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  1. We are aware of a site slowdown and have engineers looking into it now.
  2. We appreciate the passion that some players have for benchmarking. And thanks @thebruce0for trying to come up with ideas to try to help. However, at this time we would like to focus our resources on geocaching and Adventure Lab. To implement any of these ideas, we would have to slow progress on other projects that are more important to our core products. As a recent example, we have a team who made key improvements to the Pocket Query API and is working to fix a couple bugs resulting from that update. We believe those who are passionate about benchmarking can still participate in a variety of ways. Many of the contributors in this thread have pointed out opportunities where you can still participate, such as through Waymarking or by directly reporting benchmarks to the NGS. You don't have to stop finding benchmarks. As a reminder, in the last 365 days, about 2,500 players have logged a benchmark. This represents ca. 0.13% of players who have logged a find during that same period. We know that some players are disappointed about our decision to retire benchmarking. But the numbers give us a clear indication that this is not a critical part of our offerings.
  3. We are aware of this issue. The engineers are actively working to fix this bug. It will take several days before it is corrected. In the meantime, the values may be temporarily incorrect or missing.
  4. We have notified the engineering team and hope for a fix soon.
  5. Today, the engineering team fixed the remaining Premium members who did not have access to the builder tool and did not have an Adventure credit.
  6. Thanks for bringing this issue to our attention. We will look into it.
  7. The sort order (on multiple searches from the home page) has now been fixed.
  8. The Quick Search buttons on the main home page should now be fixed. See also this thread for similar bug report - https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/topic/373176-‘view-profile-view-all-geocache-hides’-now-lists-with-oldest-first-rather-than-newest/
  9. The engineers are aware and are working on a fix.
  10. We notified the engineering team. Events have now been removed. We will work to return the results to the expected 30 mile radius. Thanks for your patience.
  11. Thank you for reporting the change in the default sort order. We have notified the engineers and hope for a fix soon.
  12. Yes, we can confirm that we have a bug. We will notify the engineers. In the meantime, we recommend posting a Write Note (log) on the page, to let geocachers know about the change that you plan to make. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  13. Thank you for reporting this issue. We agree that there is a bug and users will be unable to edit older cache pages until we get this fixed. We will notify the engineers and hope for a fix early on Monday. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  14. You can find Events for specific days on the Events calendar on the new dashboard (right side of page): https://www.geocaching.com/account/dashboard
  15. Earlier today, we had technical trouble with the Help Center. We believe those issues are now resolved. Please do a HARD REFRESH of the page (Ctrl + F5 for Windows). Of that doesn’t work, please contact us through contact@geocaching.com.
  16. The page is working again. Please try it now, if you want to apply for an Adventure credit. https://www.geocaching.com/play/request/adventurelab
  17. Thank you for this report. We have notified the engineers and they are investigating. We will be working with cookiebot to resolve the issue.
  18. Thank you for providing the screenshot. We did not intend to close the opportunity to apply for an Adventure credit. We will fix this soon, and open it back up again.
  19. We will not be able to update the Leaderboard for Adventure Labs that were completed yesterday during our technical difficulties. We do apologize for this issue, and recommend that you plan to find other Adventures or caches before the end of the month, to make up for those those points that were missed yesterday.
  20. It is time to close this thread. Geocaching HQ does not share the issues that cause a particular user to be suspended. This is private information. As would be expected, there is more to the story than is being shared in this thread.
  21. Thanks for reporting this. The issue should now be resolved. The "Placed date" filter is back on both the search and map pages.
  22. Thanks for reporting that the "Find date" filter is showing up on the search filters and the "Placed date" on the map filters. I have notified the engineering team working on this and they will be correcting this soon. Sorry for the confusion.
  23. This issue should now be resolved. It was a short hiccup with one of our releases.
  24. Thanks for this report. We have notified the engineers. They are hoping for a solution early next week.
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