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  1. I noticed all of my fieldnotes had incorrect dates and times, then I was disconnected and can't get back on to the site.
  2. Looking at "Release Notes - October 24, 2016" on this site, GS is making improvements to lists. I don't think they are finished with the improvements. I was hoping that someone in the know from GS would respond to my question above. But thank you for your reply.
  3. Bookmark Lists seem to allow more than 1000 caches to be added. It seems the API is still limited to passing only 1000. How do I determine which 1000 are returned via the API when the list contains more than 1000?
  4. Thanks to HiddenGnome for the update. As a software developer myself, I get it. Thanks for the transparency.
  5. I have found that message center is very slow and will not continue to load past the framework once it gets stuck. Getting out and right back in seems to resolve this, probably due to caching somewhere in the chain. Doesn't matter if it is IE or Chrome. Is Development taking a look at this?
  6. I received one from Reed8560...seems GC has been hacked
  7. I had a bunch of hits on TB's in my watchlist today from user nrohcs ...one caught my eye as it has been missing since 2009, nrohcs has only been a member since 2014.
  8. Please roll back the changes. The scroll bars around my Profile information is covering up information and not calculating the space properly. The font change and kerning is displaying less information on one screen. Wrapping in text boxes now causes charts to look horrible.
  9. y2kcompliant: "If you search for a cache using the full GC code, and only the full GC code, why do the search results list a different cache before listing the cache you requested?" rootee2t: "You are asking about GC.com?" y2kcompliant: "Doh! you are right, I forgot...silly question..."
  10. I wish there was a service provider that respected their subscriber base. I would spend my money there instead. It would be nice to have a transition period to get used to the new features. An opt in or opt out feature. Instead we have yet another non-productive evening trying learn the product yet again instead of logging finds. So sad. I understand that you can't support the old stuff forever. But give people a month or so. Let us ease into it rather than be forced into on your schedule.
  11. Really? Open a larger map to change your account settings?
  12. I think we are missing the obvious. The staff at Groundspeak no longer use their own product. If they did they would take heed to the numerous requests to revert to plain text e-mails. If they actually relied on their degraded product they would understand what they have done to their paying customers. But since they don't maintain 10+ hides or more each, and don't actually hike in the woods anymore, they can't possibly understand the damage. They are now completely out of touch with the hobby the company was originally based upon.
  13. The phrase “Oh snap” was invented by a Disney type script so kids shows could include ‘cursing’ without actually using the famous four letter word that also starts with an ‘s’. I find this offensive in the notifications. Please remove this if you have not already. Players should be allowed to generate their own emotions when a cache in their circle is published, not have one thrown in their face. This first line is unnecessary. It is ridiculous that you are making us wade through so much “snap” to find what used to be available without having to scroll or actually navigate to a cache page to see. Signed "one extremely unhappy 'client'".
  14. Don't forget that Groundspeak is a business and doesn't really care about its user base. The oversight on the notification reinforces that they cater primarily to their advertizing partners and not those interested in playing the game itself...don't be mad at them...
  15. I reported the problem on Friday (Tuesday now) and have received no acknowledgement. The problem is quite frustrating. If you temporarily cut back from 1000 to 500, the e-mail of the GPX is valid...
  16. As far as the avatar photo goes...is this Facebook? Really? I guess someone already said this...sorry for the repeat... kind of a waste of space...like including the avatar photos... oops...no way out of this one...
  17. How does the find count help with this? You could have 10K "finds" and never found a real cache. With the number hounds numbers are meaningless and displaying them with the log only encurages the numbers hounds and helps thier delusion that lots of numbers equals a great cacher. I say no numbers, provide the month and year they started caching. That would be better info to judge how serious to take a cacher and it would have less impact on the system. It could also be included in PQs. We know who the armchair cachers are...it is easy to filter their entries from the true cachers. These people think they are clever, but are only fooling themselves. The find counts do make a difference when you are monitoring and maintaining hundreds of hides. This fact was mentioned by someone else earlier in the thread, but bears repeating. The find counts also help provide motivation to the 'true' cachers. In our area there are dozens hovering in the 4000 range. It is as entertaining as a automobile race to watch the race to the next milestones. How can you congratulate your friends on achieving the milestone if the numbers aren't readily available. Or send the newbie a note of congrats at reaching their first hundred. These numbers have been an important part of the game.
  18. Evaporate. I like that phrasing. That is exactly what it seems like...I can pull one file, then the rest evaporate
  19. The PQ's must be stored and processed on different servers. I have 5 PQ's that I run on a regular basis. Even though they are all about the same age, 1 of the 5 always takes longer to arrive than the other 4. And even though they all show up in my e-mail while I watch, the same slow one comes in with a time stamp that is 90 minutes different than the others. Obviously the SysAdmins are unaware of the NTP service...
  20. I appreciate your efforts to try to keep the site fresh and expand to include a wider variety of users, but I am very disappointed about the decision to used a fixed width
  21. Maint is scheduled for tomorrow, I hope they won't wait that long to correct this...
  22. I have been using the Colorado 400t for about 6 months. I upgraded from an etrex. The colorado is designed for paperless caching. If you are a premium GC member, you can download 200 individual caches with hints and logs. You can also create pocket queries and group 500 caches in a single file. It was pricy, but how many hobbies are cheap? Once I figured out that I had to manually calibrate the compass once in a while, I have not regretted the purchase.
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