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  1. That's what we experience as well. The new map is for searching, the old Map (about 90% usage) is for browsing. Let's hope that we keep both versions....
  2. I used tue new map again for a few days. It´s now clear to me now what is most important to me. I Need About 95% just the Browsing capability of the old map. I asked myself the question what I would do if this funktionality would go away? I would Change to external Services or even switch to a different Caching Platform. Why paying for a Service which does not serve my Needs? Maybe I stop Caching at all. It has to be fun, but with the new map it isn´t. The current map is good as it is. If you want to improve, there is no Need to reinvent everything. Just add some funktionality like filter for D/T Rating or hidden date, but please without any additional confirmation Buttons.
  3. I think there is a big missunderstanding. I think the new "MAP" is a replacement or enhancement of the search funktion. The old "MAP" was a map for browsing, just to do some visual search without the requirement to define some search criterias. One of the positive goodies is the fact that there are some filters activated by one click. The new search"MAP" is OK, although the the usability of the filters is a nightmare, if the browsing MAP will be available as well. Stll very important is the ability to show the result of PQs just by a click.
  4. For us it's not an improvement. Why can't I open a cache description by clicking on the Icon on map? How can I toggle my found caches on and off? Old version just one click, new version: 1 click on filter, scroll down, 1 click on not found, 1click on done. Not really a simplification :-(. What I really would like would be a toggle to switch between listing cooordinates and corrected coordinates regardless if I found the cache or not. How do I show the results of my pocket queries on the new map? That is one of the most used funktions on the old map for me. How do I recognise my ownes caches on the map? Please work on improvements and not on deleting funktions. I really apreciate to use more robust program coding and speed improvements. However if the tradeoff is a loss of funktionality I will opt out permanently, like on the dashboard.
  5. At least an improvement. However a lot of things are still worse than before: Deactivated caches are almost invisible. Differentiation of caches within the same category is still difficult. Owned caches have almost the same colour like traditionals. It's impossible to show owned caches only on the map. Removal of POIs is a step back. Why not remove the complete map? This would improve the visibility of all cache types extremly. The idea to commonize app and web design is not realy a good idea in my view. The purpose of the web is different. You can't search for caches outdoor using the web map and the APP is not really an option for me. I don't want to complain only. What about having a white background for all icons and having only the symbol coloured? This would eneble the option to show disabled caches in grey. What about having the star on owned caches in yellow to differentiate a bit more from traditionals? What about having coloured circles around the icons to indicate PMO, corrected coordinates(just showing the icon on the corrected position would not help), ...? What about change the shape of the icons to a more pin like shape pointing to the cache location? Maybe further improvements will result in an overall improvement in the functionallity of the map
  6. There is only one thing to get a reaction from Groundspeak: Stop paying for this worsened "premium" service. If enough people will do they'll start thinking...
  7. Summarizing all these replies: Nobody likes it! As far as I know Groundspeak is a profit oriented company. Therefore it's hard to understand that so many customerunfriendly things have been implemented. Information on maps have been reduced with this change. Please stick with the old design! It was perfect! The argument it's now a common design with the app is not valid. Gues why most people don't use the app?
  8. No Login possible from Germany as well. However the App for Android is working.
  9. I totaly aggree with most of the others. The new mail-format is no improvement. I would like to get the notification in plain text rather than html. The subject lines changed to meaningless. Keep it short and simple. Most important is the kind of log, kind of cache and dircton and distance. For us a subject lines like:"published traditional 5,7km NE Cache name" or "enabled multi 6,3km SE cache name" There is no need to have the reviewer or the cache owner in the subject. Most cachers are paying for your service. Unfortunately Groundspeak doesn't care fore the requirements of their customers. The question is why paying for a premium acccount in future if the value decreases. Linus.de
  10. It looks like another sofwarechange from Groundspeak. The maps until yesterday were supplied from Google. Today they are not. What's more important: I can't see the cache on this map. Whithout showing the cache tis map map ist completely useless! In general everything related to maps is unacceptable slow since yesterdays update. That's not what I paid for!
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