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  1. My screenshot (that shows all geocache settings) deals with the second entry (Geocache Style). Tap it and select Name or Code.
  2. I am going to start a new thread about loading my drivesmart 51. You'd better enter the GSAK forum. There are still a lot threads on how to load Nuvis. No need to invent the wheel here again.
  3. No, that's not the correct way creating a geocache GPX file. Do NOT alter the files' structure. You'll break things, as seen with your FieldNotes file. You may select to show Name or Code on your Oregon. It's a Garmin setting. Hans
  4. Don't blame GSAK. The reason is a User fault.
  5. If you prefer the Export branch, this is the way to go: When using the file format GPX you are limited to 5000 geocaches. But a GPX includes additional waypoints- GGZ files are virtually unlimted, but do NOT contain additonal waypoints. Using the "Send Waypoints" feature from the GPS menu automatically selects the GGZ format and exports the Children (additional waypoints) as POIs.
  6. Do NOT use File>Export>GPX as you definitely have to know what you are doing (most people do not). Use GPS>Send Waypoints ... (from the menu) instead. (Select your Oregon 750 beforehand) This GSAK command does anything for you automatically.
  7. "Observato" actually should be the GCCode. It seems you're confusing Name and Code whilst creating the GPX file. Hans
  8. @timdevaneynz Why don't you just keep going like this? Garmin pretty much screwed up in Geocaching. I use my Garmin Montana 600 for emergencies only, when far away from civilization. Hans
  9. Standard PQs never deliver archived caches. Do you possibly confuse BM lists with PQs?
  10. That's what browser bookmarks are for: https://www.geocachingadmin.com/ Use it as your Geocaching dashboard and be a happy camper.
  11. See this: https://www.deutsches-uhrenmuseum.de/en/museum/knowledge/clock-facts/clock-dials-with-4-iiii-or-iv.html Hans
  12. Yes, it's a bug that I also noted some weeks ago. Adding 999 to a BM list is still working.
  13. Holy Moly, why that? You still got the MyFinds PQ with all your finds.
  14. I checked the Swedish PQs to be run tomorrow. Last week, they were created by excluding attributes correctly. Today I saw 5 of seven running against the 1000 limit. That way, wanted caches are thrown off the PQ because the PQ circle shrinks by adding unwanted to be excluded caches. Unfortunately, PQs behaving that way are not beneficial any longer. Hans
  15. And again. The PQs deliver caches that shouldn't be part of the PQ. 535 caches are added that are flagged with unwanted (excluded) attributes. Today this PQ fails with excluding Attributes accordingly: https://www.geocaching.com/pocket/gcquery.aspx?guid=dd00d9c7-0c7d-451c-8274-3af3aa05db04 PQs are pretty worthless without the correct excluding of attributes. Actually (besides limiting D and T) that's all I'm after. And it had worked pretty well the last 18 years until last week. My uneducated guess is that the AND/OR logic seems to be confused (by what ever). Hans
  16. Yes, they do have numbers: https://api.Groundspeak.com/documentation#geocache-types Hans
  17. Unfortunately, some standard PQs do NOT respect some attributes any more. Namely, tree climbing, wading, special tools needed, significant hike etc pp. Some of my PQs from last Thursday, Friday and today were fetching caches that were attributed with those unwanted, and excluded attributes. This results in getting roughly 100 caches that I wanted to exclude. The PQs are: https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?pq=cd1e3ad4-c605-4983-8cce-8f0a3b731258 https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?pq=8d382f6b-1502-4a5e-913e-717f79bf295c https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?pq=1bb5565d-7b4c-47b1-9b6c-2a2a3b2dff47 https://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?pq=3b66f99c-c55b-415c-a190-480bd015dcb7 Hans
  18. Yes. That's why it's way smarter to give the track's length instead of a useless timeframe. "The track is 2.5 km by feet" is pretty distinct for everyone. Hans
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