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  1. I'm in the capital if you want to send one my way...
  2. depends on the club...my club: $1160 for the year PLUS $15 per competition game...
  3. and it doesn’t meet the requirements of the cache...
  4. They posted the same on another cache
  5. Write note 20 Jan 19 Shouldn't that be a note rather than an Owner Maintenance log given you haven't done any actual maintenance?? Owner Maintenance 20 Jan 19 I will check that one Didn't find it 11 Jan 19 No luck. Needs Maintenance 11 Jan 19 Just a reminder for the CO if they didn't check this one back in October...thanks Didn't find it 11 Jan 19 […]Did the CO check up on it as promised back in October last year? Owner Maintenance 05 Oct 18 will check update tomorrow Didn't find it 29 Sep 18 Maybe we were tired. We looked but did not find. On our list for another day. Found it 19 Aug 18 Quick easy find ?
  6. well what do you know, they logged it back in January 2014...I had to go back through the logs to find it... thanks all!
  7. A basic member is trying to use http://www.geocachingadmin.com/ to log a PMO cache as found but the only log options she is getting are Didn't Find, Write Note, Needs Archived and Needs Maintenance. Is anyone else having this issue?
  8. have you tried logging out of the app and then back in?
  9. Geosphere is an app that's no longer being updated
  10. Why is the age rating on the app 4+ when the ToU specifically state: Minors. Our services are not targeted towards, nor intended for use by, anyone under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, you are not permitted to use our services. If you are under the age of 18 but at least 13, you may only use our services under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by this Agreement.
  11. excellent - your profile now shows that your email address is available and that you are a premium member
  12. when I go to your profile it says you are a "not validated premium member" - the cache in the image is a premium cache and I believe that is what basic members see when they view premium caches maybe you need to check your emails for a validation email? also it says this: E-Mail Address: The "Send Email" feature is disabled because this email address has not been validated by the user.
  13. the moderator might want to edit on4bam's reply as well
  14. and this one has now been locked to prevent further entries
  15. if you select the three dots while you are on the map screen it goes to the options you mentioned...
  16. the three dots are there if you select the cache BEFORE pressing start...
  17. doesn't the Found It option only disappear when you've already logged it as found? check which account you were logged in with
  18. thanks for the pedantry, you knew what I meant... not having the necessary detailed maps loaded will make it somewhat harder to locate the caches...
  19. if the caches are in a different country and you don't have a map loaded for that country then you won't see the caches...
  20. Is Mapsource making your cache files into waypoints? If so, it would be good to place GPX files directly into the GPX folder of a Garmin GPSr: Download the GPX file from Geocaching.com. For a zipped Pocket Query, unzip the file, and you should now have at least one “GPX” file. Plug the Garmin into the USB port of the computer. Find the Garmin as a [DRIVE] or [storage device] and open it; Therein, locate a file folder named something like Garmin/GPX/; Click, drag and drop (or copy) the downloaded GPX file(s) to that [DRIVE]:Garmin/GPX/ folder. Right-click and select Eject, unplug the Garmin; Go Geocaching. (From Gitchee-Gumee's excellent instructions) I copy and paste folder straight to my gps as G:removable drive/garmin got nothing no geocaches or waypoints you must copy them to the garmin/gpx folder not just garmin/
  21. the "book" is a log book where people record their visits to the cache so it needs to be returned back to the container...
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