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  1. Ok, nevertheless strange. If I look at a "normal" cache, I can see who logged it. So what is the difference?
  2. Hi, I don't know, if this is the right forum but I miss something in the statistics, when looking at my own lab adventures. The statistics only shows the first 10 logs but it would be nice to see the complete found. If is is too much on the website, maybe it is possible to include all finds in the csv file. Greetings from Germany Thomas
  3. Good point and I think, that's the best way to handle this. Go out, have fun and do not care about those stupid people.
  4. There is no earlier finder and all answers are non numbers. So this normally cannot be the case. In fact, fake loggers exist. I know, it is only a game and these cachers makethemself ridiculous. It is just to know for myself, how it can be that they have the answers.
  5. Hi HQ, I have a question about how to react after a probably fake log on one of our Adventure Labs. Two cachers logged the adventure, but one of them was on another continent at the same day and the other one did not leave Europe so far. So they both probably used a fake GPS to log these ALs. And, what is more irritating, with haven't been on place, there is no chance to google the answers. So how is it possible to make a log? So, what can I do now? Cheers Thomas
  6. Oder hier: http://www.thomas-kuehn.de/geocaching/loggen.php Einfach GC Nummer eintragen und auf Loggen klicken.
  7. I don't think, that's possible. On the geocaching website use the filters button. There you can enter the nickname of a cacher in "Hidden by". Leave alle other field unattached and view the result. Now you can add all found caches, but maximum 1000, to a list. Repeat the search for other cachers and add these ones to the same list. Then you can make a pocket query out of your list and copy it to your device.
  8. Try to press F5 or, if possible, switch to the old log page. This bug appears sometimes also on my pc, sometimes not. When you have an app like Cachly or cgeo, you can also log within these apps.
  9. Klick on "1.2. List of souvenirs" This should open the list
  10. You can find all souvenirs on this page: Souvenirs
  11. Hi NYPaddleCacher, thanks for your remarks. If I have some time, I will improve the site. The idea, uploading a zip is very nice as it shortens the upload time. This should be easy to be done. The markers are numbered to 99. I've taken this from another part when I put a list of caches on the map I try to find on a trip. Therefore, 99 was enough but for the big list, of course this makes no sense. Adding some information is also easy to do, I perhaps will do this today. To limit the caches in the table for the part of map I need to reconstruct the function. I've done this already for another website, but not for this part. I will think about it. The column width is flexible so far, but I think it makes sense, to make some columns fix. Thanks, I will fix this. I've done a translation for my complete website a couple of years ago but having a look at the logs shows me, that the really most visitors come from Germany. So it stopped this extra work. But, of yourse, geocaching is more international so I could do some effort into translation. So, thanks a lot for your review. Thomas
  12. I've programmed a website, where you can see the caches on a map and a table. Just create a MyFinds pocket query and load the gpx file on this site: http://www.thomas-kuehn.de/geocaching/pqs_druck.php The site is in German but easy to use. 1. Click on "Durchsuchen" to chose the MyFinds.gpx file on your computer. 2. Click on "Datei hochladen..."
  13. Online ist es halt auch ein Logbuch, sozusagen ein digitales Logbuch und das gehört nun mal dazu. Hier nochmal zum Nachlesen: 1.4. Log a geocache Das erspart dir nicht den Weg zum Cache, ist aber zum Punkte hochzählen unabdingbar. Und da Basic Member nicht auf das Listing eine PMO Caches kommen, benötigt man eine passende URL zum Loggen. Gruß Thomas
  14. Klar, darfst Du. Und wenn Du nicht weißt wie ds geht: http://www.thomas-kuehn.de/geocaching/loggen.php
  15. You can use the advenced search on project-gc.com: http://project-gc.com/#AdvancedSearch
  16. Am 09.09. bis zum 16.09.2017 geht es für uns mit der Aidamar auf die Ostsee nach Tallin, St. Petersburg, Helsinki und Stockholm. Ist hier noch jemand dabei?
  17. Hi Nutlady, you can use this map for getting the coordinates. Just pull the marker to the position and the coordinates are displayed in serveral forms. http://www.thomas-kuehn.de/geocaching/koordinaten.php
  18. For deleting, press on the app for a longer time. When the icons are shaking, there will appear a small cross on the upper left corner. Type on this and the app is deleted from your phone. For installing the new one, just search in the app store for geocaching. You will find an app called "Geocaching®" from Groundspeak Inc.
  19. Steht doch eigentlich alles im Listing. Der Hinweis auf UTM Koordinaten ist schon sehr hilfreich, da man die Koordinaten dort auf einer Ebene hat. Sonst hat man die ja auf der Kugeloberfläche. Der Rest ist ein wenig Mathe 9. Klasse. Und Tangram Figuren findet auch genug im Netz so dass man hier das G auch sicher findet. Sehr schöne Idee dieser Mystery, leider auch völlig aus meiner Homezone raus.
  20. Its in the PQ when I start the query. Maybe you've already logged this cache? Edit: Yes do did: Your log
  21. In a list: Look here You can map the first 1000 caches by clicking on the button in the upper right corner.
  22. You can post a Need Archived and place the cache again at the same location.
  23. Ich würde hier auch eher zu 3. tendieren. Schöne Multis machen einfach mehr Spass als viele schnelle Punkte.
  24. There is a command line tool existing: GGZGEN Easy to use. Copy all gpx files in one directory where you copied the ggzgen.exe. Then use ggzgen.exe *.gpx yourggz.ggz This will copy all gpx files in the ggz file. On your Garmin you have to create a GGZ folder on Garmin where you can copy the ggz files.
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