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  1. Closing this thread because it does not comply with forum guidelines. As noted in the guidelines, personal classified advertising is permitted in the 'GPS Garage Sale' forum and, per Geocoin Forum Guidelines, in the Geocoin Forum. However, bulk orders of up to 2,000 of anything is not personal classified advertising and would not be permitted anywhere in the Geocaching Forums.
  2. Well, you definitely have it backwards, but not in the way you think. If a cache is brought to HQ's attention that violates the guidelines (as yours clearly did), then we can look into it. We are not able to proactively identify every cache that does not comply with the guidelines. It sounds like you're aware of several challenge caches published since the moratorium that don't comply with guidelines. If you wish, feel free to contact HQ about them via the Help Center.
  3. Most reliable would be to use the Search tool and filter for Mystery Caches with the challenge cache attribute and/or with "challenge" in the title (which produces this result). I don't know of any bookmark lists that are always current.
  4. Since most of the conversation has been off of the original topic, we'll close this thread.
  5. As referenced in the original post, Geocaching HQ does not create the forum software. We license it from Invision. The UI change that you referenced was made by them and we cannot alter it.
  6. We will be looking into the color contrast issues. We also hope to get the Forum Title and Forum Signature fields removed from the Geocaching account settings page.
  7. A promotion's geography is determined by the promotion partner. I can't say I've ever heard that mailing costs were a factor in determining a promotion's reach, but I'm not involved in those discussions. Here is a snippet of an Inside HQ podcast we did in 2018 that included an answer from our then- partnerships and promotions manager about why trackable promotions aren't always global: "Really it all depends on the brand and their goals and objectives to meet their target markets. We’d love for our promotions to be on a global scale, so that the entire geocaching community can be involved, but some brands don’t have an international market and or they are trying to build and develop a market within a certain country. An example of this was with a promotion we launched this summer with the brand Hurtigruten. It’s a popular cruise line in Norway, but they don’t have a significant presence here in the United States and they wanted to develop their brand awareness. We worked with them to release trackables within the United States only this summer, and there was a photo contest they’re running alongside of it, and the winning photo got a free cruise in Norway."
  8. See... It's not a matter of not tolerating humour. Your post was not at all related to the features in the release, which is why it was removed.
  9. To give some context to this question/topic, HQ sends out a quarterly survey to a randomly selected group of Geocaching members (who have opted in to marketing emails). This quarter's survey was sent today. One of the questions is "How many geocaches have you found?", with answer options of 0-99, 100-499, and 500+. We'll take your feedback into consideration, @N.o.e.
  10. This topic was moved from the Waymarking forum.
  11. The setting that we changed yesterday reverted overnight. Changed it back and the stats panel seems to be gone again. Will keep an eye on it.
  12. We cannot do anything about the white space around the entries in the topic list. That's just part of Invision's front-end design implemented since our previous update. We'll see what we can do about the stats, though. I agree that's not a good experience. I believe the thread statistics are now removed.
  13. Engineers are aware and working on it now. Thanks for reporting.
  14. Whoever told you that was misinformed, as that was never how it was to be set up. In a non-COVID world, Mega-Events would've been happening most weeks throughout 2020, and it would've been very inefficient (not to mention a huge pain for the community) if we constantly locked and unlocked GC8FROG. We've done our best to remove non-compliant logs from GC8FROG, and will do the same for GC8NEAT. However, hard as we may try, it simply won't be possible to "catch" everyone who is determined to post a bogus log. We're not CSI Geocaching There are always going to be at least a few people who (assuming best intentions) misunderstand the instructions, and yes, a few who seem to get a kick out of photoshopping old photos so they can log a Locationless. We're more focused on the thousands of people who have had a great experience logging GC8FROG in the intended way. We're hoping for the same with GC8NEAT.
  15. Thanks for noticing that. We've updated the OP and will update the cache page to clarify that you can only log the cache once.
  16. Thank you. The list is now updated to include that geotrail.
  17. Is the "Hide my finds" (Ocultar mis encontrados) filter active in your settings? Of the 6 caches you have found, 5 are archived or disabled. So, there should still be 1 showing on the map, assuming the "Hide my finds" filter is not active.
  18. In the survey you referenced, 80% of the respondents answered that it would be somewhat, very, or extremely helpful to rename Needs Archived to Needs Reviewer Attention. The remaining 20% answered that it would be not so helpful or not at all helpful. (FWIW, the overwhelming majority of survey respondents were cache owners.) On the surface, it might appear to be a pretty simple change to make, but is actually a fairly significant engineering project that potentially touches the website (old/new logging flows), mobile apps, API partners, Garmin, etc. It's not a dead idea, but we're still investigating the feasibility.
  19. You can use the Help Center to contact Geocaching HQ with concerns. Choose 16. Geocacher disagreement from the "What can we help you with?" dropdown.
  20. You might consider posting in the St. Louis Area Geocachers Association Facebook group.
  21. The engineers have looked into it and appears the issue is now fixed.
  22. Our engineers have looked into it and now appears the app and builder pages are back to being snappy. Thanks for the reports.
  23. Ahh, of course, E and W! Thanks for pointing that out. A cool waymark would be great, but I don't want to put anyone out unnecessarily. Then again, I'm in no hurry.
  24. I'm having a heck of a time wrapping my brain around this category I think my username converts to 76 25.242 -- in which case I'm looking at places like Russia and Canada's Northwest Territories. Or Antarctica to the south! Would someone who has a better handle on this be willing to confirm if I've converted correctly?
  25. I moved this from the Off-Topic forum.
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