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  1. After re-reading the cache page for about the hundredth time, I finally had the "doh!" moment and realized what needed to be changed/updated. My bad for it not getting through my thick skull previously. The cache description is now updated to include the word "revisit" and "Old photos are not permitted."
  2. We've made it clear on the cache page that finders are supposed to make a new visit to a local place they discovered while caching. Inevitably, some people will armchair the cache. It's unfortunate, but we're not going to waste much time trying to catch the very small percentage of people who do that.
  3. The logging flow no longer allows additional coordinates to be added. So, our choice was to either not pursue the project, or accept that it won't be exactly like the original Locationless Cache listings but people can still have fun with the general concept.
  4. Closing at request of the OP.
  5. I just checked and did not find any PM transaction on your account. I suggest contacting HQ's support team via the Help Center. Choose "01. My account" from the dropdown.
  6. The forum guidelines clearly state that posting from sock accounts is not permitted, so the sock account is now locked. Please post from your primary account.
  7. If the OP is referencing an original APE cache listing where the original container was found, then by all means, they should contact us about it. But I don't think they are.
  8. The OP got their answer. Closing this thread.
  9. We only had a day when we visited last fall, and while we cached like crazy from dawn to dusk, we didn't get to everything we wanted to. I wish I would've had at least one more day. There is a Facebook group for the Gilby caches here. Most people in that group suggest 2-3 days.
  10. The forum group (which shows you as Charter) isn't the best indicator of current membership status. Your website profile is the best indicator, and it shows you as a Premium member. I took a quick look at your account and it appears that there was a gap of several years when you were not a paying member. That would explain why your Charter status was discontinued. If you think that is not correct, then I would suggest contacting HQ via the Help Center - click the Contact Us dropdown, then choose the category 01. My account.
  11. Any content that was removed from view (or will be removed) violates forum guidelines.
  12. All I can say is the contrast issues are well known and on the map to be addressed. I wish it could be done sooner, but the web developers' project list is lengthy.
  13. For a variety of boring reasons, we've had to leave that visible. I would personally like to see it gone and hopefully we can make that happen sooner than later.
  14. This link shows all currently active Arkansas events. Bookmark it and you can always see what is coming up in the state.
  15. BlueRajah is correct. I checked and found that two of your notifications are still using Ohio coordinates. You just need to edit those notifications.
  16. Three certainties in life: Death Taxes Forum regulars mocking (and/or ascribing sinister intentions to) well-meaning suggestions of a light-hearted blog post without offering any well-meaning suggestions of their own
  17. There is an active thread on this topic: Please post there rather than starting a new thread.
  18. The various cancellation options are detailed in this Help Center article. You can also contact HQ via the Help Center if you need further assistance.
  19. Just wanted to share a photo of the reward geocoin from the The Bend Arts, Culture & Adventure GeoTour (GT4B3) in Bend, OR. I don't need much extra reason to visit Bend, because there's just so much to do there. But it's around a 6 hour drive, so I can't go as often as I'd like. I managed to sneak down for a weekend of caching just before winter arrived in earnest. The GeoTour is mostly concentrated in Bend proper, but there are also stops at Mt Bachelor and Smith Rock.
  20. This thread has run its course. There are a few ways for the OP to effectively bring attention to his concerns: 1. Contact your local reviewer(s) directly. 2. If not satisfied with the reviewer response, contact HQ via the Help Center.
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