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  1. we definitely have a ftf races going on here. i'd love to find those magnets to put in caches!!! i'm 100% sure they would be taken in the spirit in which they would be intended & if not-too bad. i will have to go on a hunt! we have a lot of $stores here. note to snoogs: if i find some i might be willing to share!
  2. we had a cache thief here for a little bit, but once we found out his name & address & let him know we know he went away. and letting him know we had the police on our side helped. he has since tried to make a comeback but it got squelched quickly.
  3. admin glenn! admin glenn! admin glenn! always there to lend a hand.
  4. thanks for the info!!! can't wait to try it! okay, my brother will have to do the cutting for me-i'm not good with a chainsaw, yet. tmac
  5. people who know me don't ask "why", they know they'll get a long answer they don't want to hear & i will bug them until they go with me(gets me to shut up & leave them alone). when we get to where we're going they see my side of things. people who don't know me that well get the long answer & the bugging to go with me, eventually they learn. this doesn't apply to only caching. went thru this with nascar in the 70's, 80's & 90's.
  6. i could do truman & clinton if you don't get any volunteers that are closer to little rock, ar or indepence, mo. i live in swmo which is over 100 mi to each location. so speak up if you are closer! tmac i am less than 100 to lamar so i could to truman. edited for not paying close attention!
  7. how about the real life indiana jones: JOSH BERNSTEIN! ...in a kilt...woo hoo! tmac
  8. i had a customer come into my business a couple a months ago(he is from south texas) carring a hiking stick. it was made from the flower stalk of a yucca. it was incrediably light & strong. he said he got it from a friend who makes these in new mexico. he said i couldn't make one from the yuccas around here(southwest mo.) since they didn't flower. well, he's wrong they do flower they just hadn't flowered yet. does anyone know if there are differences in the yuccas? i'd like to make one, but i don't want to waste my time. thanks, tmac
  9. i doubt there is a park there, i could be wrong. last time(nov 2001) i was thru there the exits were still blocked & fences were up, but you could see where people had gotten thru. going east on I44 it is before eureka/six flags. terri
  10. did anyone notice how new her etrex looked? she must handle it delicately. a few weeks after i got mine it looked like i had it for years. tmac
  11. i thought the article was great! way to go nicki(jeepers2)!!! not to speak for nicki, but--the author had been following a very bad article in the springfield news-leader & contacted nick to do another article. she went caching & got hooked on it. i'll get the link to the other article later(no time right now). unless someone beats me to it! compared to the other article this one is gold!
  12. the northern lights were visible as far south as ridgedale mo. saw a few faint ones last night. now i know why i couldn't pich up any radio stations most of sunday!
  13. when we were kids we use to line the softer horse apples on an electric fence. didn't do anything to them but we could then climb over the fence!
  14. to be pc how about regular impaired? regular challenged? micro enhanched?
  15. the main author is linda masters news room@baxterbulletin.com the photog is kevin pieper kevin p@baxterbulletin.com there is no space in either address.
  16. thanks! did not know that. i'll post it there too.
  17. here is a positive article on geocaching. i like the photographers' comment at the end of his article. http://www.baxterbulletin.com/apps/pbcs.dl.../409060311/1002
  18. thanks for the reminder. 0 new messages, but sure enough there was one from jan 30, 2004!
  19. Now that's twisted. It's from a cartoon. Kliban or something like that. i've got a coffee mug with that on it. i've had it since the 80's-yikes-but i just love to look at it!
  20. not many homeless people can get access to computers for email-for free. and if they are mentally disabled it is even less likely they know how to find computer access. in time you'll know what to do. good luck! on a lighter note, i'll hold the money for you til you decide!
  21. if you go to the map page for the state you're looking for you will see a list of groups on the right hand side near the top. but for some reason on the ark. page they have yet to list the yahoo group ARKGEO. tmac
  22. thanks! forgot about google-duh... thanks for all the replies too!
  23. didn't i read in the forums somewhere about a site you can type in coords & it will show you a map or satellite pic of the area? and, yes i did a search.
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