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  1. Wish we could make it this year, Spring Mill is a great park. But unfortunately (fortunately for us) we will be in Alaska for the first 2 weeks of September. At least we get to add another state to our list. Thanks for all the Adventurers
  2. A suggestion to relieve the load on the PQ generator: On comment was that cachers often set up recurring PQs and never use them either because they stop caching or for whatever other reason. I suggest that possibly annually a user needs to renew the PQ -- with a policy like that in place unused PQs would be dropped from processing within a year, or 6 months if you make it a semi-anual renewal policy. By the way a reminder email could be sent out a week or 2 before the PQ expires so that users would not lose any "critical (to them)" data.
  3. No we usually cache alone, or sometimes with the Happy Hikers, but last summer we were on our own. I might contact Shydog and see if he has any PQs from that period that might have our logs in them.
  4. The gap between May 10 and Nov 27 is what I have been talking about. We discovered the problem while logging the Nov 27th cache. Since that time the weather has been very "white" here in Northern Indiana, and we havent been out caching. I checked for an all finds PQ, but did not have one during that time period, ( I dont usually run that PQ very often ) The caching I did during that time period was all done in the LP of Michigan. We camped in the Gaylord area for a week, and then in August, we camped near Newago and White Cloud in the Manistee National Forest. So the caches we found were in those areas and a few around Alpena. Thanks for the suggestions
  5. I wish it were that simple. I am well familiar with having to "show all logs on one page" The finds do not show up in my profile when I view my "Public Profile" There is a gap from May 10 to November 27 of 2009 . All of my finds during that period are gone from my counts, the cache logs and in my public profile. I know there were logs to the correct profile during that time period, I even remember logging from a McDonalds hotspot after finding a couple of caches in the Gaylord MI area.
  6. I am positive we did not log it under the other profile. No finds were ever logged to that profile, just used to host events. GC1Q4Y8 and GC1BX13 are a couple of ones I remember visiting, and the one checked by the GCC person I emailed was GCPG7Q. I know they were logged to the proper account because I saw our find nnumbers increase. Right now the find count is 1063, at one point this last fall, I think the count was around 1135. I dont have the nubers memorized, but I think that was close.
  7. Last summer we cached quite a few times, and had about 75 finds, and logged them. In December I was looking for a log listing to add a picture, adn could not find it. When I looked further, I discovered that the site did not have any log listings for us frome the middle of May to late December. I know that counts are not supposed to be that important, but I do enjoy looking back at logs of caches we have found, and also of caches that we logged for other reasons. I emailed GCC to ask about it, and the person asked me if I logged them under a different profile, since I have one used strictly to sponsor a couple of Spring Picnic Events in Indiana. When I gave her a specific cache to check, she informed me that no deletions we seen, so she did not see any problem. She might not see a problem, but the logs are still missing. Has anyone else had a problem like this?? I know our logs were there late in August, I wonder if GCC has any backups of that time period to check and see if they can find a problem?? I could go back and reenter some of the logs, but since many were done while traveling on vacation, I probably would not be able to remamber many of them. Thank for all the Adventures
  8. It seems like everything we did this summer is missing from the site. We cached in the Gaylord Michigan area in the 3rd week of June and found and logged several caches. Then later this summer we spent a week near Newaygo, MI and cached along the North Central trail in that area. But when I look up caches in those areas it does not show us as having found any. Is there a trouble with the site, or is our used profile screwed up?? Thanks in advance
  9. The 60CSx is an excellent unit for what the OP asked for, but it has some bells that it sounds like he would not need or want. Since he always has a map and compass, you could easily use a 60Cx and save some cash. The electronic compass and altimeter are nice to have, but must be recalibrated often to be usefull. A good magnetic compass wont need to be recalibrated, and if you have a good topo map the altimeter is another fluff item that has inherent inaccuracies. So the bottom line to me is a good reliable GPSr without the other electronic gadget add-ons is what the OP wants and, The 60Cx really meets his needs. Of course extra batteries will always be needed until we can get a device with a built in solar panel, windmill, and power storage, but of course then we would need an extra packhorse to lug it--- extra batteries are not that heavy! Good luck with your Adventures Gary
  10. If you use GSAK {Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) and are premium members you can use the pocket queries and create meaningful names for the download to your GPS.
  11. How about kayaking about 10-11 miles round trip - does that qualify?
  12. We have attended and also hosted events in Indiana since 2002, and have seen the 'accepted practice" change back and forth. The main events sponsored by the quasi-official organizations are the semi-annual picnics. We tend to have a spring picnic in the northern part of the state, and a fall picnic in the south. At the first couple of picnics we attended the subject never came up, and a single log was made. But later some of the cachers pointed out that some of the temporary caches were a lot harder to find than many of the urban park and grabs that were starting to appear, so the organizers actually encouraged cachers to use multiple logs if they wished. When "pocket caches" started to appear, which seemed to cause a great uproar here in the forums, the practice was discouraged, and in fact "temporary caches" were also pretty much stopped at these picnics. Instead we have tried to have new listed caches placed and listed just before the event to give attendees the opportunity to find new caches in the area of the event. We have also started to have these picnics at locations that have not been used before to increase the "available" caches for those attending the event. So if you look at our list of finds, you will find some events where we do have multiple finds (the original way to log an event) or attends, and you will also see that the other events have only one log for them. I dont consider it cheating, since the numbers can easily be inflated in easier ways by someone more interested in numbers than finds. In fact I would much rather have a couple of multiple finds in me list than some of the urban caches that involve very little effort other than walking up to a lampost with a pencil and lifting a metal base up to find the "hidden cache". The first lampost cache I found was different, and did take some looking, but after a few of these it is not much of a challenge. I will always prefer a walk in the woods to a drive into a parking lot, but that is just my opinion. So after all that I have said----- Indiana has allowed the practice in the past, but at this time it is not accepted practice. I hope I have made it clear as mud
  13. It sounds like your problem is the "6 Character MAX" problem. If the waypoint name is a 7 character name, then the last character is truncated, and would overwrite any other one with the same first 6 characters. To solve this you could rename a waypoint to a shorter name such as dropping the GC then the next download would not overwrite it. Of course you should probably get in the habit of renaming any truncated waypoint, so you dont have any more issues like this. Good Luck
  14. Thanks Trucker Lee, we know we can do that but it's a pain. We just need to know what we're looking for in the specs really. We don't know which Garmins are 6 digits and which are 7 . There is a way to send waypoints from GSAK and "preserve" the original waypoint name is to use the "%drop2" feature in the send waypoints setup. Simply put this command strips the GC from the beginning of the waypiont name ---- GCAB123 becomes AB123 easily fitting in the 6 character limit. But the specs listed on Garmin's website include the wapoint name length, so you can find the info there. Good Luck
  15. A little searching brought up one cache in that park. Pigeon View GC34F7 And there are a couple others very close, The hilss, and Pioneers Good luck
  16. Since you decided to use an Axim, I would highly reccomend a program called GPXView It is not being updated much recently, but it does not need to be. Download the GPX files directly from Geocaching.com and you see the cache pages pretty much as you would on-line (minus most of the graphic overhead). http://www.strandberg.org/gpxview That URL will lead you to the program. There are other programs that you can use, but this one is easy, and does a good job with the basics. I also highly recommend GSAK . Clyde has done a GREAT job, and keeps adding new features (I probably use only 10% of its capabilities). Most often now, I take my laptop with me. and get all the info from GSAK, and take my Axim out only if I go for an extended hike to a cache. Good luck. and just take time to enjoy the Adventures Gary and Mary
  17. Thanks to all that participated in the raffles and 50/50 at the 2007 Spring Picnic at Potato Creek. The money raised by these raffles allowed us to recoup the expenses, and more. Since we raised more money than we needed, as promised, we were able to donate the excess to the park. Tuesday night, Gary and Mary, and Carl from the Happy Hikers, attended the Friends of Potato Creek meeting. At that meeting we presented a check for $300 to the park naturalist. He recently had to replace the GPSr he uses, and we suggested he use these funds in his GIS and GPS related projects. Again thanks to all that bought raffle tickets. Your actions made this donation possible. Thanks for sharing in this Adventure Gary, Mary, Carl, and Sharon
  18. Cool, It looks like an Adventure that we will try to make. We DO know how much work is involved to put on an event like this, and we want to be the first here to thank you for that effort. Thanks for the upcoming Adventure Gary and Mary
  19. I would like to thank the Property Manager, and the Park Naturalist for all the help they gave us for the 2007 Spring Picnic at Potato Creek State Park. The park officials were friendly and helpful during the event, and during all the prep time for it. Unfortunately we had several cachers that did not respect the park rules, and parked either on the grass, or along the park road. Hopefully the gentle nudge given by park rangers reminded those cachers to follow the park rules, and have common courtesy to park in designated areas. I was told that there was an over-zealous ranger that was telling people seeking caches around the park perimeter, that they should not be there. But, I understand his concerns. Those roads are busy with park visitors, and in the past some people have tried to access the park without going through the main gate. I am sure the ranger was concerned for their safety, and overwhelmed when he saw several cars parked at gates that are designated for authorized vehicles only. I am sure that none of the cachers were trying to sneak in, but he was trying to do his job. The DNR and State Parks have been very cacher friendly recently. (last fall's Fall Into Caching and the Ranger Raccoon and the Indiana DNR Geocoins are a couple of good examples) Lets all use these great resources and help support them too. I also would like to thank all those that attended the event, and remind them of the fun and great time they had at the park. Without the Attendees, there would be no event, no matter how much planning and preparation is done in advance. Thanks for sharing in this Adventure Gary and Mary
  20. In my area, Northern Indiana, Google wins hands down. But in other areas Live seems better. I guess it is all in the luck of the draw for what area you are looking at.
  21. True. In fact, the latest version of the guidelines states: "Caches placed in connection with an event must be placed with the intention of leaving them in place after the event, temporary caches are not accepted." The relevant part of that last statement is "the latest version of the guidlines". Event hosts now should follow those guidlines as we are doing for the 2007 Spring Picnic in Indiana. We will be listing multiple caches that will become available on that day, and will remain as long as the park staff says they are not causing an undue impact. Let's all relax and not cast judgement on people that have followed the guidlines in their earlier versions!
  22. As I said I was following the event host's instructions on what to do about logging. So the answer to your question would have to be ... No it would not change things. The people that would log each piece of paper are the same ones that log pocket caches. For them numbers are the only thing. When I look back and see 10 logs for an event, I remember the fun I had finding what was put out, I dont think about how it looks to anyone else. If they think it looks odd, it was because thy were not there.
  23. I had just as much fun at each of the events, yes it shows I attended a couple of events more than once, but when I logged those they were listed as finds not "attended" Next month we are hosting a Spring Picnic event in Indiana, and we are working with the local DNR naturalist, and with our local approver to have what could have been temporary event caches published as standard caches. It will be more work for us as hosts, but it will also avoid the kind of remarks being made about this. Come to our picnic, attend the event, socialize, and find the multiple caches if you like. We are doing our best to please as many as we can. Looking forward to new Adventures
  24. Friends pages belong on social websites, this site is for Geocaching, not for socializing with people that cache
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