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  1. I, too, mainly use the Groundspeak app. But I also have GCDroid and Geooh Go installed. Both are good alternate options. Geooh Go has a built-in Wherigo player which I find is better than the standalone WhereUgo app.
  2. @quadsinthemudd is a very active and prolific cacher. He's been known to log finds weeks to months and even years later in some cases after making the find. I know he's not the norm and we shouldn't expect enough people logging after this date to break the record. But it does happen.
  3. It's too bad we didn't break the record. However, it seems a bit disingenuous to still award the souvenir.
  4. Try using Basecamp to build your routes.
  5. Ugh. I came here to make a similar post and request to Groundspeak (anyone listening?) that they revive the platform. At the very least, update the website with the same aesthetic and technology used in the geocaching website. And more importantly, develop and maintain a multi-platform tool for creating Wherigo cartridges. Wherigo has so much potential, but it's so inaccessible to creators.
  6. PQ's download as a zip file. You have to double click it to extract the GPX file. If you are using a Mac, be sure to empty the trash before disconnecting your eTrex. That will ensure the old GPX files are actually deleted. The eTrex 10 has some file limitations put on it, able to display only 2000 geocaches, so make sure you aren't loading more than that. Check the geocache filters to make sure they aren't set in a way that will hide all geocaches. And finally, if the PQ is of any significant distance from your current location, they may not appear in the list.
  7. Thank you for clearing up any confusion.
  8. So delete isn't a permanent deactivation, then.... Maybe they need to include an archival process.
  9. If I'm hosting an event with food or at a restaurant where a group reservation is necessary, I will ask people to RSVP with their will-attend by a certain date and in their log, mention their party size. This will give me a rough estimate of how many to plan for. I can't require an rsvp, but it's been rare for more than a few people to show up unannounced and I have yet to run out of food at a bbq event. Should the day arrive where it become a problem... well, it's first come, first served.
  10. Keep on waiting. I'm hoping the delay is related to the chip shortage. Garmin hasn't been releasing much in the way of new hardware in the last two years.
  11. Loc files should have been depreciated as well... Where are you seeing that option?
  12. Yes, maps that you buy are locked to the device that you register them with. It sucks, but going forward, be aware that there are great (and sometimes even better) free alternatives you can use. This is pretty much your support forum for Garmin handheld GPS. Garmin has never maintained forums specific to handhelds. Who knows why, but the Geocaching community has picked up that slack. Sucks they didn't email you back. Did you try calling their European support office? There are no SIM cards for GPS devices. They don't connect to cellular networks and thus don't need a data plan/phone identification number. So don't try putting a SIM card in a Garmin handheld. Perhaps you meant SD card? Those should transfer just fine between devices. Yes, the eTrex devices are clunky and slow. They always have been. Now that I think about it, all GPS devices are slow. Probably because they are equipped with low-energy processors to save battery life. Though keep in mind that the eTrex line are their cheapest / introductory models, so don't expect them to be as feature rich or robust as a gpsMAP 66 or an Oregon model. Garmin DOES still support the eTrex 22/32x. As long as they still produce and sell a product, they will support it. You can geocache and navigate with a phone just as well as you can with a Garmin GPS receiver, so in the end, you might be happier going that route. Those of us who are GPS diehards will still use them. But we do notice that without any real competition (Garmin IS the handheld GPS market) and a dwindling customer base, garmin hasn't had the incentive to develop these tools like they used to, and so they are dropping the ball on technology and performance. New models are often released with glaring bugs, and some lines are so overdue for an update that according to prior timelines, we'd be seeing a second next generation coming out by now (where's our Oregon update!?). I digress. As the button on my GPS is developing a hole and stops working properly, I find myself using the GPS less and less for geocaching and only as a hiking trip logger.
  13. I would start here: https://garmin.opentopomap.org/ You can download topo maps for any region of the world and install them into Basecamp and make routes, waypoints, and even draw tracks to save and export as GPX files. Bonus: You can install the map on your eTrex 32x instead of buying Garmin's France map all over again.
  14. Except when you read the original post, the OP deleted the file and had the GPS create a new one: Some thoughts on this: When the GPS creates a new Geocache_visits.txt file, it doesn't consult the XML file to recreate past logs. It simply continues writing the next time you log a geocache. It's possible (though unlikely) that deleting the .txt file but not the XML file is the source of the problem. I almost always delete both when resetting my geocache files on the device. Trying to manually edit or create the .txt file will result in a file that the GPS can't read or write. But because the file with that name exists, a new one won't be created. I don't really understand why Garmin writes this file in some other encoding other than UTF-8 or Latin-1. Maybe it's a limitation imposed by Groundspeak to prevent average users from making their own field notes file to upload to the site. Whatever the reasoning, editing the geocache_visits.txt file before uploading it to drafts will cause an error there as well. It sounds like something else was causing issues and the soft reset fixed it. If this occurs again in the future, it might be worth testing to see if it was a corrupt database. The entire SQL folder can be deleted and will be recreated upon boot without having to delete all of your GPX files or reset your settings.
  15. Macs don't have a Blue Screen of Death? As far as compatibility goes, I haven't yet found much that can't work with a mac. Ok... I admit I'm not a gamer and so I'm not as concerned with game studios and programmers who choose not to compile their programs for the Mac OS. But as far as work tools go, MS Office, Adobe Suite, etc. are all cross compatible. And almost all hardware just works. Plug n' play. That's really just my opinion (and the opinion of a lot of mac users) based on experience. I don't care what system you use. Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS... if you have a problem, I will search Google for an answer (something you all should be able to do yourselves, but I digress). But if you're going to snark against macs, I have plenty of snark to throw back at PCs. Let's keep this thread on topic please.
  16. Yeah, but then you have to deal with stability issues of Windows, or you have to know your way around Linux. Often, Macs are just easier.
  17. Yes, there is some similarity. Though Wherigo can be played completely offline whereas Adventure Labs require an internet connection. Also, Wherigo is so much more than just geofencing a location and answering questions. It is fundamentally a game within itself. Cartridges can be programmed so that you go to a location and find objects that open other locations. There can be "walls" programmed in to make a virtual maze to solve. There are reverse caches in which the location is hidden, but the cartridge will tell you your location to the final coordinates at any time. Wherigo has been somewhat abandoned by Groundspeak, but there is so much potential. Unfortunately, it requires some programming knowledge if you want to make a more advanced game with your cartridge.
  18. Yes, they are listening. No, they don't have time to reply to every single thread. If you have a great way to integrate labs into the main game, design it with an API token. GeoohGo has already made it happen (for android users anyway).
  19. I'm not sure what you're looking for in a response, but this model is extremely basic and also quite old, being first released in 2004. GPS technology (both the user / software interface and the back-end hardware) has improved immensely since then. I don't think it's worth trying to find parts to repair, nor is it worth replacing with the same one. Consider something newer (released in the last ~10 years) as these models will be fully compatible with geocaching and modern hardware without proprietary cables and software. Or consider just geocaching with your phone. The apps and hardware are just as good as a GPS for users who aren't going out in extreme terrain. Either way you'll have more up-to-date maps that you can install along with a better visual interface. Color makes a big difference in adding information to maps while retaining readability.
  20. I'm with you on this too. However, this is just a guess: I think with COVID still spreading when this was designed, they didn't want to encourage event attendance or disadvantage anyone living in an area where events/gatherings might still be banned.
  21. Extreme heat will also soften the rubber. And if you live near the coast, the salt in the air doesn't help either.
  22. The gpsMap line up (64x, 65, 66 series) are also button GPS, in which the buttons are a bit more durable than on the eTrex. Buttons will always wear out at some point because the motion produced weak spots in the rubber covering. But the more advanced models are built with higher quality materials. I've had my Oregon 600 now for 6 or 7 years and the rubber over the power button has now developed a crack.
  23. There had been a bug where logging a cache as found gave you points, deleting the found log did not erase the points, and then logging it as found again would award you points again. Maybe it's been fixed?
  24. Congratulations? Some of us as cache owners do appreciate your detailed logs. Many of the logs I get are simply "found it." or "tftc" with many more just being a simple sentence or two. Admittedly, many of my logs aren't as detailed as yours, but then I find that the effort for my log tends to correlate to the effort put into the hide. Regardless... that mult that took you a week to complete still only gives you one find count, the same as a LPC that took you 5 minutes to run out and find. So I'm not sure that comparing effort between a Lab stage and a traditional hide is a valid argument against the way lab finds are treated.
  25. Great maps there. Very few are routable in the locations the OP is inquiring about.
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