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  1. I am considering getting a n800, how do you do the gps reciever bit? did you buy a seprate gps bluetooth reciever, or do you get it from your phone somehow? Thanks
  2. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...38-2c27d74da3f6 a great Geocache using a crab pot, a pond and a paddle boat. You have to paddle out, grab the boey and haul up the pot to get the cache. Great cache, great date cache.
  3. I love caching with my wife even when she beats me to the cache. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LU...86-532a62d9687c Can you see the "beat you to it grin?"
  4. http://geotoad.sourceforge.net/features.php Geotoad can download gpx files and generate a ipod readable file with the cache info in it. I use geotoad on by ubuntu system laptop.
  5. Okay okay I put off ordering the darn hat until they were discontinued. I really wanted the moss two tone hat. Anyone know of a vendor that might have one lying around for sale. Thanks
  6. There are tones of caches to the south of me, but the toll is $17 round trip. Need to make it to ocean city some day where there are lots of caches.
  7. Since we hike with kids all the time, I like to take a lot of swag with us, incase we run into a cache that needs a little beefing up on the traid items.
  8. it was that very show how I found out about Geoaching!
  9. At least a dozen people or more. Some more active, some one timers. A few folks just sign the log and never put their visit on GC.com.
  10. They actually published my letter, can't believe it.
  11. The podcast novels EARTHCORE and MORAVI http://www.scottsigler.net/earthcore/ http://www.dragonpage.com/
  12. No I have not combined both sports, but you can check out my cache nearby a disc golf course - Flying Plastic. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ca-2544366604ec
  13. The idea that they would pass laws on geocaching, that so many of them admit to have no comprehension of what it is, is positively frightening. Hope that all of you in SC are able to contact those reps and get them Geocaching! Good luck! Thanks for the video.
  14. my issue is that the nearest unfound cache to me is over 45min away drive time. everything else has been found. What's a cacher to do..... Guess I'll place some.
  15. I am trying to put togther my four person team as we speak. I have not got any responces yet, but I can not wait until July's Kettle Cache. BTW did I mention that we would be driving over an hour and half and pay the most expesive bridge tunnell toll in the us, to go plop our collective $150 down to not even come close to first place. This should be a lot of fun. Mike
  16. Our family has been talking about getting a dog for a long while now, so now we are seriously considering it, which breed is best for caching? What ever dog we end up with, it has to be good with kids also.
  17. 52.8MI as the crows fly. Well over 65 MI to reach the closest one across the Chesepeake bay.
  18. We live in a pretty rural area, and have found every Cache around here, we have to travel at least 45mi every time we want to cache.
  19. How soon I give up depends on how winey the kids are. The more whine the more I just want to quit.
  20. Seems that that Two counselors and three juvenile girls decided to go geocahing. Only problem is that no one knew how to operate a GPS and further more brought no basic Geocaching gear. They were able to call 911 and one of the girls had to be airlifted for medical attention. http://www.nj.com/news/gloucester/local/in...53332107570.xml
  21. Then I won't be around that week, no sense in reading the forums for anything intresting.
  22. How many cachers go on a caching break during the winter months? My break is kind of forced on me as it becomes too cold to drag the family out to cache. Anxiously awaiting sping and prime Geocaching season!
  23. Used GPX sonar since I have been chaching. just move the gpx file into the pocket pc, fire up GOX sonor and go caching!
  24. Firefox rocks. Kicks IE's...well you get the idea. Tabs, ad blocker, popup blocker, many many extensions. Well worth a look.
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