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Signs that you're caching too much


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When you have a day off and you're searching for new caches in the area and your wife is thinking of honeydos that you can get done instead. But you convince her that the two of you can knock out 10 or 12 caches and still get the grass cut before dark.

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Originally posted by Mosestron:

When you have a day off and you're searching for new caches in the area and your wife is thinking of honeydos that you can get done instead. But you convince her that the two of you can knock out 10 or 12 caches and still get the grass cut before dark.


For proper caching time you got to get the wife involved. That way you can both put off the honeydos until later.

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You know you're caching too much when


you get a sudden craving for a restaurant on the other side of town (a 45-60 minute drive on the freeway one -way) just to find the new cache that cropped up a mile away. Then in the excitement of maybe getting a first-to-find, the restaurant closes before you get any food. But you're happy anyway, even if you are second to find.


Till a voice, as bad as Conscience, rang interminable changes

On one everlasting Whisper day and night repeated -- so:

"Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges --

"Something lost behind the Ranges. Lost and waiting for you. Go!"


Rudyard Kipling , The Explorer 1898

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when you can't go as far as Thailand without constantly running into different things reminding you about geocaching:


Like people's avatars:






or just some guy:




Can we possibly have even mo chit?! :)




Ok ok, I found coupla caches too. :D

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:) You have a dream Saturday morning about a cool cache idea and within 30 minutes of waking up you are in your workshop creating your latest idea. The idea transforms into a series of three caches and by lunch time you're out with your son scouting to the perfect locations. Two trips later to Lowes (one on Saturday and one on Sunday) and after taking abuse from your wife that she has created a monster (she bought you the GPS unit), your new series of caches are hidden Monday night (tonight) in the dark, and cache pages submitted for approval. :D I scare myself sometimes.
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You modify your browser to show this page as a DNF with a purple frownie icon. :laughing:


The page cannot be displayed

The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.


Please try the following:


Click the Refresh button, or try again later.


If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelled correctly.



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When you husband asks you if your going to see our granddaughter in the hospital?




BTW could you stop and pick up some ammo cans and this store and also stop by where you work and get some things for a new cache I want to place. Besides you get 10% off and the stuff.


Okay I guess.


Or like I did one day. I went to see the grandbaby and went and looked for a cache on the way up. Hey it was on the way. :)

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Reviving and old thread I see!


1. When you have a ready to hide cache in your car at all times, just in case you find a great hiding spot while you are out.


2. When you carry a ready to hide micro in your purse, for the same reason.


Yes, I do both!

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When you're driving back home from the big city and see Zoltig (or any fellow, local geocacher) driving like a fool and doing all he can do without crashing us all, trying to get my attention while I'm scoping out the landscape for cache locations. (Just happened today, actually!) :mad:


When you wish that your new job would start so you could start REALLY investing in your geocaching habit after a full year of unemployment. <_<


When you have to leave the aging geocaching dog home because the excitement of geocaching triggers seizures :mad:


When the deputy at the County courthouse sends you back to your vehicle with your keychain-sized Swiss Army knife, 'cause there's no knives allowed in the courthouse, and you look for cache-like sites to stash it in so you don't have to make that walk to the Jeep yet again. (Another true story from this week.) <_<


When you find out that your final destination for vacation (at the In-laws') is so thick with caches you know all you have to do is put magnets in the toes of your boots to find the ammo cans but are stymied as to what you'll do to find the Tupperware. :mad:

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When you start wondering if every tree you see a hole in may have a cache in it.


When you come home from the photo store with a box of empty film canisters.

Your wife ask you what your going to use all them for and you have a answer for her.


When you reply to this post......

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when you take camping trips to new and different areas because you've already found all the caches in the areas that you normally camp in.


when you drive around the city looking at all the parks and think, "Gee, that would make a good place for a new cache."


when you volunteer to drive your wife and child to an appointment they have to go to because there's a cache nearby that you can bag while they're at their appointment.

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You know you are caching too much when you start looking for caches in random places just for fun and then find one that hasn't been approved yet, and then sit back and watch after it gets approved to see who goes for the FTF, only to be beat by you somehow. icon_wink.gif<!--graemlin:<_<--><BR><BR>--Marky<BR>"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

Found one of these yesterday on the Magellan hunt in indianapolis!

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How about this one? We'd finally found the first waypoin in a multi-cache and my cell phone rang. It was my boss-"Where are you?" "Um, I'm on a log in the middle of the woods...WHAT TIME IS IT!?" Turns out the evening staff meeting at the school where I work started 15 minutes before....I could have sworn I still had a couple of hours before I had to be there....So I raced to the meeting, but not before finding the cache.....I got a write up in my file for it.


...When three people in three days use the word 'obsessed' in the same sentence with my name and 'geocaching' :o .....

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* When you're walking your dog and you see her weaving back and forth while sniffing for something and you think, "Hey, she's triangulating!"


* When your wife sends you to Wal-Mart to buy an obscure little hard-to-find item and you think, "If I had the lat./lon. coordinates and a decrypted hint, I could find this thing right away."


* When your wife loses a sewing needle and you keep searching the same part of the carpet over and over, you can't help but thinking, "It's been MUGGLED!" Following the search, you feel the urge to post a "Found" or "DNF", depending on whether or not you found it.

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Reviving and old thread I see!

Yup, I was having browser issues while posting a lot of finds and kept seeing that annoying page.

1. When you have a ready to hide cache in your car at all times, just in case you find a great hiding spot while you are out.

Be careful with that cache in the back of the car. At a recent event I spotted one as I was helping someone unload some coolers of ice, so I opened it up and signed the log to be FTF. :D:D:D He had planned to hide for the event, and had the cache page set up; but was running late.

2. When you carry a ready to hide micro in your purse, for the same reason.

Um I don't have a purse, but there are a few in the car ready to go. :D

Yes, I do both

You need professional help. :D I'll have my therapist call you. :D

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When you put your GPS on your night stand, just in case.

I just realized I do that and it makes no sense whatsoever...here's a few more signs:


-When you carry a micro in your sports bag for when you have an away track meet and there's a place begging for a cache.

-When you miss an awards banquet to go caching.

-When you walk past a film canister on the floor of the mall and are tempted to see if there's a logbook inside.

-When 90% of the pictures on your digital camera have trees in them.



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When you use your gps to find your car in the parking lot.<BR>

I've done that myself, especially at WalMart.


Signs you're caching too much - when you go thru the toy section at WalMart for swag on the way to automotive for more oil and air filters - again.


When you buy yet another backpack just to carry swag, logbooks, camera, and spare batteries for the GPS.


When you eagerly await a service call on a specific oil well lease 175 miles away because there is a new geocache nearby.

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This may not follow the most recently agreed upon protocol for reviving old threads vs. starting new ones, but here's a new entry for this thread:

When you see subjects in another email address that you never use for geocaching and wonder how they got to you there? :grin:

Yum! customer service at focus in new book

I got this from a restaurant newsletter, and I'm scanning the inbox while talking on the phone and wondring why yumitori is emailing me and how he got my work email address. :blink:

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I posted this about a year ago. Mind if I repeat?




Top Ten signs you’ve been doing a little too much Geocaching:


10. You’ve had more “conversations” on your Garmin than on your REAL cell phone.


9. Your wedding invitation features a Difficulty / Terrain rating.


8. You realize you can now read the hints without clicking “Decrypt.”


7. You get distracted watching movies because you keep scanning the background scenery, thinking, “That’d be a GREAT place for a micro!”


6. It takes the meter man an hour and a half to find YOUR water meter.


5. Everyone else puts a quarter in the coffee fund jar in the office break room. You TAKE a quarter, leave a Travel Bug, and cover the jar with pine straw.


4. Someone stops you on the street to ask directions to the post office, and all you can give them is the coordinates.


3. Your tax return includes a $700.00 deduction for “AA Batteries”.


2. You drag your old junk washing machine into the woods, drop a logbook in it, and post the coords so the National Park Service will haul it off.


And, the NUMBER ONE sign that you’ve been doing a little too much Geocaching:


1. Your mama named you “CCCooperAgency”.

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You send your kid to school with an ammo can for a lunchbox.

Not you send them to school with a large tupperware container with a chewed lid and put the ammo box in the woods.

when 90% of the pictures on your digital camera have trees in them

and the other 10% have pictures of caches in them because the logbook was wet. :unsure:

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I have some hardcopy cache listings that are wrinkled, folded, stained and ripped but I can't throw out these momentoes of great hunts and I treat them as some would treat a Dead Sea Scroll!!


I surfed this threat and posted a reply and missed LUNCH!! (hi, my name is dutchmaster and I'm a geocache-aolic)



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