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  1. Someone sent me some messages via the Message Center and deleted one of them before I was able to read it. That was about two weeks ago and since then the message center icon has that yellow overlay indicating unread messages and so does the chat with the user. I guess the deleted message is not really deleted but archived and the query used to determine if there are unread messages doesn't honour the "archived"-flag.
  2. We have a team account to efficiently maintain a bunch of our geocaches as a team. Unfortuantely the secondary e-mail addresses set up for the team account neither receive owner notifications, nor "Send e-mail" mails, nor "Send message" messages.
  3. I also get blank pages for https://www.geocaching.com/plan/lists and individual lists.
  4. You could simply add a counter to the HTML of your listing. There are countless services available that provide web counters, some even speciallized in GC listings.
  5. Since the update, HTML in list descriptions is rendered as plain text. Not even Markdown works. So the most valuable public lists that provided structured information, additional links etc. are are now an ugly mess of unreadable code. Please enable HTML in list descriptions again or at least allow Markdown.
  6. Again a change that makes my personal workflow harder... I maintain a TODO list. After a caching day, I visit the list and delete found and archived caches from it. Before the change, I simply had to scroll the list from top to bottom, tick the archived and found caches (these were easy to find, because archived caches had a red title and found caches had a coloured background) and press "Delete selected". Now I have to scroll the list and scan it very carefully (because it's harder to distinguish between archived and disabled, found and not found caches), tick the archived and found caches, scroll all the way back up to the top, press "Delete from list", scroll all the way back down to the bottom to see if any of the caches I want to delete now made it from page 2 to page 1 of the list, repeat all the steps above until there are no more caches to delete. Then I need to go to page 2 of the list and repeat the steps until there are no more caches to delete... Please add "Show: 1000" to the page size selection repeat the controls for selected caches at the bottom of the list better highlight archived caches (red background?) better highlight found caches (yellow background?) Kind regards
  7. Hello, there seems to be a problem with escaping html special characters in usernames on several parts of the site. See this profile (old and new) for example. Kind regards
  8. Recently, I had a wrong order issue several times when editing a log via the site. I log my finds of the day via API (GSAK). Sometimes I correct a typo afterwards via the site. If I do that on the same day, the editted log appears before all the others. It may be a time zone issue. I'm in CEST which is nine hours ahead if PST. My time zone settings in GSAK are correct as is the time zone in the preferences of my geocaching.com account.
  9. Makes sense since GMX belongs to 1und1 and they share their infrastructure - as does web.de. Their market share among email providers in Germany is about 52% so I think that a vast amount of German geocachers is affected - me included
  10. Congratulation. Mine are still unhideable.
  11. Previously hidden ones are still hidden. It seems as if the hidden state is not persisted to the database currently.
  12. The "Hide This" feature needed several attemps until it worked ever since. Sometimes I received the "There was a problem attempting...", sometimes "Hide this" changed to "Show this", the picture faded out but the hiding wasn't done. But this time the "Batten Down The Hatches" one really seems to be unhideable. Tried it umpteen times with several browsers to no avail. No error message, fade out animation - but not hidden. Any the "Lost Treasure" that I successfully hid this morning mysteriously reappeared and also seems to be unhideable now.
  13. The API doesn't work either: "Not Authorized".
  14. Now that's weird. I'm experiencing this behaviour for about four hours now and the second after posting to this thread it worked again...
  15. I can confirm that almost all pages are completely broken in Firefox, Chrome an IE. Ctrl-F5 doesn't help. The pages look like they were content only with no styles applied at all and the logs und maps are missing from cache listings.
  16. I still see that problem. I received the "Your Pocket Query ... is now available" mails, pocket/default.aspx says they're freshly generated, downloading them via API or browser returns me zip files with data from the previous PQ run. Is anybody at Groundspeak aware of the problem and working on it? Kind regards
  17. Same here. It started a few days ago and it's getting worse and worse. Often I need to refresh five times, it took me three attempts to write this post. The API is extremely unreliable, too.
  18. I just experienced this as well and second this opinion. Being able to jump to your Found/Attended log can be VERY helpful. I'm missing that link, too. Please bring it back. Kind regards
  19. tracert to www.geocaching.com: 6 122 ms 149 ms 121 ms ae-6.r21.asbnva02.us.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 7 199 ms 201 ms 199 ms ae-5.r21.sttlwa01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 8 199 ms 201 ms 204 ms ae-2.r05.sttlwa01.us.bb.gin.ntt.net [] 9 207 ms 207 ms 208 ms xe-0-3-0-5.r05.sttlwa01.us.ce.gin.ntt.net [] 10 209 ms 210 ms 209 ms border8.t7-1-bbnet1.sef.pnap.net [] 11 * * * Timeout 12 209 ms 209 ms 208 ms adventures.geocaching.com [] It takes at least 3 minutes to load www.geocaching.com/my. It's now 07:30AM CEST and it's the first time for me that the site is unusable in the early morning hours. The extreme load times I'm experiencing in the evening hours CEST still persist. BTW: The tracert for forums.Groundspeak.com shows timeouts, too, but the forums work well.
  20. The servers are throwing 500s again. Kind regards
  21. I receive "500 - Server Error" when trying to load http://www.geocaching.com/my/. http://status.geocaching.com/ still claims everything to be just fine. Kind regards
  22. Me any many others (according to social networks discussing the issue) have that problem. Of course I cleared the Cache, reloaded the page, tried IE 11, FF 11, FF12. If the feedback forum would still exist, it would be obvious that there is a problem. Most users don't know about this forum and the users that know don't use it because anything they write here will be linked to forever from their profile. Loading the JavaScript URL on it's own doesn't make any sense, because the code won't execute then. Kind regards
  23. I'm not sure I'd classify less than half a second as "extreme". The time you mentioned in your earlier post of 130 seconds is what I would agree is extreme. Half a second? Have a look at the time code in brackets at the beginning of the log lines. There are 2 minutes, 13 seconds between the first two entries and that qualifies for "extreme" even in your terms :-) The log shows three consecutive lines from Firefox's web console trying to load log.aspx. Comparing the log I posted on April 22nd and the log above shows that the problem might be related to jquery.countable.js. Did someone familiar with JavaScript have a look at that? Kind regards
  24. I'm still experiencing extreme page load times in the evening hours (CEST). Good old http (no SSL): [20:20:43.605] GET http://www.geocaching.com/images/wpttypes/sm/3.gif [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 312ms] [20:22:56.807] missing name after . operator @ http://www.geocaching.com/js/jquery_plugins/jquery.countable.js:63 [20:22:57.078] GET http://www.geocaching.com/images/logo_print_bw.png [HTTP/1.1 304 Not Modified 484ms] Kind regards
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