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  1. I always take the TBs in my possession with me on trips and holidays and try to leave them in a safe cache if possible. If it's not possible I will log visits of certain caches so the logs leave a trail of where the trackable has been.
  2. None of the websites I visit have ads (that I can see)... that includes GC
  3. I know, but that doesn't mean I have to. I'm not willing to "contaminate" my statistics by logging a code instead of a trackable. That +1 is not important to me.
  4. Because 100% of my discovered/moved TBs I have actually held in my hand or physically seen (standing near a car with TB code). I don't log virtual codes just like I don't log caches I haven't found and signed the log (even if the CO gives permission on a missing cache). Since I don't see myself going to Mars to take note of the TB code, I won't log it. As for an extra souvenir... I just don't care about that (I've hidden about 70 souvenirs I don't care about on my profile).
  5. This tread looks like a roadtrip with little children. "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet........." Another reason I'm not going to log it (and yes I have the correct code).
  6. That seems extreme. Given that a PQ with about 1000 caches is less than 2MB I wonder what that app is doing. If your "roaming period" is one month that means you're using 1GB/day if you're out caching almost every day. That can't be right (well it can but it shouldn't).
  7. The GPS in your phone does not consume any data. However, at some intervals your phone might download some satellite data which consumes very little data and, you can download that at home. What does use data are maps. How much data depends on what area and what detail you download. I doubt it will be much. Even on longer drives with Waze active it takes a long time to use 100MB. You'll use more data if you download cachedata on the go. If you're worried about datalimits try to download as much as possible at home using WiFi. While not caching with a smartphone, I get by with less than 200MB/month. That's Waze, mail, looking stuff up when out caching and looking at a spoiler picture if we can't find a cache (in case it's not available offline on my tablet). You can always do a trial run resetting data counters when you start, go out and check when back home and calculate from there.
  8. Hasn't happened in 14 (almost 15 years). First filter is for the "To:" address and that's 100% in my hands
  9. Or create better filters For PQs I filter on "To:" address (it's unique for PQs), Notifications are filtered on (part of) the subject line and "To:" address. A change in "sender" or "reply to" address doesn't change the way mails are filtered.
  10. You can use filters in your email program too unless you're using webmail. I run my own server so I'm flexible
  11. Just adjust your mailfilters I hadn't noticed this change as my mails were filtered as they always were. I filter on "to: " address (unique address for GC) and subjectlines.
  12. No. I use GSAK (windows) as an offline database with geocaches. This allows me to access geocache data via API to download caches instead of downloading GPX or PQs. Although I get notifications for new caches, I don't download the individual GPX files for new caches but just use GSAK to download all Belgian (or whatever area) caches published during the last xx days in one go. They are then added to the offline database. To go caching I just select caches I want to do and let GSAK send them (as 1 file) to my GPX.
  13. You care to say what the email tells you or do we have to guess? Is it "Your PQ xxxxx is ready for download"? If so, that means you have set the PQ to run daily. BTW, I never run PQs to get newly published caches as PQ can only be set to select the placed date not the published date. Sometimes (often!) the placed date is weeks or even months ago which means a PQ for "new" caches placed "during the last week/month" may not contain caches published during the last week/month. I'm now solving mysteries that were published Feb 27th but they all have their placed date as Jan. 31st. I get newly published caches via the API in GSAK where I can select "placed during the last xx days"
  14. Ik denk dat je GPS niet geschikt is voor geocaching. De GPX files die je downloadt van fiets sites bevatten meestal gewoon de tracks of routes. Een GPX van GC bevat natuurlijk andere informatie. Misschien kan je met de software van je GPS de data van de GC-GPX omzetten zodat die wel kan ingeladen worden. Misschien kan je de data omzetten naar POI (die lijken wel te kunnen gebruikt worden op je GPS).
  15. As screens are getting bigger (phone/computer) because of white space there's less content on screen. That's bad, not because users resist change but because it makes it less comfortable sites and apps. I'm sure nothing will change because these changes have been made to different parts of the site and apps and nothing was done after (many) people reported that these changes were not for the better. Fortunately, sometimes some greasemonkey/tampermonkey scripts fix things.
  16. Notification mails for followed content no longer contain the whole posts but just the first 2 lines. This makes it impossible to follow threads when not at the computer. I read most threads I participate in through the e-mail notifications, coming back to the forums to reply.
  17. After a day out caching I always do "bookkeeping". That means adding all found info in the notes section in GSAK and adding all WPs. If needed everything can be shown on a map with 161m circles or exported to a favorite mapping tool.
  18. I guess you use the form to make a choice of what cookies to accept. I block cookies/scripts/ads with browser add-ons. That means I also block cookiebot and other stuff. I'm never given a choice about cookies on GC. Except for self-hosted analytics I block them too (google analytics....)
  19. Which cookies don't you want to accept? Some are needed to have a working website.
  20. I'm not saying a bonus can't be "easy" I mean it shouldn't necessarily be easy. The most interesting/memorable caches we've done take at least some effort, bonus or not.
  21. What do you mean? A bonus should be easy? Any reason it can't be complicated or difficult? If a CO wants a bonus to be hard, why not, some enjoy caches that need some effort.
  22. How did you load them? If you e10 follows the Garmin standard (for most GPS's) you will find the caches in the Garmin/GPX folder.
  23. I hope you also found out why. (You can try to look that up too).
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