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Geocaching names & team names.

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I enjoy reading all the entries in the forum. I really like the unique and individual names used by everyone. My question is...how did you come up with your "screen name", "code name", "team name", or "cache name" (or whatever you want to call it)? Mine just seemed to drift from one techno gadget to another. In the olden days of the CB, my "handle" was PHANTOM. THen it migrated to screen names in chat rooms, forums and instant messaging. It just seemed right to continue to use it in geocaching. Just curious. icon_rolleyes.gif


phantom KB5YUE


"Free your mind" - The Matrix

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...mine, read my profile. Kinda similar to your story, once started the name just migrated to whatever activity currently has my attention.



Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side and a dark side, and it holds the universe together.

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I used to be known as "Cybeq". The name comes from a particular brand of automation I work on. But it seemed wrong to copy a company name for this so I just made up Geo Quest on the spur of the moment. I think it sucks but I guess it makes a better gecaching handle than Cybeq.


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My screen name is "irresisti" it has been for a couple of years now..


Before i went by the screen name "Simply Irresistible" but after a while i thought the name didn't fit anymore i had to find something more original and i just cut of the word "Simply" and shorted irresistible to "irresisti"


Thats where how i got the name..


I resist I



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Uh, mines my name.


I've used screen names in the past, but came to the conclusion that I'd rather people call me by my name. Like if I were at a party, I wouldn't meet someone and say "Hi, My name's GeoSearcher."


Way back in the day when I first started getting online with my Commodore 64 and BBS's, I initially used the screen name "Jamie."


After a while I wanted something a little more spicy, I decided to go with Terminator (yeah, like that fits my personality icon_rolleyes.gif ) so, I lightened it up by changing it to "Term'nator" which was a reference to the terminal programs we used on the Commie to dial up the BBS's.



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When my step kids where little I made up this caracter called BOB I used to draw it out for them it looked like my avatar but it didn't look like a vampire.As they grew older BOB changed to Vampirebob and now he looks like a vampire.A few years ago I took it as my web address.Then when I started geocaching it evolved into Geovamp


I would follow my GPS to the gates of Hell if it pointed that way.

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Well my Maiden name is Pepper, and my husband IS a SuperGenius. His coworkers gave it to him shortly after he arrived in CA for his new job. It stuck and we use it for everything, so it just seemed right to include in our geocaching.


Team SuperGenius



Horizontals where it's at!

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I am a web host. I have been designing web pages since before the dot com explosion. I now teach web design at a vocational school. I have a small company that hosts many sites. Also, I am a Christian. I like wordplay and one day came up with a play on words that would describe those two. Actually, Heavenly Host is a catholic term, which I am not, but the play on words is still there. It is another way of letting people know about my faith without forcing anything on people. Sort of a 'If you know it, you'll recognize it, but if you don't, you won't' kind of thing.

I used to use drum as a login/chat name, as my name is Dru Morgan and that was the first initial of my last name. I was with an ISP called loop.com for a while. My email was drum@loop.com and people thought I was a musician into drum loops.


Everywhere that cache is found,

Bound to Cover Just a Little More Ground.

-Dru Morgan www.theheavenlyhost.com/dru

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Well I used my name waynepdx when I first came on here...but am in the process of changing it to Syn...


Originally in bbs days I was known as Syndicate...then I shortened it to Syn Sin


Then Just syn...that is why I am using syn aka waynepdx.


Letting people get used to the change so they dont go and start deleting my found logs when they read the log book and say who is Syn and why has he never signed the logbook.

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Mine is from my time as a Flight Engineer on C-141B StarLifter Special Ops, I also worked in SO supply and we were able to "get things" as needed. I just kept it. The symbol is something else altogether......



What is the price of experience, do men buy it for a song,

Or wisdom for a dance in the street.................

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I guess our team name is pretty obvious...


We love GADGETS: PDA's, digital cameras, ham radio gear, and my home-based work computer is loaded with all kinds of gadgets for my business. When GPSR's came out it was a natural progression to get one and find an excuse to use/play with it, even though I found many excuses through the years NOT to buy one... then Geocaching came along. I was trying to think of a GC-related domain name and viola! GeoGadgets Team was born.


In the CB radio and BBS days of my wild and crazy youth I was the 'Queen Of Hearts', but as I get older that name just doesn't FEEL as appropriate as it did when I was in my early twenties and childless. Now, I live in the Redwoods and I have always had redhair... RedwoodRed fits better, even if I am commonly mistaken for a male of the species in chat rooms and the places where I trade porn... just kidding!.


Ask Steak N Eggs sometime how he got his handle... now THAT is an interesting tale!


Lori aka: RedwoodRed


"I don't get lost, I investigate alternative destinations."

GeoGadgets Team Website

Comics, Video Games and Movie Fansite


"Size matters not. Look at me. Judge me by my size, do you? Hmm? Hmm. And well you should not. For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is." - Yoda, Jedi Master from Star Wars - Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

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When I first got on the 'net my AOL username was Casel98. Casel is my middle name and 98 was the year.


I used to chat in a chatroom for a hiphop radio show based in Florida. Whenever the DJ would read the names of everyone in the chatroom he thought the L was the number 1. = Case one-ninety-eight.


I got tired of correcting him, so I officially changed it. Plus, I think Case_198 sounds cooler!





P.S. I really need to change my avatar.....

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Ive been known as the Mudfrog for years now because of my liking for 4x4s and playing in the mud. Its been my CB handle for years and yes, i still have a citizens band radio in all of my vehicles.


Chicken is a little pet name for my wife of course and shes also had that for years.


Hhmmmmm, just couldnt figure out how to add Geo to either one of them and make them sound right!

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Mine comes "initially" from my initials (pun impuned) - Mark Anthony Johnson. I added the IC when I was in the Air Force as a 32172Q (F4E Radar Technician.) I used to sign the inside of the F4E Radomes as "Radar fixed by MAJIC! - Majicman 1976 (or whatever year.)


Ever since then, I have been majicman (The IC originally stood for "Incorpoated Corporation" as an Oxymoron to go with the intentional misspelling of "magic".)


Anal-retentive and verbose...




Always trade UP in both quantity and quality and Geocaches will be both self-sustaining and self-improving!



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Easy! This one is in honor of the Leonids Meteor Storm of 2001! WOW!!! We were seeing about 300 meteors in a ten minute time frame at our highest observation time. Couldn't look anywhere without seeing a meteor. We had 11 people observing! Some incredible exploding fireballs too! They were the coolest! Plan to go out this year for another good show.

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Mine's actually just a pseudo-creative version of my name. Eden is actually my middle name. I started using it for IMs and the like on a whim, and I rather like it. I was sort of tired of my old "handle" and decided I'd rather be called by my actual name (as others have said).


I end up getting asked if I play Everquest a lot. icon_wink.gif I guess it's just that style.

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Mine's kinda a no-brainer.


The most enjoyable part of my summers (my year actually) is my two or three weeks of church camp each year.


It is actually a great way to spend a vacation. I think of it somewhat like a cruise (with eleven screaming brat roommates- just kidding). No worries, someone else prepares your meals, all your activities are planned. No one begging for money. Just a cabin full of rowdy yutes to deal with every night. What could be more fun?


I really like the teenagers best- many people are *scared* of them, but I like them because they understand more and, with the exception of keeping them from mackin in the bushes, they require less intense supervision than the younger kids.


Camp is not only a great break but I get a little closer to the Lord with each camping session. It is my prayer that I help a yute or two get a little closer too.


Anyway, I set up my email address, using this name, to make it easy for my campers to remember if they just need somebody to talk to.


Caint never did nothing.

GDAE, Dave

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Ours is fairly simple, DaSH stands for David and Shawna H., our names. It sort of started as a joke. When completing warranty registration cards and stuff like that, I always put DaSH Enterprises in the company name space. Now most of our junk mail is addressed to DaSH Enterprises. I guess it stuck.


The empty can rattles the most...

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CHAOSS was the sign-in name I started for a group of friends and familywhen we all would Camp, Hike, a, o, Ski, & Snowboard together.

Since I organized the groups, Captain Chaoss became my call sign, chat name, and sort of an alter ego; the super hero we all want to be at one time or another.

When we back packed, we cpoould climb walls ( rock climbing ) when we skied and then snowboarded, we flew. Superman has it all over on us, but hey, we took what we could get. icon_cool.gif


Two roads diverged in the woods and I,

I took the one less traveled,

and that is how I found the cache.

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Mine is... irrelevent now.


I have to nym-shift. Just discovered that there was another person out there in Internet land using it a few years ago. I was using it longer, but the name has been sullied a bit. <sigh>


I shall now be known as General Bracket. Now THAT is a story...


I was once known as Colonel Bracket. The reason for that was that I mistyped a name into a video game called LHX way back in mid-80's. I typed "Col." and accidently hit "[" (a bracket). So I left it and began using it all the time.


Later on in life when I used it on BBSes and whatnot nobody seem to get the joke. So I began the half-a$$ed search for a new nym. I finally decided to give myself a promotion and pick a name from a movie I liked, Planet of the Apes. At the time there were rumors that a remake could happen. Worried that I be seen as some unimaginative idiot if there ever was a remake, I chose General Ursus from the second movie, Beneath Plant of the Apes. I assumed that a little known character from a 1970's sequel would not likely appear in any remake. And so it was that unit now.


I'll keep the promotion and reclaim the old nym. Now I'm General Bracket.


Just goes to show, you gotta actively protect that nym or risk getting it muddied or stolen.

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Mine came from the movie "St.Elmo's Fire". It's a movie about a group of young adults just out of college. The character played by Rob Lowe says at one point, "College was pretty OuttaHand. In life there's just no way to get OuttaHand." I was about that age when I saw the movie and I could sorta relate to that statement. It became the "name" of my big 4x4 mud truck (you know -- the name on the bug shield up front). I started racing that truck and the name stuck with me. Been using it for screen names, etc. ever since.

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I bought my first car when I was sixteen and tried to come up with a name for it. When my brother found out what I was trying to do, he took one look at my 1964 VW bug that was in major need of a restoration and said, "That looks like a highway havoc". After I picked myself off the floor and stopped laughing I reverently commissioned my car with the new name. The car has now been long gone, but the name lives on with me.

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Liberty Owners Special Team, we're a group of Jeep Liberty enthusiasts www.kjjeep.com. We all decided to add the L.O.S.T. to the front of our actual user names so we could more easily locate each other on the site.

Hoomdorm is actually a toy from the early 80's. It's sort of a space critter, looks like a techno spider. You used a pump to fill it with air and it would hop around. I had one as a kid & loved it. Been using that nick for years now.



Magellan Meridian GPS

Handspring Visor Deluxe

L.O.S.T. - http://www.kjjeep.com

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My last name is Lloyd, and there was an ongoing joke about naming my 1st kid mongo. I tried to get some kind of internet sign-on as mongolloyd, but it was already taken. I shortened it to mogolloyd, and since I have such a bad short term memory every account and sign-on was the same from then on.

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My other personality has now taken control of my body, so I have decided to change my name after 4 months of caching. It's what my mother used to call me growing up (much to my embarrasment at the time- mothers have a way of doing that to get controlicon_wink.gif ) since my last name is McNeill (a name I have frequently found that nobody spells the way we do). Reason 2 is that I am a Mac user.


Plus, nobody could seem to get my other name right: "Oh, youre TheGuyNamedDave" or something like that. No, it's SOMEONEnameddave. There's a difference. Or there was...it doesn't matter any more.


I have also decided that when my brother comes along on a caching trip with me he will be called "AndyMac". This was his nickname around the house growing up and we still call him that to this day. I think AndyMac has more of a ring to it than DavidMac, but I really don't want to change my first name to Andy, that would be too confusing when I go home...


...Not all who wander are lost... unless the batteries in their GPS die, their maps get ruined by rainwater when their pack leaks, and they find themselves in a laurel thicket. Then, they are probably lost.


-DavidMac; (formerly Someonenameddave)

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I picked a free email username that, at the time represented my current obsession of training to run a fast (for me) marathon. Of course, marathonman was taken so I added the locality to the front.


My daughter got her name at a rest area stop that became a geocache site in her honor, her online handle is CrashNBurnGirl. She loves it!


FWIW: (reference previous post) I liked your old name DavidMac! I thought it was a great name - kinda narrowed down the possibilities to a few million people!

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I am in buisness providing technical support to the entertainment industry. We do power, pyro, rigging, effects, but we primarily do light and sound. Lightnsound has been my sn and email address on just about every internet account I've had. When I needed a geocaching handle for this website, I just used the old reliable handle.


I am not addicted to geocaching, really.

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Have been a NASCAR fan most of my life, watch and go to the Races. For my 50th birthday my Wife gave a day of driving at Pocono Raceway at their driving school. Plus my favorite comic strip is 'Get Fuzzy' the Cat in the comic covered himself with sponsor decals and called himself Nascat; I liked the name and stole the avatar.


Take Care, Michael

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I have a bunch of different online names. Usually I use my name "Reed", but I think it was taken here.


My first year in college, we decided that everyone in my group of friends could be represented by a Tarot card, and I was The Fool. "The fool is about to embark on a strange and wond'rous journey".



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When I was in 7th grade I drew up a superhero named Radman. I can't remember where I thought up the name, but in 1999 I made the login account radman_99_1999 and have used that until last November. I finally decided to update my name to Radman Version 2.0. I use a photo frame with my radman cartoon in it as my signature item.




"If we don't succeed we run the risk of failure."

- Dan Quayle


"Si nous ne r?ussissons pas nous courons le risque d'?chec."

- Dan Quayle (If he was French!) [Those crazy French!]


English: Radman Version 2.0

Spanish Versi?n 2,0 De Radman

Portuguese: Vers?o 2,0 De Radman

Italian: Versione 2,0 Di Radman

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As for my screen name a, couple moments of fate came together. Back in my wasted youth I played the Dungeons and Dragons and once played an impish little elf named Fizzletwst the peculiar (actually a kender for those of you who read the Dragonlance series). years later an old school friend of mine were downing Guiness and playing NTN trivia at the local pub and reminising of times past. Later in the evening I was talking about how the foam was my most favorite part of Guiness which led to fizz which led to fizzzzzzzzz which led to fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, as it is spelled pheonetically.


As for our geocaching team name we were having a brainstorming session in the woods and I thought every one was taking the wrong tack with reletively normal benign team names. I began one of my usual heartful soliloquies, "We should have a dynamic team name... something that denotes a sense of purpose, fortitude, resiliance and is in somehow related to cartography. Something like TRUE NORTH." My friend turned and looked at me with a sarcastic smirk, "Really, it more like Where's_North?" And with that the legend was born.

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OK, I started using mine while toasting with my favorite beverage around campfires.


It seemed appropriate for my Civil War activities and is a bit of a play on Muzzaltalph (spelling is way off but you know what I mean).


My avatar by the way is really me firing a cannon combined with a behind-the-scenes picture from 'Gods and Generals', the muzzleblast from my cannon covers over the landing cushion of the stuntmen.



"The hardest thing to find is something that's not there!"

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