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Since I went to a different High school than the person above me, I read the forums but he may not. The person below me doesn't wear underwear while out caching.



"Sometimes you gotta look like an *** to get that cache!"...huntforit


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Sing this: I gotta be Meeeee. I gotta be Freeeeee. V fjvat gb gur xarrrrrrr... (decrypt if you are Mystery Woman, or are over 18.)



TPBM plays the airplane and choo choo games when they have to eat alone....

(BTW Jeremy locked the TPBM thread the last time I posted that exact message to TPBM.)



texasgeocaching_sm.gif Sacred cows make the best hamburger....Mark Twain.


[This message was edited by Snoogans on September 12, 2003 at 03:06 PM.]

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TPBM will post more than once to this thread and skew the numbers that J5 is hoping will prove something worthwhile. icon_razz.gif


These changes in latitudes, changes in attitudes;

Nothing remains quite the same.

Through all of the islands and all of the highlands,

If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane

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Sax Man wrote:

Who else would ask if you read the forums or not by POSTING THE QUESTION IN THE FORUMS?

It's all part of the master plan. icon_eek.gif


The person below me thinks that Sax Man's wife doesn't know what she's talking about (but excuses her for not knowing any better)...



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Flying through the forums tonight... must have been those margaritas earlier!!


The lowest common denominator has to be Snoogans in a bikini.


TPBM wishes it was their head on Halle Berry's body!



Free your mind and the rest will follow action-smiley-076.gif

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