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  1. Hello everybody, I want to publicly thank Gecko Dad for his selfless act of distributing Yrium's Pals Geocacher trading cards for me. He was gracious enough to help me with the huge backlog of cards I had built up due to my recent lack of geocaching. Recently he let me know that he's used up all the cards I had sent him. Thanks Don! Since I'm once again able to sit in front of my computer for more than a few minutes before calling it quits, I think I'll be able to start up production again. I've been extremely tardy in getting cards made and its time I rectify that situation. Now I just need to know the names of some caches that are findable by a guy who can only walk fifty feet or so. The distance can be longer if its wheelchair accessible. I'm trying to build up my arm strength --- yrium ---
  2. I'll be reprinting cards until I see there's no longer a demand for them. That's one of the reasons I like it when people mention in their log if they've picked up a trading card. --- yrium ---
  3. Parsa, I'll email my nephew Superfly and ask him if he remembers seeing the four green containers. I'll let you know what I find out. --- yrium ---
  4. To be fair, the three geocachers that have visited the BEARLY A WALK cache since me and Gromit visited haven't ever taken a geocacher trading card before. So I don't think Mark is being slighted. I think what happened is I visited that cache after it had already been found by everybody collecting cards. --- yrium ---
  5. I need some help... You know how annoying it is to find a cache that is so full that you have a hard time getting your trade into it? We'll I'm guilty of stuffing some new trading cards in Dan-oh's WELL ROUNDED cache and now I'm feeling guilty for the unwieldy forcing of my cards on the cache. If you're in Escondido anytime soon could you take one out and restore my peace of mind? Thanks, --- yrium ---
  6. Today I left five #1 cards in the second series of Yrium's Pals geocaching trading cards featuring Flagman's Flagson Andrew in Dan-oh's WELL ROUNDED cache. --- yrium ---
  7. That rule you saw concerning the 1 hide per 10 finds was heavily pushed back when I started geocaching. After people would get 25 or 30 finds if they didn't do a hide there would be snide remarks in logs about "giving back" or "When are you ever going to hide a cache?". Thankfully those times are long gone. That was back when there were only 37 caches within a hundred miles of me! Nowdays you should only hide a cache if you have a great idea or a novel place or if you feel like it. You shouldn't feel pressured to do it, thats for sure. --- yrium ---
  8. Left five #1 UDesignit cards featuring Ruscal in NEW UC STADIUM cache. Also left five #14 Yrium's Pals cards featuring Mark71Mark in BEARly off the Trail. --- yrium ---
  9. quote:Originally posted by Cruzin!: quote:Originally posted by The Delta-S Family: quote:Originally posted by Jamie Z:Referring to roads as _the_ I-5 or _the_ 118 must be a California thing, huh? Just to be clear: it's a SOUTHERN California thing. I'm in SoCal and the people I hang out with don't mess around with unneccesary letters. We just call it 'the 5'. --- yrium ---
  10. quote:Originally posted by Rocket Man: Here is a couple of pictures form the Devils Staircase in Sedona: Rocket Man Okay, You've officially scared me off! I don't mind scraping the sides of my Pathfinder with bushes but if I lean back in my office chair too fast I get lightheaded. Wouldn't think of driving up something like this Devils Staircase. --- yrium ---
  11. quote:Originally posted by Bobkat92 & the 3 Bears: Does anyone know if there is a cache hidden on the actual peak of Cowles Mountain? Bobkat92, There was a cache up there for a long time. It was one of earliest caches placed in San Diego. Unfortunately some hooligans have been playing with it by taking it from its original spot and moving it. I don't think they have GPSes but you never know. Cowles Mountain original cache. --- yrium ---
  12. Gromit and I did the walk around Discovery lake in San Marcos and found GET WELL, SAM. We left five #2 UDesignit cards featuring B-nic & K-nic.
  13. Not to be Maudlin or anything but I was surprised to learn how many friendly, cheerful, sincerely nice people are out and about. It really opened my eyes. --- yrium ---
  14. quote:Originally posted by three's company: I am still trying to submit THE SUPER GEOCACHE without success What web browser are you using THREE? I just used IE 6.0.2800 again to update a cache page of mine. If you want to send me your cache details in an email along with your password I'll submit it for you. I suggest you change your password to something unique and then after I enter your cache you can change it back. --- yrium ---
  15. Just read a news article about an Iraqi baby being left in an Ammo box. I don't know if they traded up or down as I don't know what they took, but I don't think babies are good cachebait. full story here --- yrium ---
  16. quote:Originally posted by three's company: I have been trying to submit my SUPER GEOCACHE but I am receiving an error message. I was just wondering if anyone has tried to submit a new cache in the past day, and if they had any similar problems. Threes, I don't have a new cache, but after reading your post I decided to make a tiny change to one of my existing caches to see if an error would pop up. It went thru okay for me just a minute ago but I noticed that there had been some changes to the submittal form. Maybe they just introduced the changes and you encountered bugs that they have now fixed. --- yrium --- Oh, and keep your details. When I die I want to go easy. actually, the 1/1's are kicking my butt these days. Look forward to doing your cache when I'm in finer fettle.
  17. Forget banging two sticks together or using bear spray. A little Judo will get you through it! --- yrium ---
  18. quote:Originally posted by Tikiroy: http://img.Groundspeak.com/user/120165_700.jpg Our dog Stella on the Trail!!! When I saw the picture of Stella I immediatly imagined that you have two other dogs and when you introduce them you say... "This is my dog Bob, my dog Stella... And my other dog Stella". If your not a newhart fan you probably won't get the reference but Stella's hat reminded me of the first Darryls hat. --- yrium ---
  19. quote:Originally posted by mtn-man: yrium, thanks for the photo of Grommit!!! I have enjoyed reading the logs that he has posted. Very funny stuff. He looks like a distant relative of the puppymonster Gromit has always thought that J.C. the puppymonster might be a distant cousin on his mother's side. He's jazzed someone liked his posts and now he's raring to do the next cache log we do. --- yrium ---
  20. quote:Originally posted by vagabond: Yep Yrium is turning into a legend in his own time. lololololol Vagabond, No, My beautiful wife Whistlestick says you have the quote wrong. Its... "Yrium is turning into a legend in his own MIND". --- yrium ---
  21. My dog Gromit is a Ham. You can really tell by these two photos. The first one is before he sees I have the camera out. This one is after he saw the camera. --- yrium ---
  22. quote:Originally posted by Kite & Hawkeye: By the way, how do you get the id# of a cache you haven't found? All this javascript crap results in URLS with a bunch of =2c1e067e-71db-41d3-a40c-dbf106bab820-type garbage, and I know those can't be used to make links. Yep, those long urls are a bit unwieldy but they can be used as a link. If the length of them is a problem you can get a tiny url for use as an abbreviated url for example pay and play is a url I generated at tinyurl.com [on second thought, what I wrote here doesn't make sense so I deleted it to save myself from embarrassment] --- yrium ---
  23. quote:Originally posted by wannafly:yrium, thats what i was looking for! I'm doing some samples today and am going to "stress test" them to water and wrinkling...hopefully it'll all work out good. I actually laminate all the trading cards I put out. It gives them a glossy finish and they are impervious to water damage. They do okay if they are spindled, but they are still subceptible to folding and mutilation. --- yrium ---
  24. quote:Originally posted by Dream Alchemist: Yrium, nice cards, Geocachers trading cards. Do you sell them in packs with a stick of bubble gum ? No, But for a box of bubble gum I'd probably trade you a few. --- yrium ---
  25. quote:Originally posted by wannafly: ...would like to see some of what everyone else has come up with. Hi Wannafly, Here's a link to an earlier post of mine that shows some geocacher trading cards that I've created. I'm currently working on the twenty-third card and getting good feed back from local cachers on their desirability as keepsakes. --- yrium ---
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