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  1. You have to enter your confirmation number after becoming a member. Check your e-mail you used for your account.
  2. If you didn't sign up for automatic membership renewal during that first year, you loose your charter member designation like i did. I just can't strut quite like I did now that that designation is gone I have more of a slumped over mope.
  3. I would have probably started crying while running with my hands protecting my bottom, all the while with the song "The Crying Game" going through my head as I made my way back to the truck. You didn't happen to see Ned Beatty did you?
  4. Stop it! it makes me cry to see how cheap housing is in other areas.
  5. Too lazy to look but I think pirated software/ music is not allowed.
  6. The extra 5 bucks must be for that quality pin.
  7. I'm with you there, everytime I go out to the west I make a pilgrimage to Inn & Out. I'm so glad they built the new one in Las Vegas off of Tropicana. I just wish we could get them out here. Then again I'm already fat enough.
  8. Mine would be White Pine the cache is atop one of about 15 pine trees, all of which are about 20-25' tall. I have been there twice and climbed about 8 diffrent trees and come up with nothing. The scary part of it is I weigh about 230 and pine trees aren't known to have the strongest branches. To make matters worse it was on my birthday, to date I am the only DNF log for the cache, and I had gone to get the hiders cool signature item. To this date I still haven't been able to get one of his chainmail items. He just put three chainmail items in my cache last night, but it's mine, I can't take it out of mine, it's for others to have fun with not me.
  9. Not everywhere. If fact many states require that private land be posted before anyone on it can be considered a trespasser. Brian's right, in some states (NH is the first to come to mind) land owners are rewarded for allowing people to hunt on their land, and even though they suggest you get permission first, you pretty much have a implied consent if it's not posted.
  10. I just placed my first cache this weekend and the FTF prize is roundtrip tickets on Independece Air. (Let me know if I come across as mean in the description, I tried my best no to.) One Eye Will'ys Rich Stuff
  11. Why are they called bison containers? I was expecting something to do with the big prarie mammal.
  12. (Sorry, this entire post was removed by moderator. Can you say "Family Friendly". )
  13. I have left unused earplugs in some caches and got very positive feedback of those, one caher collected them for her personal use (snoring husband???) How about an empty candy box, more like trash than a trade item. What?
  14. Huh? Huh? on the "good parts" comment, or cool funny helpful comment?
  15. Robagd: in order to learn a little more about paintball etiquette, I’ve bought all the equipment over a year ago, and haven’t even used it once. Phideo: He has some very clever caches. The Leprechauns: To see if they are as entertaining as I think they would be. Mopar/ Briansnat: Get a tour of the “good parts” of New Jersey, and because they are cool, funny, helpful guys Desert Warrior: To ride his dog/horse.
  16. My cache(first hide) I will be hiding this week I will probably make a MOC because of the value of the contents, and the attempt to keep the trade items on a little higher notch than what you normally find. A little stingy? Maybe, but it's my cache, and my decision.
  17. My vote is to keep it as is, Realistically there aren't that many topics started in our forum to keep track of.
  18. Meadow Branch Mill Had some window stickers in it when I was there on the 16th, and it doesn't look like anyone's been there since.
  19. I've used mine to mark the truck when I used to do a lot of trail riding. When it gets close to hunting season I mark where I see sign when I'm out scouting, finding long lost caves in my area( they are usually with a soring on the topo), and to mark possible entrances and exits when doing urban exploration.
  20. I've been gone too long to know who's missing.
  21. Going off topic here, I saw your name and tought you were refering to the antelope they hunt in Texas, I know now it's your dog Wish I could go, I love Hershey. Sorry for the useless post.
  22. Best video ever!!! Even some good Engrish thrown in. Now I really want to go to Japan. YATTA!!!!
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