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  1. Only HQ (and reviewers) are able to do that.
  2. Thank you for pointing that out. But apparently noone has noticed the previous report (judging from the bug still being present and that no GS lackey has responded) so it does not harm to report it again.
  3. We once found an unpublished cache during search for a mystery final (we were attempting brute force ). We logged inside and it went live two days later. We considered it sort of "preFTF" and left the FTF honor (including swag items) to those who came after the official start signal. Such a coincidence was not frequent back then (in 2008). There were not that many caches (and cachers) around.
  4. Yep, you can. I've just successfully changed the date of my February OM log to yesterday's date.
  5. 21 days and counting...
  6. 20. days since this was reported...
  7. A cache actually does not need to have much for me to give it a FP. OK, I think it should have a logbook. But I take giving FPs in such a selfish way - to build my Favorite List. Everybody does that, just some may not have yet noticed. So it is simple: if something interesting (memorable) happened during the search or I met fine people, I give the cache a FP. The rule is - if I open any cache in my Favorite List and read my find log there, I will be able to clearly identify why it got a FP from me.
  8. It's been a week since this was reported and the bug still persists.
  9. I believe as well that non-stabilized 8x is the upper limit to be able to hold it with acceptable shaking. A year ago I bought Vortex Solo 8 x 36 monocular. It is small enough to have it in my EDC bag all the time. Good field of view (the higher the zoom number the narrower the FOV), quality picture and great luminosity. I like it.
  10. As for the sorting method selector - how about to save one click (for us users) and resources (for you, HQ)? ad 1) change the sorting dropdown into radio button (or another one-click solution). ad 2) the number in parentheses could indicate how many logs have been upvoted (if any) and users wouldn't have to blindly try everything to find out which would help to save CPU time of the servers and bandwidth as well.
  11. I get this as well. But could you (GS) somehow secure that these two logs (the NM and its accompanying WN) don't get divided by other logs?
  12. It looks promising. I wanted to quickly get to the oldest logs on one of my caches so I clicked "View all logs" link below a listing but it's not possible to upvote from there.
  13. I confirm this issue on Firefox 84.0.2. Both "Found date" sorting options produce the same list. Not sure what it is ordered by but it is definitely not latest found date.
  14. Yep, that "10-degree lines" concept is a bit confusing. I wonder why the author felt the need to create it and then operate with fractions...
  15. Today I had a DNF after some time and can confirm this bug. Unbelievable that this was first reported on 4th November and it's still not fixed...
  16. Not sure whether these "FPs" will change that but usually it's lack of motivation that makes people stop doing something...
  17. 1) When starting up the application after a couple of days (4? not sure but it's definitely less than a week) one has to enter his credentials again. That is annoying. Please extend the expiration time to at least one month. 2) After I spend some time in another app (it was 10 minutes today in Firefox) and switch back to the Adventure Lab application, it often behaves as if it's starting over. This is even more annoying than issue no. 1 because it does not open the AL I left it in. So I have to zoom in the map cluttered with completed ALs (there is nothing like "Recently opened" in the app), find the one I was working with before and open it again. Not comfortable.
  18. Anyone can write on forums. I think FPs are useful. Those who don't like them can safely ignore them. The same would be with "likes" for logs.
  19. I like the idea of user waypoints as well. I use Geoget for offline cache management (an app similar to GSAK) and have been adding my waypoints to caches for years. Often parking when the CO has not provided one (or I know of a better spot), stages, reference points and especially final waypoints (with formulas for quick and error-free final coords calculation on-the-go). The database already has a table for storing waypoints. So far only an owner is allowed to add waypoints to a particular cache. Why not allow players to add their own private waypoints to caches? EDIT: Groundspeak does not monitor Geocaching topics for feature requests. Ask an administrator to move this thread into the Website section.
  20. IceColdUK: I agree with the need to see the real positions of owned mystery/multi (etc.) caches on the map. The only question is why developers did not use the final waypoint coordinates for this. When you need to move your cache, you update the coordinates twice, right? In the final WP and in the corrected coordinates...
  21. Just want to say that I like the "Latest activity on your hides" list - the logs are displayed with attached images and they are sorted as they came in (not by the log date) which means I don't miss a player's summer find which he posted recently with several months delay. I would appreciate an _option_ to switch the latest activity on the main dashboard to this mode as well.
  22. It is updated as stated but.... why am I allowed to enter solved coordinates for MY OWN caches? I do not need to solve them. And I already have final waypoints on my multi and mystery cache pages as required by the guidelines. The only thing missing is to allow displaying my hidden final wps on the small map. .
  23. This is how I see some of those cache pages and especially their images: First: Third:
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