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  1. "Whatever that is", said the General passively. The person below me.... DOES... NOT... EXIST! ...said the General maniacally.
  2. There is no person above me. I'm king of the 5th page!!!
  3. Best $7000 I ever spent. The person below me... IS William Shatner!
  4. Oh yeah. In fact I'm still at work. Ugh. The person below me isn't at work right now... the bastard!
  5. The person above me doesn't realize that that's how they got they way in the first place.
  6. quote:Assume an emergency hit where the current GPS sat system was left un-maintained. No power to the ground stations, no monitoring, no corrections, no further input from the earth. Just the sats themselves. How long would the system remain being useful? Hours? Days? Weeks? As soon as ground stations lost power the sats orbits would begin to degrade at a higher rate than they already do. Ground stations control the engines and gyros that keep it on track. They'd likely fall from orbit in less than a year. They'd have been useless long before that. Wouldn't be meaningfully accurate for more than about a day I'd think. As I understand it, ground stations are placed at points on the globe so that each SV can be "seen" at least once per orbit. GPSrs depend on accurate time to find your location. One orbit takes 11h 58m, hence there is a 4 minute drift per day. As soon as an SV missed its time offset the inaccuracies would begin to multiply roughly by 4 x number of days without offsets.
  7. Ooof. You got that right. The person below me doesn't consider this thread "chatting".
  8. This was a pretty good movie. (Paraphased slightly to avoid a direct dead givaway) "You let me worry about that. You're what this is all about."
  9. The person above me is an ugly man... umm... er... puppy.
  10. Oh yes I do. The person below me is a member.
  11. The person below me just noticed that this thread went to the 12th page, tying the record with the HOW TO POST AN AVATAR thread.
  12. quote:I like gurgle gurgle THUMP too! I'm imagining what that sounds like now! Dunno about how it sounds, but I can show you what it looks like...
  13. ACK!! So many flamable posts! Sensory overload!! OCD's all around!!!! Must... warn.... others.... <gurgle gurgle THUMP!>
  14. quote:You can be sure I will not be promoting the web site or forwarding any more messages. Please don't ask for my help again. <sigh> Good grief.
  15. The person above me doesn't have nearly as much available vaction time as I do. However, the person above me takes much more vacation time than I do. <sigh>
  16. <heh heh> Yeah. Unhealthly for the cat. The person below me thinks (correctly) that dogs are much better to have around than cats.
  17. USAPhotoMaps will give you aerial photos and open GPX files, placing points on the photos where the caches are. And it's free.
  18. The person above me hasn't read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
  19. I cherished our time together. But alas... the Beanie had to go on. If you love something, set it free... <sniffle> The person below me cringed when they saw I bumped this thread back up.
  20. quote:Originally posted by Criminal:Hmm, well for me the most obvious answer is 180° off. I think I heard your story somewhere. Isn't your nym a nickname given to you while in the military because of your skill in "acquiring" things?
  21. I just stopped crying with laughter over the Devil went down to Georgia bit. All the other are great too. You folks are maniacal. Good show all!
  22. I tried to do The Devil went down to Georgia, but that ones tough.
  23. I've snorted milk bubbles out my nose dozens of times with all the fun I have in these forums, much less this thread. The person below me hates this thread, hates these forums, hates everyone here, hates themselves, their friends, their family, their haircut, and their toaster oven. But they love finding hateful log entries about themselves in caches. They love it so much that they make their own hateful log entries about themselves, rehide the cache, and go back a few minutes later to "find" it and read the entry. AND... they log each return to the cache as a seperate find.
  24. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:The Leaderboard includes hides + finds, which to me is a legit method of ranking, if a method of ranking is needed. Perhaps Team WE doesn't have a lot of hides. They have 13 hides. That'd be 924 (911 found + 13 hidden). Look in the "Web Total" column, not the "Found" column. The "Found" column is just AZ caches.
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