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  1. Thanks! I wasn't sure if there was some sort of clearinghouse I should be posting them on or not, like the classifieds. That adopting page is something new to me though. I will send off a few emails now. And posting a note on the actual caches wasn't something I'd even thought of. If anyone else has suggestions about this, I'll keep checking back in this thread!
  2. If this post is not in the right place, not on topic, or I should look at some previously written guide about this, please just let me know and delete it! I am all about forum etiquette. I have not been active in geocaching for a few years now. Now I'm leaving for college and I would like to put up some (two or three) geocaches for adoption. I feel it is particularly important that two of them are adopted because I myself adopted them after the death of a local geocacher, and so they're really not mine to be fooling around with (or so I feel.) What is the general policy for this, and what should I be doing? Consider that the last time I logged a found cache was in 2006, and I was mostly active 2003-2005. Whatever the protocols were back then, that is what I know. Treat me almost like a muggle if you try to explain. Oh, and this also means I'm pretty much out of the local geocaching social loop. I know who I would have asked three years ago, but I'm sure there is some turnover. Thanks for any help you can give me!
  3. My thought too. Requiring you to volunteer kind of takes the volunteer out of volunteering. It's for the "participation in government" class which is required for graduation. I already am going to have volunteering from other organizations but none of them are going to add up to 20 hours alone. If we could just add up the hours from each place I could top it off in a day but apparently that is not the point. I like the primary volunteer work I do now (soup kitchen-style stuff) but it's not particularly time intensive because they only need a set number of people working at a time and I'm already put on regular schedule with them. I like your point Renegade Knight that I shouldn't try to stretch the definition. I also like the idea of doing outings except for the responsibility for the safety of the people. I have no first aid training or babysitting experience.
  4. I am going to be a high school senior and I am required to get in 20 volunteer hours before this December. It all has to be done with the same non-for-profit organization. Although I haven't been caching much lately it still came into my mind when I was supposed to "think of something I like to do." I was hoping to perhaps coordinate one or two CITO events, but unless I could prove there was an organization I was "working" for that would not fulfill the requirements. However, I am hoping someone here might know of other things I could do with GPS technology. In the past I have volunteered teaching Geocaching skills with Girl Scouts, but that isn't going to add very quick. Any ideas, even opportunities just generally related to outdoorsy stuff, I would appreciate. I'm 17, I'm near Syracuse NY, and I have a driver's license and usually a car at my disposal. I'm putting this out here, and I'm also looking around online and at other organizations until something turns up. Thanks for any help! If this is the wrong forum I am not going to be offended if you move it. I am not sure how much it is exactly related to Geocaching, but off-topic is too crazy for this stuff IMO.
  5. One of my now-archived caches was blown up by a bomb squad a year or so ago. I talked with the park people but never had to deal with the police. It was an ammo box, pure and simple, that got me. It was in a very public place and had actually lasted there over a year before the trouble. I replaced it with a plastic container and all was well until the the hiding tree was cut down.
  6. Thanks! We did end up with a contest. Another girl had an etrex, so we had two different teams. We each found 2 different ones, then raced to see who could find the last two. I purposely gave my group the harder two caches, as I didn't want to discourage the rookies, so we lost the race. I'm pretty sure I got my 200th find too (though I'm not certain, and I can't quite check right now.) It was good to bushwhack again and my legs are all scraped up the from the thorns.
  7. I have just bought a new subscription after letting my old one expire. My paypal account goes to a different email address than my Geocaching messages. Where can I find my subscription number? I don't see it at my regular geoaddress. Thank you.
  8. Here's the story. If you click on my profile you'll see that while I started caching back in 03 I havent found a cache since this summer and my time in the activity has trailed off a bit. A lot of this is due to taking up the sport of running. I am now going to take my teammates and coach on a caching trip at a park where we run a lot. The coach is quite familiar with the terrain and so are some of the more observant athletes. I have convinced them this would be fun, since I can whip out my cool cool story of having my cache exploded 2 summers ago when the officials thought it was a bomb. -I have found some of the caches there, but I want to find some of the new ones. -I have one GPSr, and will probably have 15+ teenaged girls with me. (I could probably round up perhaps 3 more (receivers not girls) but it would take a bit of effort) -We'll probably have about 2 hours of time. I want us to have the most fun and have everyone get the best of impressions. Should I take them to easy caches that I've already found? Should we go on one good hike/run to a far out there cache? or a combo of the two? What if they don't want to bushwhack? Leave some behind or turn around? Personally I've always been a very plow-ahead sort of cacher but then again I like to run through the mud puddles. When to give up searching, with so many kids? Should I tell them to wear better shoes than our regular running shoes? bring water? wear warmer clothing probably...we already have to bundle up in the 40º F weather yknow? Any other suggestions for things you think I might not have thought of? Everyone in these forums always has such good ideas, and experiences, that I want to just check with yall before I have us set out. THANKS so much for any help, and wish us luck.
  9. Nous ne disons rien depuis août. Je ne parle qu'un peu de français. Si je dis des choses bizarres, vous savez pourquoi. Je crois que tout le monde pourrait savoir de geocaching. Si ils savent de geocaching, il y aura plus caches! On ne peut pas trouver un cache sans une personne qui l'a caché. Tout le monde ne veut pas blesser ou voler les caches. Si une personne est méchant, il va rester chez lui. Trouver les caches, on doit joindre geocaching.com. Quand vouz regardez "getting started" ici, vous pouvez souvenir que c'est difficile comprendre geocaching et des GPS! Je regrette mes mots mal.
  10. Nothing bad. It's not painful but I used to hate wearing bug spray, really dislike it, till I got bit dozens of times in the course of two days and couldnt sleep well for like a week. I have always been careful cuz I'm an athlete and a geo-injury sidelining me there would not look good.
  11. It would be nice if they'd all point in the same direction this often.
  12. There are a lot of ways people can feel guilty in this sport, unfortunately. Didn't hide it well, made too much noise, didn't respond to an email quickly, hid a cache people didn't like, etc. You can watch if you want, but don't get too paranoid!
  13. I used to give it a lot longer, now after maybe 15 minutes I will be ready to move on. It's all about the walk and getting to the area to me now.
  14. Thanks for the response. Yeah I think I have saved enough mowing money for a camera, and this is just one more reason (other than just nice photos) to get one. It's good to know they are important, more than in geocaching. This is cool. I always saw more opportunities for locationless caches than the ones I logged, and found that fun. That may be the best feature of them all. I'll definitely give this a lookat. Anyone else with imput (perhaps for others thinking similarly to me).
  15. Enspyer

    Sooo New!

    Don't feel sheepish about doing that. I don't have the tech skills, however minimal they might be, to do that whole coordinate downloading business. I didn't even set waypoints for about a year (and 100 caches) because I didn't know how. It's not about the technology, it's about the hunt, right?!
  16. It's nice to see that Lowrance now gets recognized as a good GPS. I enjoyed my iFinder before I broke it. Now I've gone mainstream and got a Garmin legend. I have nothing bad to say for it although I wish it was made for use in the right hand. That's such a small detail though, don't let it affect your ideas.
  17. I scarcely find time to get out caching these days. I went about six mouths sans a find ( ) this past year because of schoolwork and scholastic sports. Anyway, Waymarking seems a bit different, because I could find waymark items out and about- at away meets, or in other places I'd be anyway. However, I would have to learn a whole new site, and before I do I want to make sure it's worth it. Is the action taken at the physical location a waymark very time consuming? I don't have easy access to a digital camera since I broke mine last summer. Would this put me out of the running? Are many areas "saturated" with waymarks, or are many waymarks nearly all found? I'm imagining them a bit like the locationlesses, and I really enjoyed finding those (I still register all yellow jeeps in my mind ). Thanks for any tips y'all with experience have!
  18. I'm all for whacking those bushes! However, trailed by mother and dog, this just doesn't jive with them. Leashes, parents- geez!
  19. I've never ever cached solo, but the same rule still applies in pairs or more. I was in a group, and we were creeped out by an area, so we just left. We were a few hundred feet from the cache, but there's no fun in the hunt when you feel uneasy. One time my mother and I rode bikes many miles from our house to go downtown to get a cache. It was a long ride for us, with hills. We got there and absolutely could not find the cache. There were shifty acting people around it, so we just rode home. Later we found out the cache was there, and although we've returned a few times by car, have yet to find the silly urban micro.
  20. I haven't hit two hundred yet and I've been at this nearly 3 years. So anyone reading this thread, don't get yourself down!
  21. Honestly, some of my caches I own are less than thrilling. I placed most of them while I was 13 and 14 years old, and looking back I see where some of them might have seemed boring to a more demanding cacher. Consider that the cache hider may not be an adult like you, with access to a lot of camo-tools and the experience to know what is interesting. Or maybe they are older, or have a few kids trailing them. I always try to be nice, and if there is something wrong with the cache, it must be addressed in a constructive, not critical manner! It might not even be an age thing- any new cacher is going to have to get their feet wet in hiding sometime and deserves the benefit of the doubt.
  22. The FTF excitement in my area had my first cache found within hours of approval, and I'm sure it's like that for many. Glad to hear someone found yours. I hope they enjoyed it.
  23. I've never had a problem with any of the cemetary caches I've run into. I own a few myself. Two are far from any actual headstones, in woods/trails that just happen to be on the same property. Another one is in a century that hasn't been used for about a century, and it's nearby it so that people can stop and appreciate the old stones, and read them, while they are there. Micros I suspect would be fine, so long as they weren't anywhere near the headstones...they might be a bit boring though unless they were near a unique or signficant grave.
  24. My mother showed me that and I knew I would be a little angry at it by the end...the last few sentences, full of "quotations" made me stop reading. We have 2 Subarus, and they have never "left a satisfied feeling inside of me" because their magazine likes the environment.
  25. One thing is that some portions that are technically in the "Northeast" don't have much representation in this forum. For example, Central New York. I'm not sure why, but CNY cachers seem to stay off the forums except for a select few, and they don't seem to come in here at all.
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