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  1. Hello, It would be great when you can add the posibility to Copy the GCCode in the listing to open the Cachelisting in the webbrowser. Or better add a hyperlink behind the gccode, so if you tap /hold on the gccode in the APP/listing the listing will be load and open in a Webbrowser. There you can read your personalnotes, see the attributes, related webpage, in which Liste the cache is add and much more that is not shown in the APP. Thanks Greeting Wulfman_Do
  2. Any News ? When will the personal notes. Added to the APP ?
  3. Plesse change that to the APP. Add Filter: -show only solved mysterys -Show only corrected coords On the map show the cache Symbol at the place of corrected coords. Add a small checkmark or a '!' to the Symbols of Caches with corrected coords. Thanks Greeting Wulfman_Do
  4. Yes i have the same problem since 2-3 days, i post it here: Release Notes (Website and Geocaching® app) - April 24, 2017 hope they fix it soon. Greetings from germany Wulfman_Do
  5. Hello, there is a new error in the logging windows. last week everythink was ok, and every day an update made a better loggingpage. but after the rollout off the new loggingpage over the logging from a listing there is an error. as well in the loggingscreen if you come from drafts or from a listing. this error is since 2-3 days. See the picture: Sreenshot from drafts loggingscreen from 04/25/2017 no error all is ok. -- Screenshots from today, 05/02/2017 from drafts loggingscreen: from listing loggingscreen: ERROR: All icons are missing ! for the NM it shows the text, but for the camera, the favipoints and he dropdown at TBs nothing. If you go over with the mouse, you see the change off the cursor from arrow to finger, if you wait some seconds the tooltip pops up and show the text: - upload a photo - favorite this geocache I have some travelbugs in my inventory, but the dropdown arrow is missing, if i click wenn the mousecursor changes to finger the TB menu opens fine. Update request: 1.) I add a nother request for the better look and feel of the logging page, please show the frame off the dropdown menu, like the logtype menu, it is only a click/change in the code : from border:none; to border:visible; 2.) It would be nice if you can see next to the Favi icon your remaining favi points 3.) change the font style for the 'by' between the cache name and the owner name for a better separation. (example: no bold or italic) Thanks, greetings from germany Wulfman_Do
  6. Ok, tht's are bad news, so the complete old stuff is locked out. It would be a great thing if in the playstore under the Appnews / updates of the GC App would be an information in this regard, certainly 10% of the GC app also certainly have the same prolem, thanks. In this post: http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=344009&view=findpost&p=5650941 Lackey Ben H post: I am confued.... google playstore shows 5.1.1 hoped that the crash problems were the probs for "Your device is not compatible with this Version" 10% is 10%, so the old geocaching Classic app is shutdown and know the new version is not working :( now i will be locked out from geocaching and that at a premium user and no anouncement that this can happen, i think this had to be cleary called out some month ago.... Hope the Version 4.4.1 will works for some month, the functions are little, but i can use the message system and have to use other apps for caching. Beside why is the development and updates for iOs grown so fast and the android users had to wait so long, respectively why comes iOs first. When i look at the usage only 12% iOs and 87% androids.... Greetings Wulfman_Do
  7. Since last Werk i wait for the anouncent update for the GC Android APP. Until last week the newest Version was 4.4.1 from 07-07-2016. But this Version has: -no offline Maps -no drafts / fieldnotes -no personal notes -and and and. I heart from a friend with iOs that the newer versions become better. So i hoped and waited. Last Week after the newsletter i looked every two days for the update for the Android Version. Today i saw there is a new Version 5.1.1 BUT i cannot update. I check all my devices (phone, tablet, businessphone) but every device show me the message: "Your device is not compatible with this Version" I search the Appstore , The FAQ , the GC supportforum , The APP help. But found nothing about the needs , the needed Version or the Android Version. I check my Android Versions Android 4.3. Phone Android 4.2.2. Phone / tablet I have a acer tablet and samsung phones (Samsung S3) For the tablet i can update to android 4.4. But it is a lot of work because off backup data and co. Before this step i want to know if the APP works with Android 4.4. or not. Android 4.xx is one of the most used Version of androids. Why is there no support by the GC APP ? Or is this an Error in the APP update ?? Thanks, greetings from germany Wulfman_Do
  8. 1.) An other Problem ist the TB & Coin List, it shows only the TBCode but not the Trackingcode. So if you have some Trasvelbugs in your List the list shows: Trackable | TB1FTQA Travel Bug Trackable | TB20444 Travel Bug Trackable | TB4NM65 Travel Bug "Mike" ... BUT the TBcode is not printed on Travelbugs & Coins , there is only the Trackingcode. So you don't now which TB you have in your hand an Drop into the cache or move it. You can NOT click the name to get to the Detailpage, so you most open a new window, got to search for Travelbugs/Coins, serch it with the Trackingcode and open the Detailpage to see waht TBcode this item has to selcet it in the logging screen. Very Complicated. I think i have think about my hobby and collecting coins & TBs or moving it. I like to GO out an go Caching not to work at the office.... I DON'T NEED a Geocaching APP on my PC. I need a full working homepage. Today everybody has large display, and the Page only use 900px in the width, you can use more with no problem but now reduce it more ? Than i can use my phone BUT why i have an outdoor GPS (Garmin). --- 2.) Bringing the loginpage to the minimun without markdown , smilies, Preview, add more pictures, show the available faviPoint i think we went back to 1980's and my old C64.... oder old MS Dos with only text.... I like to wrote long logs on good caches and add more than one picture. I like challenges, sometimes you have to prove your Log authorization with screenshot and pictures, there is one picture not enough. Writing logs mit markdown is not so easy like the old BB Code but OK we have accept it last year. But until today it happens sometimes if you forgot an symbol or to add a free space or empty line the code does not work and show a bad formatted log, with the preview window no problem, check your log fix it send it. BUT NOW ?? I think i will went down from induvidel long logs to a fast TFTC or +1 or Found it. When this is what GS wants ? Some years ago i got newsletter with the call to write individual Logs, for more replay and giving back to the CO oder oher Cachers. But now, i think when we change it to this , why don't change it to an ONLY CHECKBOXES like x Found Cache x DNF x Archiv it is much easy and faster to log from mobile.... I think it is the next step closer to "geochcaching 2.0" like MUNZEE's , search, scan, click, go on. NO THANKS !!! 3.) I hope GS will listen to the comunity. Or is the trend only to look forward to new users an appstore sells ? - I am a PM since 2009, but what i get for my money is becoming less and less. - I am an owner/communitysupporter of many events and 100 geocaches. Please think about your old customers, i hope you dont want to lose them. Who is hiding new geocaches ? The old geocachers or the new guys that have downloaded the app in the store yesterday and go out to search for the first geocaches ? Without old geocaches with experience there is nothing to search for the new guys, and then there is no interest for them to buy a premium membership or buy apps, coins and other gc stuff. I don't think that is what the new CO of GS wants? greetings from Germany Wulfman_Do
  9. 1) OK, new uploads from yesterday are Ok. Now it ist working again, thx for the fix. 2) The Uploads from the last 2 Weeks with wrong dates, could not be fixed, ok, sad but ok, the last two weeks i think i/we can corrected the logdate from hand. 3) BUT WHAT ist with the old fieldnotes ? that from the last 1-2 years ? the Time stamp was right until the last month. WHAT happend to this old data (the Filednotes uploads before months or years). that Time was allright for 2 years , and know all damaged ? WHY ? Pleas FIX, see the picture. Hope that can be fixed, too. thx Wulfman_Do
  10. Hello, the app allways trys to login to GC server at the appstart (check your FoundNo., checks if server runs,...) BUT when you are outside with no mobile Internet (like in the woods) or in an other country with no mobile flat, then you can NOT start the app, because the app need a short login. So the function of using offline saved caches / cachedetails is useless, because you can not access it. Last time at the GIGA Event in Essen, Germany the cellphone Provider had a big downtime of 6-12 Hours with 3G services so no mobile internet on the hole GIGA Event day. I met my people using the GC App only, they have saved the hole caches arround the giga event but cannot access them, because the app did not start through the login process to the start page to access the saved cachedetails. Better Idea, start the app look for login and get the "new and actually foundcounts" but if after 10-15 sec there is no response then show "working offline" (no onlinelogs be uploaded to the page, only offline caching an offline fieldnotes are available) and then start the menü to access offline saved caches and you can GO CACHING. I would be greate when there are offline maps available, too. See my other post here Thanks Greetings Wulfman_Do
  11. Hello, the app only use only Online Maps. but outside in the woods, there is often no good internet oder no internet -> so no maps. I can save Caches to a bookmark und make it offline availible, but without an map, it is useless. An offline Map saved on the phone also reduce the traffic. Please ad an option in the options to select a offline map file ( like osm or others ) Thanks Wulfman_Do
  12. Hello, i missing the Personal Cache Notes in the App at the Cachesdetails. Why shout help me the correced Coords of a Mystery Cache when i am stand at the finalbox and don't have te digits for the numbern padlock ?! It is useless. Please add the Personal Cache Notes to the App. This is more useful then the last update "discovering Trackables". Thanks Wulfman_Do
  13. Hello, same Problem, all Caches in the fieldnote have an other time & date. The Caches i found on 10. Nov ( cached between 16:00-17:30 ) are now in the filednotes set to 11. Nov between 0:20 - 1:20 it affect my complete fieldnote (it include Notes until last year), all times & dates are wrong and i have 270x pending fieldnotes to log. :-( All Logs are +9 hours I didn't change anything in my gc settings since last year. I am from Germany, my timezone is set corectly to "Berlin" UTC +1 hour. See Screenshot's Fieldnote Errors My Settings hope for help, thx Wulfman_Do
  14. Can NOT sign in from Germany. Page starts, login page openend, enter acc and login and nothing happend, loginpage reloads with blank loginfields. Or i get an error 500. Test with firefox, IE and Edge on windows 10 - not working crome on android - not working Test with app c:geo login error - not working Test with official GC App Login is possible, shows caches , a foundlog is send up to the page. after "open in browser" i can see my onlinelog , but i am not logged in.
  15. That requirement was added as a result of feedback during testing. Lots of geocachers begin their logs with a number counter, like "#3738" for the user's 3738th overall cache find, or "#5 of 32 cache finds today." Thanks for noticing! BUT the Infos under the GC Help Center do not match to the requirements ?! 4.14. How to format Markdown https://support.Groundspeak.com/index.php?pg=kb.page&id=739 It would be great when the IT guys / give us a corrected list with all possible Codes using on geocaching.com and not a universal list from markdown codes from the web. Thanks
  16. From the Markdown Guide: under How to Format at th ePost a Log page I tried but I only get one Line Break Old Log / style: Go out find......nice cache, had a good trip. Thanks for the cache. Greetings Wulfman_Do but now i get only: Go out find......nice cache, had a good trip. Thanks for the cache. Greetings Wulfman_Do How can i get the two line breaks between "...good trip." and "Thanks..." ? I also use it for a better overview in anouncements to separate different points or informations. Thanks
  17. Great the change to markdown change the look and counting für Event, MEGA, GIGA Events. Normally you write your WA with text text *2* Persons see you there text text With *2* (or *1* for one perosn) the eventowner can filter or search by *xx* and count all xx up. Now with markdown all logs show only 2 in italic. so nothing to filter and count up. Hard to get the number of people that want to come, now you have manually go to 1000's logs an cound by hand.
  18. Hello, i check different LAB Caches GPX files for germany, the most are know ok and make no problem. but the GPX File for the LABs at the GC4EMGA - Big Äppel is not valid. ( https://labs.geocaching.com/Adventures/Details/ef2bc574-5959-400f-8dde-3556fbad02a4 ) When I import this gpx file i get the error " Badly formed UTF-8 Character in stream " I check the gpx valid and the prob is at: Adresse: http://www.validome.org/xml/validate/ Zeile Nr. 76, Spalte 92: <desc>This is a cache list generated from Labs.Geocaching.com specifically for Big ppel - GC4MEGA</desc> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------^ It is the Problem with the vowel mutation of the Ä . ( the German Ä for AE, Ö for OE, Ü for UE ) Some posts befor there was the Problem with the LAbs for the GIGA Munich were the ä,ö,ü, was cut out, i check this gpx files after import there are the ä,ö,ü changed to ae, oe, ue. Think at the Big Äppel LABs GPX Set it was forgotten ? or missed to replace ? Please Check, thanks. Wulfman_Do
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