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  1. Have a look at this site. Ist not in the UK but the postage will be cheaper than from the states https://www.cacher-shop.de/de/milestone-geocoins/20638-300-funde-milestone-geocoin-set-mit-tag.html
  2. Hi cdoubleplusgood, ich habe den Log gelesen und kann nur vorschlagen Groundspeak zu kontaktieren., die Situation zu schildern und sie werden den Log entsprechend korrigieren. https://www.geocaching.com/help/ Ich habe sie öfter kontaktiert, nicht bei so einen Fall, und sie haben schnell geholfen / geantwortet.
  3. Ill give the Ding to me n u for the teams. What I was looking for was 1957 - Munich (Man U) and 1989 Hillsborough (Liverpool). I didnt think of the Heysel Stadium disaster where Liverpool also was. So over to you for the next question.
  4. Do you use GSAK. You can then sort the Caches by name of owner.
  5. Wow! Didnt expect that. It was just a guess. Thanks for the ding. Now I dont have a question für you all. Wait! Change of subject - Football. There have been 2 major disasters involving teams from the Premier League. When were they, just the years.
  6. They dont Show up as a separate Icon on the map. You will only see that it is a premium Cache when you look at the description. You will see "This is a Premium Member Only cache" in red between the title, difficulty, Terrain etc and the coordinates.
  7. We havent had a car since 2015 (total writeoff on the engine) and Cache with bus, tram and train.
  8. Just had another log on the same coin. Person has found 14 Caches, logged 286 TB's / Coins. Sad really, but thats how it goes. Log deleted.
  9. But to prove you right about bogus logging of TB's. I had someone log a coin of mine that is sitting on the table in my living room, which I promptly deleted. It happens! No big deal.
  10. The owner might have a copy of the TB that they take with them to Events. Then the log is legit.
  11. Tradi - GC30100, GC7B100, GC86100 und GC7W100. Mystery - GC2A100, GC5J100, GC88100
  12. I went from a 450 to the 700 and enjoy every minute I use it. There is vitually no limit to the amount of Caches you can load if you connect it with a cell phone / tablet. I also have a 32GB SD-Card Memory.
  13. Where is the Problem. I have picked up and returned at least 5 TB's that owners wanted to have back. Once I travelled 10000 miles to return one (we were going to LA to visit our daughter). We took photos at an Event where he then asked me to take it back to Europe so that he had an excuse to go there for a Giga-Event. Which I did. It is a game. If you can help someone, help them. Dont put obstacles in the way. As suggested, contact the owner and ask them if you are unsure about the Mission.
  14. As a premium member you can set up a pocket query for what you are looking for. You can select a date from / to among other things.
  15. I wonder if you can gift yourself a premium membership
  16. There are 3 things you can do with the messages - Hide, Block or View Profile. It looks as if you cannot delete the old messages that you have received.
  17. I love using greetings from in my logs
  18. Could it be that the premium member had a joint / team account and has now got an individual account? I have been Caching since 2007 and my wife was always with me. In 2014 she decided to have her own account. She could have logged the Caches we had found together but didnt.
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