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Getting signed out of web site


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For the last half hour we've been having issues of being logged out of the site and then getting "500 server error" messages when trying to log back in.


If we get logged in, we get booted back out when we go to view another page on the site.


Site is also slow to respond.


Anyone else seeing this?

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I'm seeing the same problem right now, 22:22 PST, 10-Nov-2016. I cannot even complete logging the caches I found today, which is very disappointing considering that I'm on a long consecutive days streak.


Whatever the problem from yesterday, it ain't fixed. But at least it's good to know it's not just me.

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Can't access my account nor can my wife. We are currently in Australia, but were able to search the site this morning when we planned our day but now can't log our finds or plan tomorrow's walk. But we can get to the forums????


I'm guessing, mind you, but perhaps the forums are housed on a different server. Or something ;)

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Germany: geocaching.com is telling that I have to log in.

If I then log in, there is no error message - but I am still logged out with no access to e.g. premium caches.

No 500 server errors till now.


(As you can see I was able to log in to forums.Groundspeak.com)

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It has been hit and miss for me the since last evening. When the site dumps me I can't get back in at the login screen. When I hit "login" it just returns a blank login form. Same happens using the phone to log into the site. The phone ap is working for me.


Edit: Olympia, Washington.

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Can NOT sign in from Germany.


Page starts, login page openend, enter acc and login and nothing happend, loginpage reloads with blank loginfields.


Or i get an error 500.


Test with

firefox, IE and Edge on windows 10 - not working

crome on android - not working


Test with app c:geo login error - not working


Test with official GC App Login is possible, shows caches , a foundlog is send up to the page.

after "open in browser" i can see my onlinelog , but i am not logged in.

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