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  1. Since I'm suppose to be Ironman's support person in his cardio rehab. I just wanted everyone to know that I "support" Ironman by letting him go on this hike. He's been working hard by getting into shape and I'm very proud of him. He's going to be around for a along time.
  2. IronMaiden


    I only met Allanon once awhile back. He was such a nice guy. I'm deeply sadden to hear this.
  3. As of now he has all of his tubes out and he is walking with the aide of a walker. I is still pretty weak and doing 2 laps around the cardiac floor is a workout for him. Looks like he will be getting out sometime this weekend.
  4. As some of you haven't heard my husband Ironman114 . Had a heart valve replaced and as a added surprise he needed a bypass. I'm hear to report that he is doing great and may get out of the hospital sometime in the next 2 days. He has walked around the heart floor (2 laps) here at St. Peters in Olympia he's a bit slow now but with time he will be out running everyone. Unfortunately he will be out for 12 weeks so no hiking until then . In the meantime he will be getting stronger for a snowshoe hike or something of that caliber. He'll be ready for the challenge. I'm off now to see him and make sure he's behaving and not tormenting the nurses.
  5. Ironman is on his way. Will be making a stop to pick up Criminal. Also made sure his life insurance, and medical insurance were up to date . Have fun everyone maybe I can try and get a HOTM in one of these days.
  6. DARN IT!!!! I'm stuck here at the house. Fe is on night shift. If Fe was still on days, I would be having our son drive me up there for a beer and a burger. Nothing like a good burger and a Arrogant Bastard beer!
  7. Just jeans, t-shirt, hiking boots or tennis shoes and my purple hoody.
  8. This is our 9 year old Brittany Spaniel, Rusty or his pedigree name is "Brandy's Rusty Stub's" This is Rusty near a cache with Ironman114, it was 90°+ where they were and he decided to take a break in the creek. He likes to go hiking with Ironman114 whenever he can. The last time Criminal and Ironman114 went hiking to Wonderlake, Rusty was in the truck ready to go. I had to admit it was funny to see. Sadly, he had to stay home with me. But he might get to go next time.
  9. A car wreck has stopped me from doing some caching. I have done one since the accident but it was one that we thought I could do easily. I'm almost ready to do some other caches but I want to take it one step at a time.
  10. "IronMaiden...you're letting FE go? I thought he was grounded. " He's not "grounded". I just don't want him strapping the house to his back and taking off in the woods again. Seriously, I want him to go back and hike this area. They were so close to the lake and yet so far. Besides he needs to baptize his new hiking gear he got a few weeks ago. The back yard doesn't count.
  11. Sometimes just hiking to look for a place to put a cache is a good day for me these days. This is one of my most recent and best hike I was on in along time. Ironman was so proud that I was able to make it here so we could enjoy it together.
  12. I got: MSR Microzoid one man tent, weight 3pound 6 oz. packed, cost $80, savings $56 Big Agnes Lost Ranger sleeping bag weight 2 pound 6 oz. saved $100 Big Agnes insulated Air Core sleeping pad, weight 1 pound 6 oz saved $35 a couple of different footprints for $10 each and about 9 oz. ea. saving $27 REI Ascent hiking poles $10, saved $90 Rei Sahara hiking pants/removable legs $15 saved $40 Vasque Wasatch GTX Goretex hiking boots for $60 saving $110 Marmot Oracle coat with Precip plus waterproof coating, cost $66, savings $94 The 30 yr old tent weighed 6 1/2 pounds with 1 1/2 pound tarp for footprint. Old sleeping bag weighed 6 pounds and old pad weighed 2 1/2 pounds. Saving 16 1/2 pounds. Now all I need is a JetBoil, a new hydration bladder that doesn't leak and snowshoes for winter! I have a new pack coming. It is lighter and I hope it fits. I worked 10 hours OT Friday and that paid for all my gear with the savings. Now if I can just convince him to leave the cast iron fry pan, the kitchen sink, microwave and also the espresso maker. He'd even have a lighter pack.
  13. I just wanted to tell you about my hiking stick. Hubby and I went on a hike (the first one for my since I was diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure). It was only a few miles but I just walked at a easy pace while he cleaned up some of the trail from our winter storms. When we met up he had a stick in his hand and asked me if I wanted to use it. I did for the rest of the hike and back to our truck. I threw the stick in the back of the truck and forgot about it. What I didn't know is that Ironman114 had taken this stick cleaned it up, sanded it smooth, varnished it and put on some leather shoe laces for decoration, engraved my name and gave it to me as a surprise!! To me it's the best hiking stick in the world cause he made it as a reminder of the hike we took together. I'm very proud of it. I'd show you a picture but I'll have to wait for hubby to get home and do it for me. So be patient.
  14. I wondered why my ears were burning last night. I spoke to these guys from Ironman's rescue team. They told me that since they work in the area where Ironman had his bit of trouble the last HOTM. If he got stuck again, they would come and get him after the snow completely melted. Its not fun when you get stuck and the one that your rescuing has to pull you out. BTW, he forgot to mention that we were driving in the snow (though not much) this weekend. The truck needed a couple pair of ice stakes at one point. So you see I do let him out to play. Maybe next time, I would like to go on a HOTM. I'm not the fastest person right now. It gives me a excuse to get out of the house after watching our granddaughter 5 days a week.
  15. Welcome Ice & Wind you're a brave person. I promise to play nice............ Maybe............ We'll see.
  16. Know of a few couples that met through geocaching. Then I know a couple of women cachers that wanted to interfere in a marriage and got their butts kicked by the wife, via a nasty e-mail. Nothing else needs to be said. I'm just happy for the couples that are happy cachers like us!!!!
  17. This is a picture of me and our 2 geo-mutts. Going to check out my cache after the big flood we had in Dec. (I know it's a strange pic of me but hubby's dog, Charlie wanted to go to him and I had to hang on or be dragged.) The big brown one is Charlie, he's a Rot and chocolate lab, or as we call him,"A Rotten Lab." The smaller one is Rusty he is a Brittany. Rusty has went caching with Ironman114 a few times. Charlie hasn't been caching yet. I know Ironman114 will be taking them out later this year on a few cache hikes.
  18. Nice pics, glad to hear the cache is A-OK! Alas, your link was broken. Here's the cache page: Duck! Am I Blind? Thanx for fixing that for me. I had to many things to do this morning until I got back to the forums.
  19. My Webpage: Duck Am I Blind? We checked out my cache that is near the Chehalis River. We were surprised to see the path way is blocked. You have to climb over the debris to get to the cache. Hey, if I can climb it anybody can Who knows when the Dept. of Wildlife will get the path reopened. The best surprise of all was the fact that the cache container the I hid was still in place and dry . Even though the water was over 11 feet in the cache area. It might a lame micro but it's a darn good one. Check out the pics in the gallery. You'll see what I mean
  20. Great Pictures!!! One of the best threads I've read in a long time.
  21. I'll need to check mine as soon as the water goes down. Right now, it's not under water but it might be by tomorrow.
  22. I think Ringbone only had a handful of posts. As Ringbone, that is. I was just having a sarcastic moment.
  23. I miss SparkyWatts And for some of you cachers............. What about Ringbone? Sorry I just had to mention this,"Why does my post say,Ringbone."
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