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There was recent discussion regarding how many people involved in caching read the forums at this website. The numbers quoted seemed unreasonable, and I thought it might be interesting to see how many people actually read the general forums over the course of a week.


For those of you who post on a regular basis, please add something funny about the "person below me" -- but only for a period of one week. Doing so will bump the thread up and near the top of the board so that the majority of visitors to this forum will see it. If you have access to multiple computers, please only answer the poll once, we'll try to keep this as honest as possible.


At the end of the week, (around 9:00AM on Friday, September 19th), we request that someone from Groundspeak close the thread.


Even if you don't ever post to the forums, please, just this once, participate by selecting an answer to the following question:



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Originally posted by Jomarac5:

At the end of the week, (around 9:00AM on Friday, September 19th), we request that someone from Groundspeak close the thread.



(If it even lasts that long... icon_frown.gif )


I reason that if we get an honest answer from everyone who reads this thread, we will have 100% 'yes' answers.


The question presupposes that you HAVE TO HAVE READ THE FORUMS in order to have even **seen** this so-called poll.

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As my name implies, I an new to this whole thing, so I read the forums to try and get as much information and advice as I can get. Granted, I've only been on less than a week...


The poster that follows me owes me money and STILL hasn't paid me off. I'm calling a collection agency. His name is 'Tony', and he carries a Louisville Slugger... icon_biggrin.gif JUST KIDDING! Don't arrest me...



16x16_smiley-mad.gif Don't hurt me. I'm new here.


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Originally posted by NattyBooshka:

the person below me will vote no... and thus be lying


aww sorry I voted before I read the posts.


The person below me is scared of the dark, and only caches during the day.


Pat Patterson

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There are many cachers that do not even have an account on any cache listing service. You'll see their scribblings in the paper logbooks out in the field, but you'll never see them log online or post anything in the forums. These folks are not reading the forums and thus will not be posting a response to this poll.

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Woodsters knows what he speaks of when it comes to caching. His advice is often very good.


The person below me understands that it's not important whether someone answers yes or no to the poll, only that they *do* answer yes or no to the poll. Either way, they confirm that they *read* this forum, thereby giving us an indication of how many people read the forums and an indication of how many post to the forums. If the person below me doesn't get it right now, they will by the time the week is up.


The person below me also puts tuna fish sandwiches in caches...

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....but only with albacore tuna!


I get it now, so whatever they answered doesn't matter, just a total score that counts...kind of like geocaching stats, huh? icon_wink.gif


The person below me eats every tuna sandwich I leave in the caches...




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Originally posted by opey one:

Yes, I read the forums. The push ups are done. Anything else?


The person below me is my hero.




Yup. That's MY goat!


Thank you!!


and the person below me agrees with you.


El Diablo


Everything you do in life...will impact someone,for better or for worse.


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WE IS SOOO NOT SCARED OF THE AVATAR. We actually likes it..EEeeyesss.


The person who started this thread misses the fun threads as much as I do.


TPAM Cried when they heard John Ritter died the same day as The Man in Black.




I would say that only a small percentage of all geocachers keep up with the latest news/crap in the forums on a daily/weekly basis.


I would estimate that more than half check them out from time to time.


All you have to do is read the bottom of the main forum page and figure that maybe 1/3 more than are actually listed are looking at the forums.


I have met people at event caches that are quite familiar with my posts and whom have never posted here. I have also met many more people who have never once clicked on the forums.


Back OT:


TPBM- Still can't get the picture Ron Peralman actually being a shaved Bigfoot outta their head. (The facts are out there people. There have been far fewer sightings of Bigfoot since Ron Pearlman became a star.)



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I only read the forums occassionaly...about 10 or 15 times a day. The forums are a complete waste of time and my time is valuable.


I have a solution, though, to reading the forums, and wasting my time. I have simply arranged to be immediately notified by email from Groundspeak each time anyone posts (on any subject).


That way I don't waste my time reading the forums all day. Of course I only post to threads that are pertinent, and then only if I have something of value to share with other forum readers.


The person below me reads my email.




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**(the other 9 out of 10 voices in my head say: "Don't do it.")**



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I think all caches are cool. Traditional, virtual, locationless, micro, webcam, etc.


The person below agrees with me that this thread is as useless as a screen door on a submarine.


I think I'll go throw an ammo can full of McToys into the bushes in a semi-remote area.

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