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  1. Tnx. Sounds like you've been down that road yourself -and came to the same dead end ;). Perhaps it's just not meant to be.
  2. Finally replaced my old and senile 450 with a 700 (which will join my 600 that I've been using for several years). Not being a fan of the preset 'activity mode' screens, I opted to use the 'classic mode' instead. I've been trying to find a way to get a custom background (wallpaper, if you will) to replace the annoying plain white background on classic mode. I've saved one of the images from my 600 and pasted it into the 'profiles' folder on the 700, but no joy. Has anyone had success with this and, if so, where did you put the image file? Tnx!!
  3. Had no trouble whatsoever with the cart today. No hangs, freezes, or restarts. While I realise this could have more to do with build quality of the cart, I feel confident in saying that once you manage to get the cart onto your iPhone, that should be the end of the trouble.
  4. I was able to successfully download a .gwc file into the Wherigo app (iPhone X) just now after emailing it to myself. It's on the list as part of tomorrow's cache run. If we actually have enough time for it, I'll report back with the outcome.
  5. D'oh...! So embarrassing. I knew that! I should either stop dinking around with TBs/GCs altogether, or mess with 'em more often! Now.. to find the darn thing. I know I saw it just the other day....
  6. Hi all. Need some TB help here. I don't do the TB thing very often, so I'm at a loss as to how this happened -and how to fix it.... A cacher friend recently gifted me a geocoin. We were able to get (ownership) transferred -I think I ended up adopting it as you would a cache, but I'm not certain. Anyway, it remained in her inventory for the longest time -even though it showed me as the owner- and we couldn't understand why. Just yesterday, she messaged me to say that she'd dropped it in one of my caches as a way to get it out of her inventory (I've had *physical* possession of it since the day she first gifted it to me). For whatever reason, it does show in my inventory now but I'm unable to retrieve it from the cache. When I click the 'actions' box on the coin's page, my only options are 'mark as missing'; 'recalculate distance' or 'lock'. Why do I not have 'retrieve from...' as an option?? Anyone able to shed any light on this? Tnx!!!
  7. It appears GS has done just that -I'm guessing sometime in the last 12 hours or so. I'm well aware that I'm in the minority, but I'm quite happy to see this. I also know that a good bit of folks were concerned about heavy page load times. So far, I've not seen any of that. To be fair, though, the stuff on my page pales in comparison to some others. And so it goes.
  8. OK.. tnx, guys. There won't be but maybe 4 or 5 zones but two of them are going to be small and close together -opposite sides of a residential street. Sounds like getting back out there and doing some averaging will be time well spent.
  9. We're halfway through 2017 and with me being the trailing-edge guy that I am, I'm just now getting serious about putting out a WIG. Yeah, I know: a whole new level of 'baby steps' But I digress... A question about setting up zones in Urwigo. I've seen tutorial videos that show this being done just by clicking on the map. But that seems pretty dicey as far as accuracy. Looks like a crapshoot, to say the least. I would think visiting the area with a GPSr and doing waypoint averaging would be the way to go. Or am I overthinking this and that doing so would really be some kind of overkill? tnx! zm
  10. Yep! You are understanding it correctly. We are not removing anyone's custom content, just changing the location.Was any consideration given to the idea of creating separate "about" and "personal statistics" tabs. IIRC, that idea seemed rather well received when it was brought up in one of your past feedback-oriented threads. It would allow people to put their GSAK-dump data in their "personal statistics" tab, while putting personal profile information in their "about" tab. Touching the code in the tabs isn't in scope for where we are starting on the current profile refresh - it's super messy and incredibly fragile stuff. We're starting small and building from there. We would love to circle back to updating the information within the profile tabs, eventually. Maybe at that point we could separate those two out and create a better experience for folks who enjoy a beefed up 'personal stats' tab (me included). Not off the table, just not right now. I -and I suspect a great many others- are gonna hold you to this! I've no problem admitting I'm a stats guy . Seriously, though, I've put a lot of BS&T into them and I don't want to see them relegated to an afterthought. Perhaps I'm in the minority, but I actually do look at others' GSAK/FSG data. I'm not going to like being made to go digging for them and I can't imagine others will like it, either. As such, I appreciate your willingness to remain open to revisiting this at a later date. One thing I am very glad to read is that the 'send email' functionality will be sticking around. The MC has been the bane of my caching experience for most of the reasons already cited, but I'll add another: (last time I checked)There's no way to delete anything! I'm encouraged by your interactions here on the forum. Please continue to do so.
  11. I, too, have an EC in the queue(US). Glad I decided to pull up this forum before taking things elsewhere -and likely (and unnecessarily) pissing some folks off in the process. I can sit on my hands for another week.
  12. In either scenario, there seems to be no way for us to update our billing info. I think there's some work to be done here, to say the least!!
  13. They're showing up fine for me. Granted, not at every zoom level. But they're there when it counts.
  14. I rarely come out of lurk mode, but this one -the change, not your comment- has hit a nerve. Instead of adding to the collective sentiment with a long list of points that have already been brought to light, I'll opt for the condensed version of my take on this release. I'm old school -preferring to use a GPSr and GSAK over the mobile app. (Yes, I have used it. Hence my intention to remain old school). I'm also one of the '8%' of males who suffer from colourblindess. Draw your own conclusions. But more than anything else, I'm driven to just ask one question: Why did you not see fit to put this to the 'User Insight' forum beforehand?? I can only theorise that you knew the tone of the feedback you'd receive and just opted sidestep that whole thing. Better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission, yeah?
  15. I'm guessing, mind you, but perhaps the forums are housed on a different server. Or something
  16. The problem has indeed returned. Thinking it might be browser specific (FF), I fired up Chrome. No love there, either.
  17. Same here. And yeah, I'm on the me.com server(s). I should note, though, that another area cacher had been experiencing the same. However, she's NOT on any of the Apple servers but instead uses gmail as her primary. That said, in her case it involved all of her notifications having somehow been toggled OFF. I've just checked my own and they're all intact. So hopefully that was either a one-off, or an entirely different issue. Here's hoping the Lilypad can get this resolved in a timely manner.
  18. These's a setting that sets zoom level at which geocaches will appear. Don't have my unit with me now, so I can't look it up for you. Let me know if you need the specific steps / menu. Is this the compass screen or the map screen? Just to check, you have the latest firmware, right? This would be on the map page. I never use the compass page, so I don't know if its an issue there. The 'about' page shows that I'm using version 4.1 (Strange since the wiki doesn't seem to have info about anything past 3.80) I was able to get the icon issue resolved by setting the zoom level to 'auto', tnx.
  19. I've a new 600 and am finding two annoyances. 1. When exporting, say, a GSAK database to it, the list of caches will populate just fine, but I'm not seeing any of them on the map (City Nav NT). It's not until I actually tell it to take me to a given cache that I see it -and only that one- on the map. These are all local caches and it's most frustrating whereas with my 450, all I had to do to see all (exported) caches on the map was to simply zoom out and there they were. Not so on the 600. Am I missing something obvious here? 2. When I'm closing in on a cache, I notice that the 'distance to destination' readout will only show at, say, .02 miles out and will continue to show that until I get to .01 miles. I can't get the readout to read .19; .18; .17, etc. Just .03; .02; .01, etc, at which time the readout will switch to show the distance in terms of feet. Here, too, am I missing something? tnx! zm
  20. This is interesting. I've had a look at the source code for each of the profiles where the user had included the DNF Pride! HTML. In general, they seem to be adding it at or near line 513. I'm no coder, but I would think it would make more sense to insert it on a new line just below line 433. Or am I missing something here?
  21. Huge, huge tnx for reinstating the coherent subject lines! Looks like the Dev Team has, umm, snapped out of it to an appreciable degree.
  22. My concern is that the design team may be out of touch with what the actual audience wants to see. Was there some sort of test audience on these changes, or did some folks with fancy drawing skills ("The Design Team") decide amongst themselves that this is what they'd like to see? At what point is it determined that emails now must be formatted in HTML without option to the end user? What actual benefit does the background color scheme add to the notifications anyway compared to the old way? I respect that I have the option to turn them off if I don't like the new format (which is garish, in my opinion) or filter them before they get to my phone, but I rather enjoyed all the notifications that were sent to my email in text format previous to today's update. I was able to go through rather easily and see what was going on with the caches I had on my various notification lists without the extra unnecessary color scheme added to the message. I knew it was from Groundspeak, and didn't need some color scheme to emphasize that knowledge. After I opened a New Publication email I received, the above quote is the first thing I see and it makes me curious as to what the average age of a cacher is nowadays. Perhaps it's getting younger and I'm just some out of date old coot, but my belief is that the average user is old enough to remember when "Oh snap!" was common lingo, and it seems to me that 2014 is about 30 years after that phrase's peak. I imagine that someone on The Design Team thinks that this is a fun and cute and cuddly phrase that can be turned into a swag button or trackable to sell in the store, but to me it just seems unprofessional. Is the new target demographic 12 year olds? Who on earth says "Oh snap!" anymore? It was annoying back then and hasn't gotten any less annoying now. Apologies for the rant, but I just felt that I couldn't stay silent on this update: It is awful. I had planned on reading through all the posts before replying (and will still do so), but this one says it all. +1000; I cannot agree more. Nor can I really add anything more that hasn't already been said. The prepend tags, the straight-to-the-point format, etc., etc... I didn't have any filters or parsing routines in place as none were needed. Nothing was broken! Good Lord.... why did you need to 'fix' it??
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