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  1. Are you sure that you're connected to cell/wifi? Generally, logging out of the app will "lose" any offline data that you've downloaded. For example, if you had downloaded a List for offline use, then that offline data will no longer be on your phone.
  2. I've heard a lot of good things about Cachetur ( https://cachetur.no/ ). I haven't used it myself. It's a website, not a smartphone app, but might fit your needs - although I'm not sure from your OP what exactly you're trying to do.
  3. Another thing to consider for Americans going into Canada: Some cellphone carriers will charge international rates when using your cell in Canada, so check with your carrier to make sure. One of the things I like about Canada, that I wish the US would also do, is with their currency. They've eliminated the penny (1 cent) and I've gotten some for free from banks there when converting currency. Those Canadian pennies are just a fun souvenir now. The smallest denomination coin is the nickel (5 cents). And the smallest denomination paper currency is $5. Coins are used for $1 (loonie) and $2 (toonie), with the $2 coin having an attractive design. Dollar coins just haven't caught on in the US. Not sure why.
  4. Did that happen when the "Owned as found" selection is checked?
  5. You can easily search for caches that another cacher has NOT found using the Advanced Search function, by selecting their username in the "Not Found By" section. You can then Map the resulting caches. This function allows cachers to plan outings and search for caches that neither/none have already found. The Project-GC Map Compare feature should also work and allow you to search for caches that neither/one/both have found. Can you elaborate on what you mean when you say it doesn't "do much"? Perhaps you are just using the wrong selection boxes.
  6. Ah, so you're using the Google Maps app - not the webpage. Now I see it. That's very odd, that clicking on "Google Maps" will open the correct location using the Google Maps website - on both Android and iOS. But the same link doesn't work on the Google Maps app, on both Android and iOS.
  7. What you're seeing is what users get when they're not logged in to geocaching.com on the browser app.
  8. What type of phone and browser are you using? I'm not seeing the issue when using the Firefox browser on my Android phone. I went to the cache page using the Firefox app, clicked on Google Maps, and that opened a new tab in the Firefox app that showed the location on the map.
  9. And there are a couple cachers that planned to attend 1 and 19 years ago. Interesting how their logs ended up with such old dates.
  10. Personally, I'd like to see the "Lost and Found Event Cache" and "Groundspeak Lost and Found Celebration" icons combined into just one, and have the 2020 event use that same icon. Probably not a popular opinion, but so be it. I'd imagine that those who attended the L&F events and got those cache types would be hoping that the 2020 event gets its own cache type, so they can add another cache type to their stats - rather than just incrementing their count on a cache type they already have.
  11. The Official app does indeed work in Airplane mode, although it will only show the "Trails" (OSM) map layer while offline. I've also found that it doesn't load the photos in the cache description when offline, which can be an issue for some caches (Multis, EC's, etc) - in which case I just turn off Airplane mode for a few minutes. I do like using the app to enter Drafts Field Notes though, compared to my eTrex 20.
  12. I'm once again wishing that there were some Start/End dates displayed for the Adventures. Does anyone know if THIS Adventure in Seguin, TX is still active? I'm not able to find it in my app, on either Android or iOS. I can see it in the "View Logs" section at labs.geocaching.com - as I completed it during a recent trip, but there's nothing on that website that indicates whether the Adventure is still active or not.
  13. Are those app-specific upvotes, or are those sync'd with the Most Helpful/Great Story votes within geocaching.com? If they are sync'd, then they wouldn't show up on the geocaching.com website for countries that are not Canada/Norway, so again the voting is very limited and only reflects users that use those specific apps.
  14. You'll probably get more help if you start a separate topic for your issue with Drafts. Go HERE and click on the "Start new topic" button at the upper-right of the screen.
  15. I'd suggest a smartphone, even if it doesn't have a data plan. GPS can work while offline. You'd just have to check the Location settings in the phone to make sure they are not turned off, which some phones will do when the phone is offline. While the phone wouldn't need a data plan, it would at least need to be able to connect to wifi so you can pre-load caches to it while connected to wifi at home (or wherever) before heading out on a "cache hunt". You could use the official Geocaching app to create a list of target caches and download that list for offline use, then put the phone on Airplane mode and hand it over for the kid to use to navigate to the caches.
  16. If the OP were attaching the bison to an actual plant, then "Micro" would be appropriate. But since the plant is fake, then I think "Other" is more appropriate.
  17. Is it really random, or maybe you're noticing a bug that's existed for almost 2 years now. See this thread: Cache gallery - photos not in chronological order
  18. I think the Geocaching.com classify states based on what the CO entered on the cache page, not by checking the coordinates. That cache you noted says "Arkansas" on the cache page, which is what the CO selected.
  19. You may try contacting them directly: https://www.geocaching.com/profile/?u=GeoWyrm
  20. Not according to the Help Center link that barefootjeff noted above, which says " To be considered for Giga-Event status, events must reach 3000 Will Attend logs. This number reflects an event's high probability to attract 5000+ Attended logs during the event. "
  21. If looking at a phone while crossing a street is dangerous, then looking at a watch would be dangerous too. Do you really care about safety, or about what is forbidden by law? So it's really not about "safety", but about being clumsy and dropping a phone. And you think that GS should be responsible for that? If cachers cannot accept the responsibility of holding onto their phone, or their GPSr, then that is their own problem. You think GS is making millions of dollars based on $30 annual memberships? It takes 33,333 PM's to make ONE million dollars. Consider how much money is costs a company to have 100 employees? One million dollars is an average of $10,000 per employee. I would be surprised if GS wasn't spending at least Six million dollars per year just on employee salaries. A few thousands? You must be joking!
  22. I don't recall being asked about hotel reservation or financial status the last couple times I've gone up to Canada, although the last trip was 3 years ago, so maybe things have changed since then. I would suspect that if you're travelling in an actual camper/RV, then hotel reservations are unnecessary.
  23. And the point is that those CO's are not going to follow current or new/expanded guidelines. Where do my comments say that we should be littering? And where did I say CO's should "never go back"? That's quite the leap to over-dramatize your point.
  24. Did you check the Leaderboard page during the Cache Carnival promotion, because it had an entirely difference appearance during those weeks.
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