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  1. I've been wanting one of the newer Wi-Fi enabled units (moving away from PCs/laptop), and wanting the ability to choose which GPX or GGZ file to use. I had a 62s in the past and liked it overall even though it was a bit bulky, but accuracy was a big problem with it for some reason. I was planning on getting a 66s, but in the end I bought an Oregon 700 this week to replace my aging/failing Oregon 600. Compact size and $359 vs $529 (CDN) were the deciding factors for me.
  2. That was a great deal. All I see now is the eTrex 20x for $299. The original eTrex 20 was my first GPS unit. Still have it and use it occasionally due to its compact size.
  3. Sounds like a locations settings issue on the S7. I had an S7 Edge (now have an S9+) and there were times when the S7 was able to zero in on the cache location better than my Oregon 600 could.
  4. I've encountered that problem as well with my Oregon 600. Will work fine for months then lose satellites or not lock on. Disabling Glonass usually fixes it, but if I'm under a thick tree canopy it may not.
  5. Also make sure the firmware is up to date. After the 600 was discontinued, Garmin issued an update which resolved a lot of the issues I had with it (blank screens, lockups). I load my 600 with GSAK, so special characters were stripped out, and it would still lock up requiring a battery pull to get it working again.
  6. I knew about it, just forgot about it as I have the similar issue with my Oregon 600. It has a connection option for Basecamp Mobile, which as you said, no longer exists.
  7. I'm assuming the 64s is being replaced by the 64sx. None of the 64 models have Wi-Fi capabilities, so that separates them from the 66 series.
  8. I launched G4L and it was able to import a bookmark list ok Not sure if it simply handed it off to Locus. The rest I don't want to test until I am on Wi-Fi.
  9. I'd like to see this as well. I use GPX files to load my devices and like to be able to differentiate between corrected and unsolved mystery caches.
  10. Under the new API, Premium members are allowed 16000 "full" API calls and 10000 "lite" API calls per day. GSAK has a dialog to check your API balance for each day.
  11. I recently got a new phone (Samsung S9+ running Android Pie). Every time I start the app I get the orange dot indicating something new in my profile. I haven't received a new souvenir since January 1st. I've cleared the app cache AND app data. It worked fine after that, but has since started notifying me again. Why?
  12. I'll have to check the macro screen to see if transparent icons are an option. That would certainly address that issue.
  13. Guess I didn't write that correctly. Found caches are not displayed. The POI symbol for the just found cache is still shown, since you can't turn off individual entries in the loaded POI file.
  14. There's a GSAK macro that lets you build POI files for the Garmin Nuvi units. I've taken one of the files I built using it and have used it on my Oregon 600. The proximity alarms worked great. Annoying sound but it did work. I also had the geocaches loaded from a GGZ file, so I could mark as found, etc. That's where it gets weird because you still have the cache icon on the screen even though you've found it.
  15. Considering that Clyde (GSAK) has been working on the new API code since last summer, it is a bit concerning that Locus is just starting work on it. I hope he gets it done in time, as it's my preferred app.
  16. The Oregon 700 allows you to select which GPX/GGZ file you want to use. Could someone confirm that the GPSMAP 66s also has that capability?
  17. I've tried a couple of times to create an Attended log for an event I was at. I selected the option to save it as a Draft and pressed Save. On both my phone (Samsung S7 Edge) and tablet (Samsung Tab E), it did not save the Draft.
  18. It is for use with the Garmin NiMh battery packs. When a Garmin battery pack is inserted, it pushes the button down. That does two things; it automatically sets the battery type to precharged. It also allows the batteries to be charged while still in the GPS.
  19. I took a look at the raw data that GSAK generates as part of it's process to create a GGZ file. The last GGZ I generated was 10 MB in size (~2900 caches), with a 1.3 MB index file. GPX files used to build it totaled 40 MB. There are 10 GPX files in my case, with around 290ish caches in each one. There is a separate XML index file that catalogs each cache within each GPX file. It's set up similar to a TGZ file with sub-directories within it for the data and index. The index sub-directory naming appears to use the same structure as a Java JAR file. Mineral2, this might be of interest to you: https://github.com/rsaxvc/ggz-tools Here's the post Viajero was referring to: Spinning green circle...
  20. I use GGZ files on my Oregon 600 and with GSAK I export 20 logs to my device.
  21. John, the only way I am aware of to edit/add to the supplied GGZ file of caches is to use GSAK. It has an 'export as GGZ' option. I tried it myself for a while when I first got my 64s. There is also a Win32 command line program called GGZgen that can create GGZ files from GPX files.
  22. Not being rude, but why do you want to put your found caches on the GPSr? Not sure the OP's reasoning, but I load mine on via GSAK as POIs. That way, when I am out in the field placing a cache, I can select previously found caches to check proximity (I live in a very cache dense area).
  23. GSAK is showing the very helpful "Fail" error message. Even using the verbose setting, all of the info is in the window that disappears after you abort the logging.
  24. Not quite the same issue as last week, but I am unable to log my finds for today from GSAK via the API. The status tracking site says the API server is OK. A traceroute shows the server is reachable in 13 hops. Anyone else having issues with the API? ETA: I just went to the main site and see I have 13 Field Notes for the same cache from publications attempts.
  25. Very odd. Whenever I submit a map request I get the "it's ready" e-mail withing an hour or so.
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