found 58 of them (I would have guessed that it was more than that). I was looking at the unfound ones, trying to decide the reasons we haven't gone after them.


Some are puzzles that so far we have been too dim to figure out; some we've actually driven to but found the parking to be either too dangerous or too much feeling like we're right in somebody's yard, so we just left without getting out of the car; some have other characteristics that don't interest us: parking lot micro (just one, luckily!), or reports of ferocious dogs chasing cachers away, etc. Others we're saving for a certain time of year. And some, we just have no excuse for not doing: they've been on the list of ones we should find for a long time, and yet whenver we go out, other ones just seem more appealing. Now I feel kinda bad for those caches.

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Current: 35.1 miles

1 year ago: 46.7 miles

2 years ago 92.1 miles


I used GSAK with current/active caches, so not entirely accurate for prior years, but gives the order of magnitude anyway. I live about 20 miles from the Atlantic coast so that skews it too. One of these is a cache that I have adopted and heck I've only found 19 so far so I better get busy... gotta go!

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12 miles out for 100 caches of all types/status.

21.3 miles if I filter out logged finds and caches I own or helped hide.

23 miles or so if I factor in found but not logged online.


I'm in one of those weird locations where this isn't really an accurate depiction of my caching area though, since these ranges are including cache-dense Long Island. They may only be 20 crow-miles away, but to actually get there from here requires a $100+ ferry ride (car and 2 adults, round trip) or several hours of driving.

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22.3 miles for the closest 100 total non-archived. All of which have been found by us or we own.


81.7 miles for the closest 100 caches that we have yet to find.


Nearest unfound 32.3 miles that just popped up last week. Next nearest 51.2 miles.


Can't remember what it was like last year.

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Really, I feel for those of you with no close caches.

Before I moved to Nashville, the answer to that question would have been: 27.6 miles :and the closest two are mine. (now, this does include Lake Erie, but I don't think that makes much of a difference; the 20th cache is 6.9 miles away) That distance still doesn't hit any large city. Erie, PA is about ten miles further, Cleveland, OH is about 20 miles further.


Now that I've moved, however, the answer is: 5.5 miles :which includes about 15 of my own caches.


(Of course, the sad thing is that there are so many caches near my house, and filtering out finds and owned, the number has only jumped to: 7.2 miles - which includes a lake and a river)

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